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asteroids-bag An implementation of a bag tailored to Asteroids

bella A API Authentication for node.js

bittorrent-client Simple, robust, streaming bittorrent client.

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-tracker Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

bongo Unfancy models for MongoDB

bongo-client Use shared bongo API in the browser, or another node process.

bower-s3 Install bower packages directly to Amazon S3 buckets.

browserchannel Google BrowserChannel server for NodeJS

bukkit Control your Bukkit Minecraft server

cfn-config Quickly configure and start AWS CloudFormation stacks

chart event based time series charting API

crud-subservice Nest crud-services within crud-services

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

dayone NodeJS Module to create, list and remove Day One Journal entries

ddb A basic graph database

digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries

elizabeth A small tool to export data from

fnordmetric Node.js client for FnordMetric

forgery A set of testing tools for Node and MVC apps.

generator-marble-block A Express MVC, mongodb project

google-oauth Simplified OAuth helper for Google API

hapi-session A simpler session based auth plugin for Hapi

hotplate Hotplate SaaS development framework

itty-bitty-torrent node-bittorent ==============

kademlia An implementation of the Kademlia DHT in node.js

kd Koding KD CLI

kd-kite Koding Kites

kite-amqp koding kite class over amqp

live-data Live data types built on scuttlebutt

mtfe_orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

mw This is a collection of useful middlewares.

neo4j-swagger-api node neo4j api server using express and swagger

node-paypal-masspayments Making payments with MassPayment NVP

node-xmpp-server nodejs-based server

orch Distributed RCP Orchestration Library for Node.js

orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

orm-2.1.3 NodeJS Object-relational mapping

peerflix-engine Low level streaming torrent client that exposes files as node.js streams and downloads pieces based on demand

plunker-share A database for concurrent document editing

polly Utility class manages transport layer for longpolling application.

ram-static Serve a bunch of small static files from RAM (with forever-caching and invocation-specific URLs)

share A database for concurrent document editing

share-wisdom A database for concurrent document editing

share.ic A database for concurrent document editing

stream-db A database based around streams (Using Scuttlebutt)

stream-server A stream server in the browser

tagmanager An extensible tag manager

timehat monotonic-timestamp + hat = sortable unique ids

torrent-stream Low level streaming torrent client that exposes files as node.js streams and downloads pieces based on demand

voxel-server multiplayer server for [voxel-engine](

webtorrent Streaming BitTorrent client for the browser

wechat-qrcode generate qrcode in wechat

zanox Zanox Api written in CoffeeScript =================================

zanox_js Zanox Api written in JS|Node

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