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nockpoint Utilizes node and redis for the dynamic creation of mock http request endpoints.

node-activities-boilerplate A Real-time boilerplate Activity Stream Engine with support for photo manipulations

node-document-storage-redis Storage adapter `redis` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-redis-events publish and subscribe to application events across redis

node-request-caching HTTP and HTTPS requests with caching for node.js

node-rmq Message Queue powered by Redis

node-sage An HTTP service architecture for scientific data

node-taskqueue A simple framework for producing and distributing tasks

nomo-server Nomo Server

notices distributed event broadcasting and queueing for node

npm-search-downloads Adds download counts to 'npm search'

nucleus Distributed event emission over TCP with autodiscovery via mDNS or Redis

oahu OahuClient

object-store In Memory Object Store which supports redis, memcached, and lru-cache

obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis

ocean Mesh Processing

openpeer-rolodex *Status: DEV*

opus Extensible redis queue for Node.js Live chat and notifications for OrgSync

PassiveRedis Node ORM for Redis

pebble pebble is a series of tools for building real time event notifiers / streams.

peerbalanced Distributed peer-to-peer load balancing

peercache Distributed peer-to-peer caching

peercached Distributed peer-to-peer caching

people About people.

personal About me.

pico-server A lean and mean realtime api server

pipeline-cache A simple pipeline cache architecture. Right now only supports an in-memory cache.

places About places.

plutonium Infrastructure framework based on DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS principles

pollster-server Pollster polls for arbitrary metadata about URLs at regular intervals and puts it in a database. It's particularly good at tracking news articles' social share counts over time. Tailored to an AWS stack.

polyclay-redis redis persistence adapter for polyclay, the schema-enforcing document mapper

pooldis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

predis Redis interface with promises

prefix-completer Simple redis-backed library for managing and querying an autocomplete dictionary.

products About products.

pushd Blazing fast multi-protocol mobile push notification service

qm A platform for World Wide Computing

qp Queue management, similar to that of kue

queuepasa Crazy simple redis-backed scheduling

rab Information searcher

radiate Redis Application

rats rats - Realtime Analytics Tracking System

recurrent redis-backed recurrent job manager

red-socket Redis wrapper

redadder redadder is a simple redis ORM for node.js. It implements simple access to object properties saved in redis, supporting all the redis data-types.

reddish GUI for Redis

reddish-proxy Proxy for Reddish

rede Redis pubsub + Node

redic.js Inspired from [Redic](

redis-autocompleter A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-cache-proxy Redis proxy for cache service

redis-cluster Redis cluster client library

redis-clustr A poor man's redis cluster client

redis-completer A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-convoy Redis-backed job queueing

redis-db ORM helper for Redis

redis-dist-job-queue distributed job queue using redis

redis-dump Dump redis database into redis commands or json with command line or node.js

redis-hashring This project allows you to create an Redis cluster. It uses the key passed on parameters to generate a hash to decide in which instance it should read or write the data

redis-modelize Represent your model as a json object, and use redis as backend

redis-mpool Provides db pools for redis

redis-notifier Redis Keyspace Event Notifier

redis-proxy Proxy for redis servers, to manage redis clusters. Now supports read write splits

redis-pub-sub Node Redis Pub/Sub =================

redis-record Simple ORM for Redis written in coffee-script

redis-ring A node_redis wrapper that adds node-hash-ring support.

redis-sessions An advanced session store for Redis

redis-sharder Super simple redis sharding.

redis-tagging Fast and simple tagging of (sorted) items

redis-types Redis type classes: lists, hashes, sets, ...

redis.pubsub A Redis Publish-Subscribe wrapper, with message queries

rediscomplete A fully CRUD redis autocomplete engine inspired from the antirez and patshaughnessy blogs.

redises Redis client API compatible, transparent pooling support.

redisfs Utility for moving files in and out of Redis

redism A redis connection manager

reflip key-value-store-backed feature flipping middleware for connect/express.js

refuge Open-source web-based password manager

remotestorage-redisstore This storage adapter is intended to replace the default in-memory storage when using remotestorage.js with node.js.

remq Redis-backed durable message queue

reskit Redis backed data structures for Node.js

resourceful-redis resourceful redis engine

resque-runner A general purpose worker for resque. Shelling out to an arbitrary script and using blpop instead of polling

restify-cache Restify cache using Redis

restly Lightweight, self documenting REST API framework, based on Express

rq Queue implementation on Redis PUB/SUB

rsmq A really simple message queue based on Redis

rudolf Simple Task-Management Framework using redis as job queue.

s3-store Simple Data Storage (SDS) using S3

safelink SafeLink is an open-source NodeJS library created to maintain long-term communication between distant remote sites with varying network quality

sails-lua-redis Redis adapter for waterline

saron-starter A generic server for a simple Derby app

sayndo Fast and flexible web server with customized routing and authorization.

shakti yet another redis based pubsub

shark A new develop framework for Node.js

shrink A simple and fast URL shortener for node

simple_redis_client It's a pretty simple and basic redis client, designed to be very fast and keep all code simple.

simple-async-cache A simple asynchronous cache that can use multiple storage engines.

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