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api_500px 500px API helper, including OAuth and upload

aur Archlinux AUR cli

baohe CLI tool for personal cloud storage services

bigml Node bindings for BigML.

bip-pod-facebook Facebook Pod for Bipio

box-view-api Box View API, node.js client library

braque Abstracter for external APIs. (Github, Heroku etc). Provides a simple wrapper for external APIs. Still beta.

brauth Bold Rocket Authentication module

cloudfoundry-client Cloudfoundry client

cloudup-client cloudup api client

cozy-data-system Data-layer between cozy applications and persistence systems

crocodoc-node Crocodoc API, node.js client library

css-validator Validate CSS via W3C's service

divshot Wrapper for the Divshot api

divshot-api Wrapper for the Divshot api

douban nodejs版豆瓣网oauth认证和api sdk

dream-cli The conversion dream store engine command line interface

dream-engine-cli The conversion dream store engine command line interface

facebook-complete This is a complete port of the facebook sdk from authentication to multi part form posting. Based on the work of criso found here:

fb-photograph A small facebook module to easily get photos onto facebook

fickr A simplified browser/node Javascript wrapper for the Flickr API.

fis-repo-client fis-repo-client

flickr-with-uploads Flickr API with OAuth 1.0A and uploads

fontello-update Updates your fontello config file from your current fontello session.

grunt-cms-upload A grunt plugin for cms project uploads.

grunt-http Sends a HTTP request and deals with the response.

grunt-testflight Uploads the build to TestFlight

grunt-upload-file After we build the project, sometimes we may need to upload some files through form post method !

hopjs-request Simplified HTTP request client.

http-request General purpose HTTP / HTTPS client for node.js. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

hubot-memegen A hubot script to create funny memes based on your own image templates

hypdf Node.js wrapper for the HyPDF Heroku Add-on

imgur Simple command-line uploader for

imsave Imgur image upload

intellisms intelliSMS is a node.js module to connect to the Intellisoftware SMS Gateway API

ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.

isapi.js Chained Rest functions for testing API with Mocha or Jasmine.

itaobao nodejs版淘宝网oauth认证和api sdk

libereco Liberate your photos from the hosting platforms lockin.

mailgun-js Simple Node.js helper module for Mailgun API

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

mau generate sprites automatically

neocities library for the API

node-pushbullet node.js client for PushBullet

node-scribd-client an unofficial nodejs client for the scribd platform API

node-sina-weibo Sina Weibo API client for node.js

nodesync node scripts for watching changed files and dirs then post them to remote server

opengraph A Open Graph API client for Node.js.

peaches Peaches是一个CSS编译工具,用于自动合并背景图片并更新background-position。

phantom-proxy a lightweight proxy that lets you to drive phantomjs from node.

pivotaltracker Node.js wrapper for Pivotal Tracker REST API (v5) This is the core engine.

qtc Qt Cloud Services SDK for Node.js

renren nodejs版人人网oauth认证和api sdk

request Simplified HTTP request client.

request-5291 Simplified HTTP request client.

requester swiss army knife for requests

requestpp Simplified HTTP/HTTPP request client.

soundjs A module to access sound cloud, you can upload tracks, manage playlist etc

spm Static Package Manager

subdb API to interact with subdb services

tencent nodejs版qq网oauth认证和api sdk

testflight A node js wrapper for the Test Flight API

ti-testflight-hook ti cli hook for deploying testflight builds

tishadow Quick Titanium previews across devices

tqq nodejs版腾讯微博 sdk

ulozto upload manager

uploadcare Library for

waybo A simple web-weibo base on nodejs.

web-htmlparser web html parser, can send post form-data or url-encoded data and parser result as a table

weibo-pm Private message manager tool of Sina Weibo fan service.

wsend wsend: the opposite of wget

xwiki-tools Tools for building documents and packages suitable for import into XWiki.

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