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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

active-markdown A tool for generating reactive documents from markdown source.

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

angular-project Creates a basic Angular JS Project setup with coffee script and sass with Twitter Bootstrap.

apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

apps-a-middleware ![image](

artifact Artifact Graph Node Client.

assemblejs A fairly light AMD-style boilerplate for rapid development, using RequireJS, SASS, Backbone, and Handlebars

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

assetsmanager-brunch Adds multiple assets folders support to brunch.

autobuild continous integration on the devloper pc

autoprefixer Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use website

autoremote.js autoRemote node.js API

avril avril framework is a web framework based on Express, it provides unlimited layout and partial support for web, make the coding experience feel like mvc, provides globallization and resource( css and js) minify.

ayecm-client Client application for service

backbone-diorama A client-side web application framework designed for rapid development, using opinionated backbone pattern generators

badblog a terrible node.js blog engine with barely any features

basin Deploy sites to Amazon S3

batchdir Batch create directories or delete them.

bb-server A bare bones http server

benbria-build This is a tool for building projects using [Ninja]( It assumes your project follows a certain layout.

billable Track billable hours.

blproof Blind liability proof tool

bootstrap-package-manager A simple command line interface for installing and compiling Twitter Bootstrap.

bower-copy bower-copy ==========

bower-s3 Install bower packages directly to Amazon S3 buckets.

browserstacktunnel-wrapper A Node.js wrapper for the BrowserStack java tunnel client

bunsen A minimal rest framework inspired by python's Flask and Flask-Slither

cacheman-file File caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheup A general purpose cache library

cachy-filesystem Filesystem based storage for cachy caches

cachy-memory-persistent Flushable/loadable memory based storage for cachy caches

cadeau A slide management system for Javascript presentation frameworks

catlogjs Static site generator, translate human readable text format(such as markdown) into html, with a lot of other functions

cesiumserver Node commandline application to create a Cesium Server.

chabot Chabot is Web-hook receiver for ChatWork

citationstyles csl collection from

clam-util clam util

cleandocs Merge code and markdown files to create project documentation

closure-util Utilities for Closure Library based projects.

cloudcmd Cloud Commander web based orthodox file manager with console and editor

cloudy AWS S3 and friends

cobuild Cobuild isn't a build system, but it is a system that helps you build build systems faster.

cocotte-logger ログファイルを作成しメッセージを追加します

colorg Generate a color styleguide from a .scss file. Based on @wolfr's idea:

commnq Node.js Commnq library with handlers for AMQP messages.

compliancejs A javascript code best practices checker that let you define your own coding rules.

component-generate Create a file based on a template and add it to component.json

component-karma-run Tests a ComponentJS component with Karma

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

component-remove Remove files from component.json

component-uninstall Unistall dependencies from component.json

compresser compress your entire project

connect-fonts-tools Utility scripts for working with connect-fonts font packs

cortex Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

croco Coding Convention Generator

crudgoose A CRUD generator for mongoose.

cruft Delete cruft from npm packages

dandelion A small utility that watchs files for changes and reload a web page.

dapi node.js Dojo api viewer

dashing-js Port of Dashing to node.js

delimit Convert delimited files from one format to another

denodify Use nodejs modules in the browser. Used with bb-server and html-builder

depget Install private modules from a directory or file share

digest-brunch A Brunch plugin that appends a unique SHA digest to asset filenames.

dir-compress compress your entire project

directory-colorfy Color up those SVGs

directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.

directory-encoder Encode a directory of images to CSS

doa **Node.js periodic tasks monitoring tool.**

docco The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator

docco-with-write-function Fork of docco with extra functions exported

docco-xt Generates static project documentation. A fork of docco with focus on larger projects

doctor-md MD docs - markdown to html documentation generator

doku A non-opinionated code documenter.

download-dropbox-share 下载dropbox共享文件夹下的文件到本地,无需使用app key

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

dozerjs NPM for Managing DozerJS

drama_mobile Drama Mobile Web Framework

dropbox-sync Read-only sync with Dropbox

dropshare A / clone for your private servers

dustify Dustify: the dustjs template compiler

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

easy-mincer easy start mincer

easycache 多功能的cache模块

ejabberd node bridge to ejabberd

ember-app-kit-new Lightweight module designed to make initial setup of Ember App Kit easy!

ember-cli Command line tool for developing ambitious ember.js apps

ember-gen Ember Generator Applications -----------

ember-tools Ember Tools -----------

enfield Jekyll-like blog engine for node.js

enyo-depends A simple dependency manager for EnyoJS apps.

equiprose A static website and blog generator

evented-cli NPM Command line tool for Managing projects.

express-asset-manager Simple asset manager middleware for Express.js

faf Fast and Furious. Node.js framework for rapid development of real-time single-page web applications.

fancypants.user ERROR: No file found!

firefox-profile firefox profile for selenium WebDriverJs, admc/wd or any other node selenium driver that supports capabilities

flatsurface FlatSurface is NodeJS API builder BFF.

fonzie Install Sass with Bower. Build it with Fonzie.

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