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airpair-notify Track airpair notifications from twitter, and make OSX or Linux growl at you!

aneth Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

autoless Another .less files watcher, but this time with growl notifications

autolint Autolint watches your files for jslint-errors.

beanpoll-growl growl notification plugin for beanpoll

beantest Beantest: autotest jasmine-node tests

bounce Restart scripts upon code changes

breather Pushing you to take a breath.

brewer Asset compilation/packaging/compression utility

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

cafe4 Client-side applications build tool

chook-growl-reporter Growl reporter for Chook - the Headless, framework-agnostic unit test runner

coffee-observer Utility functions for observing source code.

coffee-toaster Minimalist build system for CoffeeScript.

coffeemaker Build tools for coffeesript node.js apps

condo A notifier for Convore

cura-test-runner A simple mocha test executor. Just add as dev-dependency and write a test.js with require('cura-test-runner') to run all coffee/mocha tests and get notified via growl of failures"

dev-server dev-server serve static files and directories for you.

devwatch File-watcher to run any bash script on file changes

docpad-plugin-growl DocPad plugin that adds system notifications

dynroute Dynamic DNS for your domain using Amazon Route53

elvn Command line time management for nerds

emailing Just a kid tool to send email using your terminal

expressling Expressling

fe-fu Node js Frontend Environment (Transforms .less files and minifies them, minifies javascript with uglify-js)

flinch Multitask with cat-like reflexes

git-upstream-watch Get notified when one or more local git repos diverge from the upstream tracking branch

github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

grunt-growl Configure notifications inside your gruntfile

grunt-mocha-phantom-hack Grunt task for running client-side Mocha specs in PhantomJS with reporters

hoppa a simple way to deliver your less, css and javascripts

hub-mocha visionmedia/mocha fork with easily parseable json (report delimiters)

inspire Inspirational quotes through growl notifications

irspy spying (watcher) script that recompiles a single less file to css based upon any less file change

istanbul-grunt-mocha Grunt task for running Mocha specs, writing istanbul code coverage to a coverage folder

jasmine-growl-reporter [![NPM version](]( [![Dependency Status](]( [![Build Status](](

jasmine-runner Jasmine BDD utility tool and commandline runner

jscc Javascript compilation and build utility.

jshint-growl-reporter Growl reporter for JSHint

karma-growl Growl notification for Karma.

karma-growl-notifications-reporter Karma growl reporter that falls back to Notification Center support on OS X

karma-growl12-reporter A Karma reporter plugin that sends status to Growl. This plugin uses node-growl which works with Growl 1.2

karma-growler-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results with growl (

kitkat Kontinuos Integrated Testing Koffee Application Template

koa-liveload liveload middleware for koa

kranium Bigger brains for Titanium Mobile

kyatchi Catch the Mail!

liveload A server which detect the file change and reload the resource at client side automatically

log-notify An override for console.log that also sends notifications to OS X Notification Center and Growl

loggy Dead-simple colored logger for stdout.

logmimosa Logger component for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

lumbar Supporting your backbone since 2011, Lumbar is a module build system that allows for generation of platform specific javascript modules.

mikehenrty-test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework

mocha-breve simple, flexible, fun test framework by and for the javascript community

mocha-co simple, flexible, fun test framework

mocha-papandreou simple, flexible, fun test framework

mocha2 simple, flexible, fun test framework - fork of mocha by TJ Holowaychuk <>

mqtt-growl A growl based mqtt monitor A full stack development tool for creating modern webapps

node-codekit CodeKit alternative on Node.JS

node-dev Restarts your app when files are modified

node-dev-env Restarts your app when files are modified

node-powermate-launcher An application laucher by Griffin PowerMate

nodebot An artificial intelligence written for NodeJS

obicallerid Caller ID and Name Growl notifications from Obihai devices

olodum dev DNS server

particles-assetmanager Asset manager for the Particles platform, based on gulp

phoenix-build phoenix-build =============

pie The smarter JS build tool

pomo Command-line timer, useful for Pomodoros.

pomodoro A simple CLI based pomodoro

pomodoro-timer Free Pomodoro® Technique command line web app timer.

putt easily output text in lots of fun ways (speech, growl, email, ...)

quartermaster quartermaster is a small library to create compressed binary packages for distribution

readymade Asset server based on Make : supports less, coffeescript, coco, livescript, sass, uglifyjs, markdown.

renode dev utility to (re)start a node script when files are changed

static-i18n-jade-brunch A fork of static-jade-brunch to add i18n support

static-jade-brunch Adds Jade support to Brunch without wrapping the compiled html in modules of type commonjs/amd. With it you can get rid of index.html and use index.jade instead.

t-cli A daily time tracker

talker-notifier Pop up growl notifications for messages in a given Talker Room

test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

test-agent-debug execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

testem-fork-no-auto-frameworks Fork of Test'em 'scripts with no Automatic Framework Hooks

the-grid-compiler The compiler for The Grid

timekeepr Testing the amount of time spent in each subdirectory

tomtim CLI Pomodoro timer Growl transport for

vock VoIP on node.js 0.8.x

watai Integration testing for the modern web

winston-growl A growl transport for winston

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