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alonso-counter Distributed log file aggregation, with persistence

alonso-follower Distributed log file aggregation, with persistence

alonso-harvester Distributed log file aggregation, with persistence

amaca Webserver with http/https proxy to spawn applications. Using forever and for a multiprocess talking :-)

apiary Spawn multi-system multi-user node.js clouds, on your own hardware and/or with 3rd party virtual servers

brainbot Services monitoring for hypertext link aggregation

buildserver configurable build server with integration

calipso A NodeJS CMS Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate

eaglepunch punch cadsoft's eagle into submission by turning a .brd file into a json document. is unless... A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the bus Asynchronous file system utility library for and nodeJS A blueprint for your own hooks using Coffeescript and Vows Provides a hook to your Boxcar service, sending and receiving notifications emit events based on your CouchDB _changes feed emit arbitrary events with arbitrary data on specified time intervals a Hook for creating consumable RSS, JSON, ATOM feeds Emits events on new feed items. Filesystem Watcher hook for A webhook to process github post receive A hook to compress and uncompress. Operates synchronously for now. A simple hook that spawns one child hook for each json config file in a given directory IRC Client for a Hook logger ( supports Redis, Mongo, Console, Webhook, etc ) a simple Hook for sending emails Hook for mail integration A hook to mock messages to debug your composite hooks. It listens to messages and replies with messages and custom data if a match is found. VERY 0.0.1 A hook that uses notify-send to make pop-up alerts Hook that emits on npm module updates. a simple hook for monitoring OS system resources a simple Hook for making an OSC server hook to interface with a postgres database hook for Pusher Listen for events and execute operations against a Redis server a simple enabled REPL for interacting with your Hook cloud a simple Hook for making outgoing http requests RESTful interface for hook's, provides a RESTful web server for surfaced hooks interface to say.js SparQL hook queries A hook to archive and unarchive with tar. Operates synchronously for now. a Hook for sending sms messages, making phone calls, and getting phone calls Twitter API Client for The Vanilla Hook A webhook to process github post receive Basic hook for the web4.0 project a simple Hook which creates a httpServer and emits incoming requests to your Hook cloud basic enabled webserver with browser bridge A hook to retrieve files through http. Based on the http-get module by Stefan Rusu. hook for websocket connection

hookio-broadway Add a vanilla to your broadway/flatiron app!

l Web application framework for linking everything together

meltdown a dead man's switch for

mpr A simple CLI tool for running multiple processes

node-smsgw SMS Gateway service

nwatcher Run script when a file changes on OS X

pearls Run parallel processes

station a real-time web i/o reporting application built with

twbotter Twitter Bot Tools

yieutil Web application framework

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