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aladdin-engine 阿拉丁模板引擎

any-db-fake Fake adapter factory for testing any-db related libraries

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-blocks Allows a column of content to be broken up into blocks with independent templates, allowing for sub-columns to alternate with a full width column for instance. Blocks can be added and removed freely.

apostrophe-blog Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-button Ultra simple "button" component for Apostrophe2. Can be used as an area widget or singleton. Basically a style-able link.

apostrophe-editor-2 A new content area editor for Apostrophe. Integrates ckeditor and allows the option of using other rich text editors. Alternative content area editors can also be created following the same interface.

apostrophe-events Calendar of events for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-fancy-page A superclass for modules that enhance "regular pages" in the Apostrophe CMS with custom page settings, loader functions, dispatcher, etc.

apostrophe-groups Groups for apostrophe-people, a component of the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-map Custom Google map generator for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-markdown A widget for markdown as an alternative to rich text editing in the Apostrophe CMS.

apostrophe-moderator This component creates a public-facing interface that allows users to submit instances of existing apostrophe classes to the site's database.

apostrophe-pages Adds trees of pages to the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-people Staff directories, user accounts and personal profiles for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-raphael Apostrophe's solution for simple vector maps. Subclasses apostrophe-snippets. Uses raphael.js.

apostrophe-redirects Allows admins to create redirects within an Apostrophe site

apostrophe-rss Adds an RSS feed widget to the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-schemas Schemas for easy editing of properties in Apostrophe objects

apostrophe-sections Allows pages to contain multiple titled sections accessible via internal tabs, and permits users to add and remove sections freely.

apostrophe-site Create sites powered by the Apostrophe 2 CMS with a minimum of boilerplate code

apostrophe-snippets Reusable content snippets for the Apostrophe content management system. The blog and events modules are built on this foundation, which is also useful in and of itself.

apostrophe-soundcloud It's soundcloud for apostrophe.

apostrophe-twitter Adds a Twitter feed widget to Apostrophe's rich content editor

apostrophe-ui-2 Styles required for the new editor and other pre-release improvements to A2's interface. Eventually this will merge into the apostrophe module.

appnexus provides access to the AppNexus API from NodeJS

armor Armor Payments API bindings for Node.JS

ascii-banner Create ASCIIMO Easy Banners!

asker http.request wrapper with request retries and http.Agent tuning

asker-hat Wrapper for Asker module for dumping of the received data, and usage of the collected dump instead of actual http requests.

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

authstarter Add mongodb based authentication to an express web app with three lines of code

auto Asynchronous task runner for Node.js

avconv-utils utility functions to perform operations on videos using avconv

balanced-node-new Offical Balanced Payments API Client for node.js,

barry Barry.js - Soothing server-client model synchronization for JavaScript

bb-server A bare bones http server

binary-csv A fast CSV binary data parser written in javascript

bip-pod Bipio's Pod bridge and testing spindle

bitcoin-exit Node.js server enabling public access to Bitcoin network information

black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.

bridger Semi automagic bridging of server apis to the browser via and someday maybe rest...

broccoli-dist-es6-module Author in ES6 modules, distribute in cjs, amd, named-amd, and globals

broccoli-es6-module-filter broccoli filter for es6 modules

browserscreenshot A command line interface to get screenshots from BrowserStack's Screenshot API

chair Subjective CouchDB client that wraps nano

check-files Check list of files against some rules

cloudup-client cloudup api client

cluster-service Turns your single process code into a fault-resilient multi-process service with built-in REST & CLI support

coly node-coly =========

comments Transform between different comment styles

component-builder-less A component (v1+) builder plugin for LESS -> CSS conversion

component-size A component command to list the sizes of all your component's dependencies.

component-update A component command plugin to update out of date dependencies.

config-validator Validate your config file against the occurrences in your project.

configurable-request-log-middleware Hacked about to be bunyan friendly and accept an "onResponse" function

connect-memorize connect-memorize allows to store selected middleware responses and serve them later - read - offline mode!

constraints A type checker, that allows definition of additional types and constraints over them, checking objects against types and extension with default values before checks

cordova-build Cordova build - an alternative to phonegap build that runs on your servers/agents

counterpart A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser

cowboy A pluggable parallel execution framework written in Node.js

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

css-url-rewriter Looks for url(...) definitions in CSS and rewrites them

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

dewey Documentation generator for Javascript

digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries

dogapi Datadog API Node.JS Client

drop node.js ripple client

easily soon

easy-audit Easy auditing tool

elegant Open Source, Clean and Flexible NodeJs Web Framework With Beautiful Code, Easy to Learn And All the Power of Node

encapsulate Really simple Javascript build system. Compile multiple source files into one, based on a build file named 'encapsulate.json' in the working directory.

epm E-learning package manager es una aplicación para administrar paquetes de contenido utilizados en plataformas educativas

esb-node-driver Driver for ESB (Connector)

eui64 JS library for dealing with IEEE-defined 64bit extended unique identifier.

express-hecate A convenience module for configuring and reversing routes in Express, like those in Play!

extensions Doin' freaky nasty things to the built in prototypes.

fancierscript Fancier JavaScript

fancyscript Fancy JavaScript

figr a little config bootstrap.

file-class Object-oriented API for interacting with files

file-gateway Optimize the apps with multiple data files

filerake Traverse a directory to build a MongoDB collection with the found files. Then it's enable to keep directory and collection synchronised.

final-db Embeded document based database system that uses bare file system as a storage. NoSql style.

folder-backup Easily pack and extract folders as tarballs, for web servers or local filesystem usage.

font-awesome-svg-png Font Awesome split to individual SVG and PNG files of different sizes along with Node.JS based generator

fotofoto Unofficial library for Flashfoto API

fruitmachine A lightweight component layout engine for client and server.

fuel Client for ExactTarget's Fuel REST APIs

fxdownload downloads and extracts forex data (by minute) from

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

generator-drizzy Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a Web site without all the bullshit

geopattern Generate beautiful SVG patterns

get-uri Returns a `stream.Readable` from a URI string

globalization DEPRECATION NOTICE: This package has been renamed to 'counterpart'.

google-alerts Create custom google alerts from Node.js

google-books A NodeJS Google Books API Wrapper

google-books-search A lightweight node wrapper for the Google Books API.

google-spreadsheets-table A cached Google Spreadsheets table over [segmentio/google-spreadsheets](/segmentio/google-spreadsheets).

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