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appbuilder command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder

craziness Memory management through JavaScript

cv OpenCV for Node.js

diskusage Get total diskspace and free diskspace using bindings around platform specific calls.

emp.ria-exec-sync EMP RIA exec-sync

epics EPICS Channel Access for node.js

exec-sync Execute shell command synchronously. Use this for migration scripts, cli programs, but not for regular server code.

execsync-ng Synchronous exec when you NEED it. Based on execSync with added Windows support.

gnu-gettext Node.JS bindings to GNU Gettext

ktoblzcheck binding for ktoblzcheck to check german account numbers/BLZ

labjack-nodejs LabJack-nodejs ============== UPDATED FOR LJM VERSION 1.03

libclang Bindings to libclang

librr a node wrapper for RoadRunner

libsbmljs Bindings to use `libsbml` from node.js

libsbmlsimjs A wrapper around libsbmlsim for nodejs

link-grammar Link grammar library node interface

llvm Bindings for the LLVM compiler infrastructure

mecab-ffi A node.js module for binding MeCab asynchronously using foreign function interface.

nhello nhello FFI Bindings

node-system Execute shell command synchronously.

ospi JavaScript binding for Raspberry Pi based Open Sprinkler

radare2.js radare2 valabind-ffi bindings for nodejs

sc Connect your machine to Sauce Labs.

trackpad-server trackpad-server

unix-socket-credentials Get the uid, gid and pid of a client that connects to your unix socket server

vlc VLC FFI Bindings

win32api Asynchronous, non-blocking win32api bindings

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