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albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

anthology Module information and stats for any @npmjs user

ateam Appcelerator Team Workflow Tools

authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames

azure-cli Windows Azure Cross Platform Command Line tool

baggit Store a file on github to be publicly accessible

botdylan github bot

buildbot-github A module which listens for Github webhook events and triggers a Buildbot build when a comment with trigger string defined in a config is found in a pull request.

cfp-github-importer Import a CFP into Github issues for review.

chutney-ci open source ci system for Mongrove Projects

clabot A bot to take the pain out of Contributor License Agreements

code-warrior code like a warrior

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

contribflow Contribflow is a suite of high-level repository operations for making open source contributions easier. It's based on the git-flow branching model with modifications for the open souce workflow.

contributor A simple module to add git contributors to your package.json.

daily-standup Command-line tool for posting what you did today and the GitHub commits from yesterday to HipChat.

decipher Node command line tool to grab a github pull request from a lighthouse ticket and vica versa

desckit Custom desktop wallpaper generator with NodeJS and PhantomJS

di-cli Differential CLI

dreamface Cloud Application Development Platform designed to build mobile and web applications

drill-sergeant Notify via email when github pull requests become stale.

dustlayer command line suite for new and experienced retro programmers. Check homepage for details.

ee-travis Encode private env varibles for travis using a travis public key

generator-angular-bootstrap A generator for AngularJS applications

generator-angular-component A generator for Yeoman

generator-bespokeplugin Yeoman generator for Bespoke.js plugins

generator-canjs-plugin Yeoman generator for CanJS plugins

generator-cfsg The frontend generator for Yeoman

generator-coffee-generator CoffeeScript Generator generator for Yeoman

generator-coffee-module A generator for Yeoman to scaffold Node modules written in CoffeeScript

generator-commander A commander-cli generator for Yeoman

generator-existproject Generator Generator for Exists Project

generator-extend A generator for Yeoman

generator-feathers-plugin A generator for Feathersjs Plugins.

generator-generator Generator Generator for Yeoman

generator-generator_grunt_coffee Grunt-powered CoffeeScript Generator Generator for Yeoman

generator-generatorcs CoffeeScript Generator Generator for Yeoman

generator-grunt-static-site A Yeoman generator for creating static sites that use grunt, browserify, ejs, and deploy to GitHub Pages.

generator-gulp-plugin A Yeoman generator for gulp plugins

generator-gulpplugin-coffee A Yeoman generator for CoffeeScript gulp plugins

generator-isomod A Yeoman generator, for creating isomorphic modules.

generator-kissy-gallery kissy gallery generator

generator-kpm kissy gallery generator

generator-mean-app MEAN stack application generator

generator-mobile-app A Yeoman generator for mobile web apps with Cordova

generator-module A Yeoman generator for Browserify modules

generator-multienv A scaffolder for apps that can run in multiple JavaScript enviroments for Yeoman.

generator-node-cs Node coffeescript generator

generator-node-webkit A generator for node-webkit

generator-nodeapp A Yeoman generator for Develop Node.js Applications

generator-qiwoo-gallery A generator for Yeoman

generator-tmlib A Tmlib generator for Yeoman

generator-travis-ci Yeoman generator that sets up travis-ci to do automated github pages deployment on every commit.

generator-wakanda A generator for Yeoman

geohub A geojson in github extractor

geojsonio-cli a cli for

get-github-token prompt the user for credentials for a github oauth token

gh GitHub command line tools.

ghib create meaningful branch names based on github issues

gist-db Treat your gist account like a database

git-fb Git feature-branch workflow helper commands

git-gh git extensions for github

git-provider git-provider ============

gitban Very simple command line kanban-esque tool for use with github issues

gitenforcer a small bot to monitor pull requests

github-autochangelog changelog auto generation based on github issues + git version tag deltas

github-changelog Simple changelog generator for GitHub repositories

github-changes generate changelog for github repos

github-cli github-cli ==

github-collect A NodeJS library for getting Github objects like repositories, members, gists for users and orgs.

github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

github-labels Add github labels automatically

github-licence Get the licence of a github-project

github-prune-issues Automagically close stale GH issues

gitpress press your blog with github

hubot-pull-request A hubot script that handles merge requests (Gitlab) and pull requests (Github).

hubot-reviewer-lotto A reviewer lottery script for Hubot

jig Jenkins-IRC-Github integration.

jspm-cdnjs cdnjs =====

lefnire lefnire.js implements lefnire in Node.js. It builds upon the current genetic code version.

libgrabber Automatically updates hosted projects on jsDelivr CDN.

mary-poppins Keeps your GitHub PRs and issues tidy

mergeatron A helpful PR monitor that runs jenkins builds when Pull Requests are created and updated

metahub github metadata cache/mirror

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

node-github-list-packages A Node library and a commandline tool to list used packages in a github repository.

node-issueit Create an issue on the git repository if the error occurs 3 times. Auto close if issue doesn't occur next time

npm-pkg-top Lists the top packages by npm stars, github stars, and depended upon

octofish Github Content Delivery System for Viperfish

omino-sentenzioso A tiny library outdated npm deps from github repos

pending-pr pending-pr handles pending pull requests

pipermail-bot The esdiscuss bot

pmkr-mk-github-repo Create a GitHub repository with input from command line prompt or by passing arguments.

pull-report Report on open GitHub pull requests for organizations and users

pullquester Issues a pull request using configuration files in your current repo.

pulsar-rest-api REST API for executing Pulsar tasks.

q-github Q Promise-based wrapper around node github API

qaide QA tool for making and deploying multi project qa branches for testing

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