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alto A MVCS framework for javascript applications.

ambulance MongoDB restore from S3 to remote database

blogmate Smart blog engine for node.js.

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

broadway-handlebars Plugin for flatiron/broadway for rendering with the handlebars view engine.

cheater Create web-friendly cheat sheets from YAML with less redundant effort.

chem-cli html5 canvas game engine optimized for rapid development - command line interface

chowder - recursivley include other configuration files - scan directory for configuration files

claire-files A claire-voyant fuzzy file finder.

cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack

code-to-test-ratio Get the code-to-test ratio of any project!

codesurgeon The Node.js build tool

cogstep a command-line tool for peer-to-peer personal data archiving, synchronization, and accessibility.

component-typeface A component command to create a typeface component package via prompts from the command line.

component-typefamily A component command to create a typefamily component package via prompts from the command line.

connect-static static file server middleware for connect. loads files once at startup and saves gzipped versions in memory

conscribe Combining JSON Schema and Markdown

content-tree Generate a json representation of a file tree with file information

cupboard Reverse Repo System

decibel Networked audio player services.

demandware Demandware Open Commerce API Tools (Backbone.js Storefront)

demodule bundle javascript files into one for the browser

deploy-it 远程部署工具

derby-lang A translation library for Derby JS.

derby-lang-fs Filesystem translation loader for Derby Lang. Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate

dircmp dircmp is a utility modules which allows comparison of directories by creating hash unique to the files and links contained and their locations.

dirwatcher recursively watch a directory for modifications

docs The node documentation project

draughtsman A development-oriented web server and proxy. Transparent compilation of templates, stylesheets and scripts for stackless HTML interface prototyping.

eco-plus Eco templates extension.

ember-gen Ember Generator Applications -----------

entitydef Simple JSON Definition Loader using findit

espy A context finder for static site generators and prototyping tools.

express-struct MVC project structure on top of express.

farmjs A node.js server farm with everything you ever dreamed of

fedtools Set of tools for FEDs

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

fekit-package-docs 组件文档生成器

fileify Browserify middleware to load entire files into javascript variables

fileify-lm Larry Maccherone's fork of James Halliday fileify browserify middleware

filerake Traverse a directory to build a MongoDB collection with the found files. Then it's enable to keep directory and collection synchronised.

froth ERROR: No file found!

g33k-packer Live assets packer with uglify/less/htmlminifier with live reload support

gabby A beautifully simple static site generator.

generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

generator-mocha-amd Yeoman generator for Mocha a la AMD

git-nez A simple alternative to git submodules and npm linking.

git-plot A tool for generating plotting data from your local Git repos.

git-seed-core core componenets for git-seed

groovebasin Music player server with a web-based interface inspired by Amarok 1.4

habit A simple static site generator powered by nunjucks, LESS, and markdown.

hacker-deps print out which hackers your application depends on

haml-coffee-meteor Haml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript, modified to work with meteor

handlebarizer Solution for compiling handlebars templates into vanilla JS functions for client-side use. Inspired by templatizer

handlebars-precompile-directory Precompile a directory of handlebars templates

hatchjs Hatch.js is CMS platform with social features. This package is an Express application which can be extended with additional modules.

hive MVC for modern web and mobile apps

html-list Putting out a list of html files.

iefavorites Export favorites from internet explorer in the Favorites folder

instabuild Autoreloads HTML files and their dependencies when they're changed

interleave-collate Interleave plugin for collating separate text files into a single JS object

ipaserver A Node.js module to install over-the-air iOS applications. It's actually just made for my personal use, so it's just tested on W8.1 and works for me. IT'S CLEARLY NOT MADE FOR PRODUCTION.

jade-amd Helpers for working with Jade templates in an AMD setting

jasminy A Headless Jasmine TDD Tool

jsq Command line tool for repacing all double quoted strings with single quoted strings in a file or directory. Usage: jsq fileOrDirectory [fileOrDirectory [..]]

kindling Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

kirin A toolkit to help building native crossplatform mobile apps by implementing the application logic in Javascript.

kirin-build Command line tools to build device specific variants for client side webapps.

kiss.js Web framework for node.js in CoffeeScript. Simple and sexy.

krunch A simple build and watch tool for javascript, html and less/css.

less-tree-watch Coffeescript command-line utility for watching and compiling of LESS files

lessthan3 LessThan3 Developer Tools

lively-davfs Manager for versioning and reading / writing resources.

loadit Asynchronously loads (requires) all files in the given directory and all recursive subdirectories that match the given regular expression.

markdown_conrefs A system for including content references (conrefs) into Markdown files

mjolnir HTML 5 static JS lib

mott A build tool for writing awesome multiplatform apps in Javascript and HTML

mt-styledocco Generate documentation and style guides with design patterns from stylesheets.

nlog git-powered, minimalist blog engine for coders

node-asset-builder generate json hash for image files and css files

node-simleak A web service simulator in node.js

npm2nix Generate nix expressions to build npm packages

ogr2ogr ogr2ogr wrapper w/ multiple format support

opere runs things

pairjs Instant collaborative coding using the interweb!

parcel-detector recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

parcel-finder recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

pathfinder Asset API for Node.js

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

qjade A wrapper for jade templates to add transparent support for promise locals, among other things

railgun Railgun guides your client-side app from development to production. Bundles and optimizes your assets. Separates dev and production environment.

sass_monitor sass_monitor is a wrapper for the node_sass module add the functionality to compile named directories of SASS files.

sass-monitor sass-monitor is a wrapper for the node_sass module adding the functionality to compile named directories of SASS files.

scaffoldit scaffolding library for node.js

scour parses html files to remove click tags

scythe Recursive file cleaner

shp2json Convert shapefile zip archives into GeoJSON using ogr2ogr with a streaming interface

singool Node module for Singool.js framework

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