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grunt-image-pixel-changer Crawl all image pixels and convert specified rgba value to another value.

grunt-imagine Grunt tasks for optimizing, inlining & spriting images

grunt-img Grunt task to optimize png and jpg images with optipng & jpegtran

grunt-in-a-box grunt-in-a-box ==============

grunt-include-source Include your sources into your HTML files automatically.

grunt-includes-basic Include other files within a file.

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-init-assemble Initialize new Assemble projects.

grunt-init-assemble-helper Quickly create a Handlebars helper that can easily be used with Assemble

grunt-init-basic grunt-init template for a very basic project. includes nodeunit tests, jshint, watch, clean, and assemble for converting readme to a simple gh-pages index page.

grunt-init-ghpages Quickly build gh-pages documentation from a project README using Grunt.js and Assemble, a Node.js alternative to Jekyll.

grunt-init-gruntplugin Initialize new grunt plugins.

grunt-init-gruntplugin2 Standard init:gruntplugin with better test functionality.

grunt-init-helper Quickly create a Handlebars helper that can easily be used with Assemble

grunt-init-init Create a grunt template from any grunt template

grunt-init-jekyll Initialize new Jekyll projects.

grunt-init-plugin Grunt plugin to generate grunt init templates

grunt-init-project Grunt plugin to generate project files and structure

grunt-init-proto grunt-init template for a jekyll static site. Includes compass, bower and grunt support.

grunt-install-compass 下载并安装compass,依赖于ruby环境

grunt-itv Grunt tasks for repetitive tasks at i.TV

grunt-ivantage-svn-changelog Incrementally build out your changelog whenever you tag a version for release

grunt-jasmine The best sample grunt tasks ever.

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-legacy A Grunt task for running Jasmine v1.3 tests using RequireJS and PhantomJS

grunt-jasmine-node-task Grunt task for running jasmine specs in node

grunt-jasmine-runner Grunt task for running Jasmine specs

grunt-jquery-json Grunt plugin that builds and validates a jquery.json package manifest.

grunt-jquerybuilder jQuery custom builds builder

grunt-jsbeautifier for grunt

grunt-jscover Grunt task for jscover

grunt-jscoverage Grunt task for jscoverage; which will parse your source code and generate an instrumented version allowing testing tools to generate code coverage reports

grunt-jstemplater Compiler for javascript templates (for example, mustache) task for Grunt.

grunt-jstools support javascript merge, each compress, all in compress, each beautify, all in beautify, each obfuscation, all in obfuscation, etc...

grunt-jsversion Add package version information to file

grunt-junit A small alteration to grunt's default phantom.js and qunit.js files to generate JUnit xml for qunit test results

grunt-labjs-template Create labjs template

grunt-less-browserify LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for grunt-browserify

grunt-lessvarfile Create less variable files

grunt-lib-amd Common functionality shared across grunt-amd tasks

grunt-lintblame Hook git blame into jshint

grunt-linter Validates JavaScript files with JSLint or JSHint

grunt-list-em Grunt plugin that takes an array of files and writes them to a declared file (i.e. js files to index.html)

grunt-list-files grunt file list task: allows creation of templated files list

grunt-lodashbuilder Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt

grunt-macreload A small grunt-task that reloads your browser (OSX only)

grunt-maven-deploy Grunt Maven Deploy

grunt-md5-list Copy files to a specified directory, according to the MD5 Rename, and then generate a file path and hash correspondence between documents.

grunt-md5filename Convert file names to MD5.

grunt-mdeb Grunt task to publish markdown docs as EPUB 3.0 book.

grunt-mdlldr Makes node modules browser friendly

grunt-microlib Shared tooling between microlibraries using the ES6 module transpiler.

grunt-mongo-migrations A helper grunt task to manage Mongoose MongoDB database migrations.

grunt-mustache-precompile Precompiles Mustache templates and optionally creates AMD modules.

grunt-ne Grunt plugins including css-collect, spm-build and html-replace

grunt-nexus-artifact A grunt plugin that helps with simple nexus artifacts

grunt-node-webkit Automate some of your node-webkit tinkery.

grunt-nsp-package Grunt plugin for Node Security Project package.json validation

grunt-nsp-shrinkwrap Grunt plugin for Node Security Project npm-shrinkwrap.json validation

grunt-nuget Grunt NuGet interface - Prepare, package and publish your application in NuGet gallery using Grunt JS

grunt-oldie-rem Auto create css files with rem replacements for old ie versions

grunt-origami-demoer Task for building demo pages for a module that conforms to the origami standard

grunt-pack Adds tasks to Grunt for making release packages.

grunt-package Grunt package.json rewriting module.

grunt-packer Grunt plugin to automagically concat JS and CSS files found in HTML

grunt-parallel Run tasks or commands in child processes.

grunt-pg-utils Grunt tasks for version control on PostgreSql stored procedures, and various utilities.

grunt-phaser Grunt plugin for Phaser, the deadliest markdown documentation generator in the Alpha Quadrant.

grunt-phplint A Grunt 4.0 task for running phplint on your php files

grunt-pkg-to-component A component.json generator

grunt-plates Grunt Tasks & Boilerplates

grunt-pngquant-preserve Run pngquant process without updating atime/mtime of output file.

grunt-prepare-images convert images smaller than defined file size to dataurls, create stylus var definitions out of all images and create stylus group files by directories in the image folder

grunt-preprocess-yeoman Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration

grunt-project-builder Helps you to build your project with grunt an rjs.

grunt-project-update Grunt task to update bower, npm, and other arbitrary update tasks

grunt-protoc protoc generator plugin

grunt-protractor-coverage Instrument your code and gather coverage data from Protractor E2E tests

grunt-qrcode grunt-qrcode

grunt-qunit-cov Grunt plugin for qunit unit test with coverage

grunt-qunit-minimalist Minimalist phantomjs-based qunit test runner.

grunt-r2-cli Grunt CLI for R2 Plataform

grunt-r2-compiler Grunt Compiler for R2 Coffescript Apps

grunt-rainmaker Interact with the RainmakerApp API

grunt-raven-wrap Wrap all function decralations with Raven.wrap

grunt-reload A grunt task that enables live reloading of updated watch files in the browser.

grunt-render Grunt tasks initiated on the server side while rendering views

grunt-replace-main use to replace data-main attribute when using requirejs.

grunt-require-dir Process a directory of files and generate an AMD compatible container

grunt-requiregen A main.js generator for requirejs

grunt-requiregrep Grunt task that creates AMD modules by searching for dependencies on source files

grunt-requirejs-jzaefferer Using requirejs and almond with grunt

grunt-requirejs-tasks plugin enabling developers to build their code using require.js

grunt-responsive-images Produce images at different sizes for responsive websites.

grunt-responsive-videos Generate multiple video encodes at varying sizes for responsive, HTML5 video applications

grunt-resx2json Changing resx files to json

grunt-retinafy Take the 2x images and generate retina and regular versions

grunt-retire Grunt plugin for retire.

grunt-rsync-2 Copy files to a (remote) machine with rsync. supports maps with target:source entries

grunt-rtfm Put your documentation in the console.

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