Packages depending on hiredis

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actionserver full-stack framework for web apps

active-user Easily track daily, weekly, and monthly active users with Redis.

activenode-monitor Instrumentation library for Node.js applications that use Express/connect

akui Personal way of testing a web app ui.

aname-poll Node module that updates A/AAAA records for domains in Redis

announce.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apiaxle-proxy The actual proxy part of ApiAxle.

archetype A web framework leveraging Node.js

ashleshajs AshleshaJS is a framework to build high performance and maintainable single page web applications. It uses ExpressJS and YUI3 as foundation. It is tightly coupled with Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS framework but you can use any other framework as well.

assemblage Manage master + workers with the help of Redis

atlassian-connect-express-redis Redis adapter for Atlassian Connect Express

bace A web-based ACE editor controlled by server-side scripts.

bagarino bagarino ======== "bagarino" _sells_ you tickets and can tell a real ticket from a fake one. Simple, fast and RESTful. Ask it for a new ticket and it'll give you. Then ask it whether a ticket is still valid or expired. Or whether it is a fake. It'll know

bigbench-plotter A tool that evaluates bigbench.js runs with different plotters

bloomxx bloom filters backed by xxhash

bogart-redis redis providers for the bogart session middleware

bogart-session-redis redis providers for the bogart session middleware

broadcast-hub WebSockets backed by Redis pubsub.

cabrel-ad Wrapper around LDAP.js

cabrel-hapi-session Wrapper around frequently used methods for hapi to store/fetch sessions

cached-resolver Resolve URLs and cache results to Redis

caching Easier caching in node.js

capre Cross-Server Data Replication

cas_validate Interact with a CAS server to validate client interaction

ccache Caching!

cf-invalidation-tracker A cache that keeps track of accessed URLs, and can send these in an invalidation requests to Amazon CloudFront

chuckt_redis ChuckT is an event transport system built on the SockJS websocket API. This module is the server-side implementation of ChuckT and is designed to complement the client-side ChuckT JavaScript library.This fork future implements publish/subscribe derived by redis.

cmdrkeene-faye Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

collaborator-map A redis based data structure that maps users and collaborators onto project names

connect-flash-redis Flash message middleware for Connect w/ Redis

cron-messenger A cron-like tool that dispatches messages on fixed schedules.

dataminer Performing common data mining tasks such as parallel download jobs, importing data, downloading files from s3, creating new jobs on the fly

derby-starter A generic server for a simple Derby app

dh A distributed hash. Simply a wrapper around the Redis hash.

digger-redis Redis backed lists of containers - no selectors but v fast at flat append remove from lists

dis-redis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

doushio Real-time imageboard

dq A stupidly simple distributed priority data queue built on Redis.

durable A lightweight library for real-time, consistent and scalable coordination of events.

ecocache Caching Module Supporting multiple storage engines

elipsis a web based vault for your passwords.

eureka MSG and RPC tool based on ZMQ and Redis

express-autoload Express autoload

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-login learn yourself an express login with connect-store using redis

express-urlalias URL rewriting middleware for Express.

express-view-cache Unobtrusive solution to express framework - cache rendered page on server side, without unnecessary database requests and rendering.

fast-sessions Redis sessions store

feedtools A server which does various things with RSS feeds and publishes them back to the world.

fetchncache Fetches a resource from a server and stores it inside a redis cache and the next time it grabs it from there

fireque Fireque ======= 是一個用於處理大量request的解決方案, 透過fireque可以將大量的request在background分散至多個worker同時處理, 以達到提高處理效率的目標, 並且可以成功接受request, 但尚未處理, 將會在最短時間內進行處理的效果.(Ex. Http code 202)

flowqueues Node.js queuing system using capacity constraints

fnoed Node.js client for pushing events to fnordmetric redis store.

fnordmetric Node.js client for FnordMetric

forerunner-redis-collector Forerunner plugin that allows for jobs to be created from other jobs

forerunner-redis-queue Redis queue for forerunner

fotio Photos

genieacs A blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB

gun Graph engine. Listen for events and execute operations against a Redis server

hubby A high feature, distributed, low latency and secure message exchange bus based on redis and mongodb

hubot-imessage An iMessage (and general AppleScript) adapter for hubot

hummingbird-core Core components for hummingbird.

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

i18next.redis ERROR: No file found!

ipident Node.js library to identify the location of IP addresses using redis.

ironhorse Flatiron plugin for Express that borrows some of the good ideas of Union without the route and middleware nonsense.

ishout.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

ivy Queue wrapper with node.js-ish interface.

job Job is a module that allows other modules to expose delayed jobs. For example, instead of mailer.sendRegistrationEmail, you can do mailer.delay.sendRegistrationEmail. The open-source data visualization framework

jugglingdb-redis-hq Redis adapter for jugglingdb

kabam-kernel KabamKernel for building express.js applications with plugins

kafka0.8 Kafka 0.8 client for Node.js

kara A third generation EX-400 android

kckupmq KckupMQ is wrapper library with common interface for different Message Queue implementations

kern minimalistic node.js redis client

kio Dead simple job queue.

kodb A key-object interface to redis.

konstruct Server factories & middleware

krake-slave Starts a slave process that listens to the central queue for scrape jobs to process

lancaster Reactive data API service

litre Tool for storing and retrieving JSONs in redis.

live-notify Adds live notifications to web sites

livedb Realtime database wrapper

lolfire Graphs for League of Legends

loli Log tool designed for cluster

mainland Simple message queue and distribution using Redis

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

meatspace Decentralized micro[b]logging

mediablast generic processing server

mongoose-notifier Mongoose lifecyle notification system through the redis

multilevel-bench Benchmarks for various databases talked to from node.js

nails-admin Nails Admin Interface

nails-redis Redis

nervecord Failproof task queue, redis backended, inspired by nervous system of nemathods

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