Packages depending on fs-extra

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frutty Frutty is a lightweight javascript framework made for creating lightweight frontend applications

fs.extra fs.move and fs.copy for Node.JS

fvg Faceless Vector Graphics is a little image format that compiles into SVG using node.js

gaffa-boilerplate Easily creates boilerplate for gaffa apps

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

gat An HTTP caching server

gazira-cli quickly to build a project which uses gazira

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

gdcome-build gdcome博客构建工具

generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

generator-bem A BEM generator for Yeoman

generator-cakephp CakePHP Generator

generator-chris A generator for Yeoman

generator-cordojo A generator for Yeoman

generator-ghost Generate Ghost blogs and themes using Yeoman.

generator-kissy-cake Yeoman Generator for KISSY-Cake

generator-kwebapp A HTML/PHP (CakePHP) project generator, following up to date standards and using environment configurations.

generator-leaflet Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a very basic leaflet map application.

generator-node-webkit A generator for node-webkit

generator-np-laravel A Laravel generator for Yeoman based on the best practices of NoProtocol

generator-xf Yeoman generator for XFramework

geno A small and opinionated static site generator.

genr A project generator

geny simple project generator library

ghost Just a blogging platform.

ghost-buster Ghost Buster is a CLI tool for Ghost apps.

ghost-fork Just a blogging platform.

gifgit Add a little spice (gifs) to your git life

git-seed-core core componenets for git-seed

gitbook Library and cmd utility to generate GitBooks

github-download Easily download Github repos without any external dependencies such as Git, Tar, Unzip, etc.

gittio Install Titanium modules and Alloy widgets

glint Glint is an asset (css, js, whatever-you-need) management that helps you organize and manage your client side files

graojs graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

grunt-abricos Grunt plugin for Abricos Platform

grunt-cordova Wrap an application package with Cordova.

grunt-ec2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances

grunt-ec2-2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances

grunt-iconify-test web font, spritesheet & data uri generator

grunt-mocha-test A grunt task for running server side mocha tests

grunt-tube Install grunt tasks once and once is annoying.

grunt-umbraco-package A Grunt task to assist with creating Umbraco packages that can be installed through the Backoffice

grunt-webdriver grunt-webdriver is a grunt plugin to run selenium tests with Mocha and WebdriverJS

grunt-yeahicons web font, spritesheet & data uri generator

grunticon-sass A mystical SCSS icon solution

gulp-nuget gulp nuget support to pack and push nuget packages

gut recursively guts files from directory

handbrake-js An alternative, cross-platform distrubution of HandbrakeCLI (v0.9.9) adding javascript, streaming and improved command-line interfaces.

hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.

harp Static web server with built in preprocessing

harp-from-the-future Zeke's fork of harp with support for browserify and github-based project templates

hashcat Commandline application to concatenate, minify, cache-bust and replace JS references

hehe MVC project template

hpubjs An hpub reader and writer

html-md JavaScript library for converting HTML in to valid Markdown

i18nfp i18n support with factualization and pluralization

i4countries Interface to a slim country dataset

image-min Minify GIF, JPEG and PNG images

imageopti Wrapper for misc. image processors

infinite Dead simple file system caching for Node.js.

infosquare Dashboard for your info

ingen An event driven, fully customizable, static site generator for node.

inkdoc KISS JavaScript documentation generator engine

isolated isolated provider one-time folders for unit tests.

jabher-gulpfile Personal configurable gulp config that can be used in most of projects

jasmine-html-runner Runs Jasmine's HTML Runner using phantomjs.

jayb A scaffold generator for create files with templates

jekyde A static blog builder, server and writer.

jekyll2harp A commandline utility to convert Jekyll posts for use with Harp.

jenkins-copy-diff JENKINS LAST SUCCESS COMMIT ============

jetfire A rails-like framework for node

jetfuel JetFuel for front-end development framework.

jetfuel-grunt-tasks Grunt tasks for the JetFuel engine.

jim Simple webhook server

jitsu-env Prepares package.json for deployment in different Nodejitsu environments (staging, production)

jive-sdk Node.js framework for building purposeful places's Framework Engine

jott Minimum viable blog generator. Markup in Jade. Static HTML output.

jpm Jetpack Mechanic utilities for creating, testing, running and packaging Mozilla Jetpack Addons

jr-jade A JR job for jade.

jr-stylus A JR job for stylus.

jsbp Boilerplates for Javascript projects

jscover node wrap for JSCover.

jscrambler JScrambler API client.

json-update Allows for very simple JSON file updating in one line

kd Koding KD CLI

kdc-plus Koding Apps Compiler

kindling Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

kissy KISSY

koan A Koa.js Application Boilerplate

latex A simple wrapper for LaTeX in node.js

laut Upgrade plugins/themes from Liferay Portal 6.1 to 6.2

leto Leto - Spawn new projects from templates

librarianowl Simple toolkit to generates Less, Sass/Scss & Stylus libraries defined through YAML.

lima A framework for developing rich web apps using node and dojo

lofty A builder for WordPress plugins created with the Lava Framework.

lone Turn node.js apps into standalone executables.

loom Weave your wefts betwixt the warps of loom generators and scaffolds.

loom-ember loom generator set used in originate-ember

loom-generators-ember generator set use in ember-tools

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