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angry-caching-proxy Angry Caching Proxy which speeds up package downloads for apt-get, npm and rubygems

banshee A speedy tool for combining and compressing your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS and LESS source files

bilder-compilers Compilers grunt-tasks for bilder

bilder-sprites Grunt Sprites builder, for bilder

compression-cat Compress all your pngs

cordova-build Cordova build - an alternative to phonegap build that runs on your servers/agents

dist a cli tool and library to create development and production versions for the browser

file-list Do what other web servers do by default!

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grunt-cssimage A plugin that grab images url in CSS files, minify those images, and replace image urls to the minified ones stored in your local disk. It supports both local and remote images grabbing and it can minify .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif image files.

grunt-datauri create base64 encoded data-uris for css from images

grunt-image Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF images.

grunt-imgcompress Batch Minify PNG and JPEG images, Ideas come from [grunt-contrib-imagemin](

grunt-pngmin Grunt plugin to compress png images with pngquant.

grunt-sizediff Diff file sizes between current git branch and a branch/commit

grunt-sizereport file/directory size reporter task for Grunt.js

guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.

gulp-bytediff Compare file sizes before and after your gulp build process.

gulp-cssmin minify css using gulp

gulp-csv2json csv to json using gulp

gulp-filesize Logs filesizes in human readable Strings

gulp-geojson convert multipule file format to geojson.

gulp-image Optimize PNG, JPG, GIF images with gulp task.

gulp-image-optimization Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images. this is based on with stream-limit implementation

gulp-jsmin minify js using gulp

gulp-optipng Lossless compression of PNG images

gulp-svgo Minify SVG images

gulp-tsv2json tsv to json using gulp

gulp-xls2json xls to json using gulp

gulp-xlsx2json xlsx to json using gulp

gulp-xml2json xml to json using gulp

gzipped Command line utility to calculate gzip compression savings

house A home for your website, apps & data.

iced Simple backup tool that uses node to talk to Amazon Glacier

imageopti Wrapper for misc. image processors

imgcompress Batch Minify PNG and JPEG images, Ideas come from [grunt-contrib-imagemin](

jwalk command-line json inspector

mail-null Fake SMTP server that doesn't deliver the received mails. Useful for debugging and testing apps that send email.

mauer browser libs package manager

mongo-edu Select and download videos and handouts from courses

svgmule Combines and minimizes your original SVG's on a per folder basis into one single file each.

svgreindeer Renders SVG's to PNG's for a fallback in older IE's and email clients.

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