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adaptivejs A framework for creating adaptive websites.

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

apm Alipay package manager, a alipay suite of tools base on spm.

bai Baidu inc.Front-end engine

billy-builder A set of grunt tasks used by Billy's Billing

bndr A minimalist browser framework that binds HTML elements to JS components

boomer Combine connect, watch and live reload configurations

brainy-cli command line tools for bootstrapping your brainy project

breathe-easy An extensible, JavaScript REST client base class.

buckets Hold stuff.

cm-livereload ## Installation, running

coin-allocator Tool to automatically rebalance various cryptoins via the cryptsy API

collectionize A lightweight collection management library.

compy component js boilerplate js project

curvechart Curve Chart

dijs Dependency injection

dirac-table-ref Automatically use a default column for table references in dirac schemas.

doll Simple package to get users up and running with express for their HTML projects. More things will be added, but this is a good starting point for a simple project.

dotdash see wiki:

dualshock-controller node library for dual shock controllers

edmododev A package to help while developing on the core Edmodo codebase

fabs Fabulous AngularJS Build System - A Grunt based build system for AngularJS applications

fastbinder Fast and worry-free dynamic event binding

fatjs Library for grunt to build First + Third javascript libaries

fauxton Fauxton is a modular CouchDB dashboard and Futon replacement.

felina-web Web interface for the wildlife image analysis system

fogbugz-tagger ERROR: No file found!

generator-grunt A gruntfile generator for Yeoman

generator-jasmine-node A Jasmine-Node unit test generator for Yeoman

generator-package Generates requirejs and cjs packages. Also provides a package that suits both.

generator-recroom Takeaway web apps.

generator-simplesite Simple generator for fast creating static websites

genesis-skeleton Modern application skeleton - HTML5 Boilerplate + Angular + Express + Grunt + LiveReload + Bootstrap + Bower

goo Lightweight Node.js Application Framework

grunt-autocreationtests Create tests from js-files for usage in requirejs projects

grunt-brunch Grunt Brunch wrapper

grunt-cbr-styles-bundles-watch Watcher for grunt-cbr-styles-bundles. Recompiles styles only for bundles that changed.

grunt-doh Run D.O.H.: Dojo Objective Harness inside a Grunt task.

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

grunt-express-middleware The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-fu Grunt tasks for killer developers

grunt-fxos Tools for Firefox OS app development

grunt-jquerybuilder jQuery custom builds builder

grunt-jsversion Add package version information to file

grunt-lodashbuilder Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt

grunt-microlib Shared tooling between microlibraries using the ES6 module transpiler.

grunt-protoc protoc generator plugin

grunt-tusk Grunt based build system

grunt-workflow 一个跨平台的(Mac&Win)、优雅的、高效的、可定制的前端重构工作流程

gyro Graph system which attempts to self balance

happyplan Happy plan is bundle of amazing tools to be used as a static website generator.

hazdev-template Template for HazDev web sites.

hyperion Hyperion Package

iorest REST API documentation generator

jquery-component jQuery component. 2.0.9 = 2.1.0-pre :-)

jquery-postcodes Add UK address lookups with a simple postcode input field on any web form with the API. Ideal Postcodes uses Royal Mail's addressing database, the Postcode Address File (PAF).

jscarcass JS web development framework

jsteaser Creates a summary for articles

livedocs REST API documentation generator

lz-fe 这是一个淘宝-量子前端基础开发框架包,使用MVC框架及相关工具@author 羽昊

malory web worker manager

maquila Factory lib for building JavaScript or creating records.

multiverse A Multiplayer Game Engine for The Web

mwater-form-designer mWater Form Designer

navigator-js A tiny yet powerful library to deal with navigation and flow in your JavaScript projects.

neat-starter-template A boilerplate containing HTML5 boilerplate, bourbon, neat and parts of pure.css

node-app-scaffold Scaffolding for a Node application using Express, Caveman, LESS, jQuery, Jasmine and CasperJS.

opm Alinw package manager, a alinw suite of tools base on spm.

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers Periodic is an open source framework that optimizes the process used to develop new user interfaces and components for web based publications. Periodic is an open source framework that optimizes the process used to develop new user interfaces and components for web based publications. web service layer for decoupled digital publishing framework

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

rally-app-builder A node module that assists in the building of Rally Apps

rbc front-end development tools

rspine MVC Framework for R2 Platform based on RSpineJS

rutil Random utilities

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and Javascript SDK for communicating w/ a Sails server via WebSockets/

scarlet-ioc A Javascript IoC container

seatools Provide build, test and other tools for Sea.js developers.

section Section is a static site generator for Node.js built on top of Grunt.

toasty Common preprocessors and light server with live-reload grouped together

tsr Total Shots Ratio: a football analytics library.

twogrid Deploy a 2D grid matrix fast, in Javascript. Useful for olympiads / quick hacks.

ui-framework ui-framework ============

uick-grunt Grunt config shared across all uick components

vc-reset-css Full reset CSS, including browser styling.

weir-rss Minimalist, self-hosted RSS reader for Node.js

xipframe MVC Framework for Express

xtc A frontend framework and server

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