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airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

angry-caching-proxy Angry Caching Proxy which speeds up package downloads for apt-get, npm and rubygems

apprentice [Experimental] web library that adds some sugar to routing

bam The Easiest Static Site Generator on the Planet!

baudio-party javascript music party http server

blow Simple browser wrapper on test framework: mocha

browserify-server Browserify bundling + static server in one!

browservefy quicky http server to test out browserify changes rapidly

buddy-server A simple asset server and livereload server for Buddy projects.

cashed An in memory HTTP file serving cache that compresses once and serves many times

connect-fonts Middleware to serve up web fonts.

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

docparse-dumpinvoices takes a list of couchdb invoice ids and exports the data contained within those invoices to an Excel spreadsheet

docparse-scraper-nst Node Zombie based scraper to scrape bills from the NStar (supplier code "NST)" website

docparse-scraper-runner manage running docparse scraper jobs on a schedule

dpdc client lib for deployd server

dsp-interface generic, socketed HTML5 interface for digital signal processing with sliders and exponents

eps The EPS framework

express-jam Respects `NODE_ENV` environment parameter of Express, it returns a single catalog with all dependencies in production, but each dependency in its own file in development mode. Development mode does not need server restart if dependencies change.

hess-bills-table-process-row Download a bill in the bills table and add it to the docparse database

http-framework A web framework based purely on `require('http')`

hyperjson-browser A browser for Hyper+json APIs. Works well with <a href=''>Percolator apps</a>

ira yet another web framework

live-reload A live reload server & client

modulebox node.js like module environment in the browser

nappy node.js api docs from the command line

net-morphic ERROR: No file found!

netmorphic ERROR: No file found!

pdfer-api api server for the pdfer service

pdfer-jobs Job processing for the pdfer service

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

rewriter streaming http + file routing proxy. serve apps easily!

routil-static Serve static files

staticfy Saves a given string to a file that can be served from the given URL.

streamin Provide a better streaming api in your app.

tako Functional web framework.

teller Simple node.js webserver.

unpm-www web frontend for unpm

visualbench Render data produced by bench in a browser

w3 A nodejs http file server

webamp Ampache web interface

wow tools for front-end

wup tiny webserver for fast tests

yalr Yet Another Live Reload

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