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appium Automation for Apps.

array-nocomplex Array.prototype augmentations, no complex

assert-x A Javascript assertion library.

astrodate Javascript Date object with Astronomy in mind.

axeman simplified git workflow

backapp ======= backapp =======

backbone-loading Loading indicator for Backbone network requests

backbone-session Flexible and simple session management for Backbone apps

bauchara 30-second slideshows for hackers with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the slideshows!

betterlife Life Better Goal ====

bishop Bishop ======

blogist blog with gist

bochar 30-second slideshows for hackers with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the slideshows!

brainy-cli command line tools for bootstrapping your brainy project

breathe-easy An extensible, JavaScript REST client base class.

canjs MIT-licensed, client-side, JavaScript framework that makes building rich web applications easy.

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

compy component js boilerplate js project

dijs Dependency injection

docpad-plugin-grunt Run Grunt tasks when building with DocPad.

doctit document.title helper utility for single page apps

dualshock-controller node library for dual shock controllers

edmododev A package to help while developing on the core Edmodo codebase

fauxton Fauxton is a modular CouchDB dashboard and Futon replacement.

generator-bcapi A generator for Conduit Toolbar Apps using the BCAPI.js

generator-hyper-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS/Express/node.js apps emphasizing modularity, configuration, and testing

generator-recroom Takeaway web apps.

generator-yui3 A generator for Yeoman

genesis-skeleton Modern application skeleton - HTML5 Boilerplate + Angular + Express + Grunt + LiveReload + Bootstrap + Bower

gistjs The gist npm

gitbook-theme-clarity Clarity Theme for Gitbook

gitpages gitpages ================

goo Lightweight Node.js Application Framework

googletagmanager Google Tag Manager loader for web apps

grunt-assetify-example Example given on how to plug grunt-assetify into your web application

grunt-bp A base to start and deploy your project usign grunt

grunt-cortex-neuron-build Build cmd module to neuron wrapped module

grunt-docs-builder auto build docs or guide for your js library

grunt-md5-list Copy files to a specified directory, according to the MD5 Rename, and then generate a file path and hash correspondence between documents.

grunt-version-number Update file version numbers from an argument.

grunt-video-slicer Grunt task for cutting video into sections by specified time ranges

gyro Graph system which attempts to self balance

hadron-seed Hadron blog seed

handlebars-helpers-pack A neat pack of helpers for Handlebars templates

iostreams Open input and output streams given providers and small config

jquery-component jQuery component. 2.0.9 = 2.1.0-pre :-)

jscarcass JS web development framework

mangrove-utils A collection of useful javascript helpers, again.

memoria-js Extensible form storage for memorising user inputs with localStorage.

mixpanel_export_people Export Mixpanel people properties to an Excel Compatible CSV

mongodb-shell-extensions Useful MongoDB shell extensions

mtfe_grunt-docs-builder auto build docs or guide for your js library

ng-obelisk Easily use Obelisk to create animations using Angular.js

node-snapshot Node.js app for slicing and dicing ~100,000 models in <5ms with easy sorting, paginating, and filtering.

orbital framework for building realtime apps

particles-seed A seed project for the Particles platform

pasties-validator-web web-app for validating pasties

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers Periodic is an open source framework that optimizes the process used to develop new user interfaces and components for web based publications. Periodic is an open source framework that optimizes the process used to develop new user interfaces and components for web based publications. web service layer for decoupled digital publishing framework

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

rally-app-builder A node module that assists in the building of Rally Apps

requestanimationframe requestAnimationFrame AMD-ready, bower-ready polyfill fork.

rhizome-server Web server for participative art performances and installations.

rook Rook ----

rutil Random utilities

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and

seedhq Elegant customizable inheritance, attributes and events in JavaScript.

seedview Useful DOM Views based on SeedHq that you should not use ( unstable, untested ).

sequin-js Easily add animations to your pages by specifying regular classes using semantic method chaining.

snapshot-js Node.js app for slicing and dicing paginated chunks of data with easy sorting and filtering.

soapbox-simon The development interface for SoapBox (

string-nocomplex String.prototype augmentations based on underscore.string. no complex.

todom Fast and lightweight JSON to DOM generation in less than 60 lines.

tomwebtools web tools environment for preprocessing projects

uick-grunt Grunt config shared across all uick components

urlbuilder Generate URL strings containing variables

util-x A Javascript utility library.

whichway Whichway is a small JavaScript library for working out the bearing between 2 locations.

xipframe MVC Framework for Express

yeask-me-base-adapter the base adapter project for the yeask-me app

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