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balibot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

bruno_hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

conjur-hubot-scripts Some useful hubot scripts.

hubot-alpha Wolfram Alpha adapter for hubot

hubot-appstore-review-times Scrape the average App Store review times website and report back.

hubot-ascii-faces Bring ASCII faces to your Hubot-powered chat rooms.

hubot-asgard Asgard API wrapper for Hubot with utility functions for launching Asgard instances.

hubot-botriot Botriot scripts for hubot

hubot-branch-name Keeps a tally of branch names by number, i.e. 113_dead_pigeons

hubot-buffer Hubot interface for Buffer

hubot-chatwork A hubot adapter for chatwork

hubot-chromecast-youtube Starts a YouTube video with Hubot

hubot-cig CIG scripts for hubot

hubot-computerdogs A hubot plugin/scripts to get funny blog post from

hubot-cornpatch Makes hubot tell me the special at The Corn Patch

hubot-deploy hubot script for GitHub Flow

hubot-devopsreactions A hubot plugin/scripts to get funny blog post from

hubot-drama-queen Make Hubot announce when a user enters or exits a chat room

hubot-drupalorg Display issue/page information from drupal.or

hubot-ehwha Provides link to Professor Farnsworth saying 'Eh wha?'

hubot-embedly Hubot script for grabbing information about any URL from the service.

hubot-etcd-brain Hubot brain that uses etcd

hubot-faye A faye adapter for hubot

hubot-foos A hubot script for foosball gathering.

hubot-gc Hubot scripts for the Glowcal domain

hubot-gif-me Show a gif from your gif collection.

hubot-github-todos Team management with Github Issues.

hubot-gittip A Hubot script for interacting with a shared Gittip account

hubot-gtalk A GTalk adapter for hubot

hubot-hipchat-emoticons Query Hipchat emoticons within Hubot

hubot-hotbot A Hubot script for Slack to pick who makes the coffee.

hubot-imessage An iMessage (and general AppleScript) adapter for hubot

hubot-inject A Injection adapter for hubot

hubot-junk derp

hubot-kandan-heroku A small deployable package for running a Kandan-specific Hubot on Heroku

hubot-kato A adapter for hubot Hubot script for creating or expanding shortened URLs.

hubot-loopback-adapter A loopback adapter for hubot. Possibly useful for writing tests

hubot-mock-adapter A mock Adapter for unit testing Hubot scripts

hubot-modcloth Some hubot scripts from ModCloth

hubot-mood A hubot bot to manage your team's mood

hubot-nurph Nurph adapter for hubot

hubot-od Hubot scripts for the OneDiary domain

hubot-pagerduty PagerDuty API Integration for Hubot

hubot-poco South African Postal Code lookup integration with Hubot

hubot-podbaydoors HAL (i.e. hubot) cannot open the pod bay doors...

hubot-prmanager PR Manager Script for Hubot

hubot-regex Hubot script that allows users to perform s/find/replace/ regex replacements on recent messages.

hubot-retro Keep track of hubot comments

hubot-revx Reverend X / Spirit of Truth script for Hubot.

hubot-robowhois RoboWhois script for Hubot.

hubot-septa A hubot script that queries the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) API

hubot-shipr This is a [Hubot]( script for [Shipr](

hubot-skype A Skype adapter for hubot

hubot-sprintly-deploy-pull-request Search Pull Request descriptions to mark items as deployed in

hubot-tasteit-be script for Hubot

hubot-tetalab A Tetalab adapter for hubot

hubot-transit Transit adapter for hubot

hubot-transit-rt Transit adapter for hubot

hubot-twitter-nc A fork of the original Twitter adapter for hubot

hubot-twitterstream-script Hubot Twitter Streaming

hubot-typetalk A hubot adapter for typetalk

hubot-yammer A Yammer adapter for hubot

hubot-yolo Yolo

hubot-zmq-adapter A Hubot adapter for ZeroMQ

lazerwalker-hubot-scripts Some useful hubot scripts

musicspot-scripts A package for the MusicsBot

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