Packages depending on handlebars

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abee Abee is a template-based, highly costumizable meteor scaffolding application that supports javascript and coffescript.

abu Jasmine test skeleton builder for Tetra.js

accord-cli compile any language from the command line

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

amdblah-hbs-helpers A small collection of Handlebars helpers run in both the server(nodejs) and client(browser).

annodoc Documentation generator for annotated modules

antifreeze Client-side MVP framework.

anvil.demo.scaffolds scaffolds for the quick start

anvil.js an extensible build system

anvil.scaffold.backboneonexpress Scaffold for Backbone-On-Express plugins

anvil.template HTML template rendering for anvil

apeman Meta web application frame work.

apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

argo-formatter-handlebars A Handlebars engine for Argo formatter.

artificer Markdown to html site generator.

asimov.js A better way to build awesome websites and apps, with javascript and textfiles

assemble-handlebars Handlebars engine plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman.

asset_builder build, concatenate, and compress assets

assetstream Stream and transform your browser assets.

atomify-cli A CLI for Atomify

automated-screenshot-diff Automated Screenshot Diff - Continuous Safe Deployment Made Easy

autostart Multiplatform autostart tool for Node.js applications

awesomebox-core Rendering core for awesomebox

awscms Awscms is a [Connect]( middleware that serves [Handlebars]( templates from an Amazon S3 bucket.

axilla Simple Node.js view templating with Handlebars.

backbone-assembler-handlebars Handlebars mixin for Assembler

backbone-diorama A client-side web application framework designed for rapid development, using opinionated backbone pattern generators

bakery-commons bakery-commons ==============

baller Organizes your configuration files

balrog static site generator

beez The framework for mobile browser faster development.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

beezlib The utility library for Node.js using beez projects.

bilder Dev-Build-Deploy tool at 6W

bilder-compilers Compilers grunt-tasks for bilder

bilder-reporter report deployments via slack, hipchat & gmail

billy-builder A set of grunt tasks used by Billy's Billing

bogart-handlebars Handlebars tools for Bogart

boil-js Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.

boilerplate Generic, highly customizeable application generator

bonkers A distributed load test framework using Amazon EC2 instances

bookmarkdown books in markdown +

bourbon A static site generator based on scheduled jobs

bower The browser package manager.

bower-auth The browser package manager (with authrc support for private projects)

bower-canary The browser package manager.

bowler bowler is a simple mvc framework to help work with node-webkit

bowser-cli A command line interface to create bowser-engine based games with ease.

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

brianify "Brianifies" a directory into one of his new node modules

broadway-handlebars Plugin for flatiron/broadway for rendering with the handlebars view engine.

broccoli Fast client-side asset builder

broccoli-baked-handlebars A Broccoli module for precompiled, static Handlebars templates.

broccoli-pages Build HTML pages from Markdown and HTML fragments

bromockapis Mock APIs.

bromote Tool to setup and require remote scripts with browserify.

browserify-files browserify-files ================

buckets Hold stuff.

bugsnag-notification-plugins Notification plugins (chat and issue tracking integrations) for Bugsnag.

buildy A build framework with chaining syntax

cadeau A slide management system for Javascript presentation frameworks

can-compile Compile CanJS Mustache and EJS views for lightning fast production apps

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

carlosify "Carlosifies" a directory into one of his new node modules

cassini single-page documentation generation (based on underscore.js documentation formatting) for multi-versioned apps

chalice-server An express plugin(the server component) for chalice apps

chatbox A chat client using the Dropbox API

chestnut-server Simple MVC server

chewer The browser package manager.

citizen An event-driven MVC framework for Node.js web applications.

cli-juggle watch files and execute command on change

clientside a tool for converting CommonJS style code into code for the browser

cliste Cliste, a NodeJS CMS

cloak-cli Scaffolding cli tool for cloak.js projects

closure-util Utilities for Closure Library based projects.

cnt_newsletters The best project ever.

co-nested-hbs Generator-based Handlebars templates for nested layouts.

coddoc Documentation generator

colorg Generate a color styleguide from a .scss file. Based on @wolfr's idea:

component-build-handlebars A component (v1+) builder plugin for Handlebars template precompilation

component-builder-handlebars Builder.js plugin to precompile Handlebars templates

component-builder-hbs Component builder plugin to parse Handlebars templates

component-dev-build Development build plugin for component.js. This builder creates a subfolder with singlefiles of your project.

component-typeface A component command to create a typeface component package via prompts from the command line.

component-typefamily A component command to create a typefamily component package via prompts from the command line.

comprise Add layout and partial support to consolidate.js!

compylr Compile angular apps to run on your server

connect-handlebars Connect middleware for Handlebars

core-cfg minimalistic configuration templating

core-framework-cli CLI para o core-framework

cosy module to manage your static resources, full-stack UI component library, layout generator

cosy-cli ERROR: No file found!

cosy-client bootstrap COSY Application

couth Refined Relaxation

crane-js Does the heavy lifting for a javascript application by providing a simple MVC environment (built on mongoose), favoring fluent configuration, along with an IoC Container, built-in repository pattern, and more

crawlable-solidify Some tools to help you to render your application as a static web site using the crawlable module.

crossdomain Render a `crossdomain.xml` so that Adobe Flash Player clients can make requests to your domain. More on this nonsense [here](

csv-report Converts time tracking data from CSV to PDF

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

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