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alleup Flexible way to resize and upload images to Amazon S3 or file system storages

appbuildr a simple code generation tool for developers

appmedia A node module to automate the generation of the ridiculously big number of image assets to cover all the supported resolutions...

assenius compress pngs and generate css sprites

axs-image Image resizer

bdsm Extracts dominant colors from bottom and top parts of an image.

beezlib The utility library for Node.js using beez projects.

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bip-pod-syndication Syndication Pod for Bipio

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

blueimp-file-upload-node Node.js implementation example of a file upload handler for jQuery File Upload.

br The noBackend RESTful API.

burning-fingers Habanero burning fingers

calipso A NodeJS CMS

caption A captioned image generator for node.js, using imagemagick libraries.

connect-thumbs Image thumbnailing middleware for Connect.

cordova-gen-icon Apache Cordova Icon Generator

crop_image a tool for crop an image

danzi A uploader middleware for express application

dcms CMS library for Node.js

drty Django port to node.js

easy_rackimg A simple way to resize, crop images and to update to rackspace cloudfiles

express-middleware-image Express middleware to resize pictures from url parameters

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

favicon2png Get favicon from domain and convert to PNG

gifkobo Creating gif animations much easier

grunt-capturelocal Batch screenshot local files using phantomjs and resize

grunt-irep-assets The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-irepassets The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-screenshotlocal Create a quick screenshot for your site which could help for document or testing.

grunt-spritesheet @2x your spritesheets.

grunt-stylsprite css sprite for stylus

grunt-wickit A simple plugin to generate static html from a Github wiki repo, including an index for search capability.

hatchjs Hatch.js is CMS platform with social features. This package is an Express application which can be extended with additional modules.

house A home for your website, apps & data.

hubot-memegen A hubot script to create funny memes based on your own image templates

iconizer A Command line utility for iconizer

image-batch-resizer CLI batch image resizer

image-to-ascii Node.js module that converts a PNG image to ASCII art.

imagemagick-cache ImageMagick Convert Server and Cache the files.

imagemagickresizer A node library to resize images using ImageMagick

imajs _ _ (_) (_) _ _ __ ___ __ _ _ ___ | | | '_ ` _ \ / _` | | | / __| | | | | | | | | (_| | | | \__ \ |_| |_| |_| |_| \__,_| | | |___/ _____/ | \______/

img2style img2style =========

imgbi Simple command-line client and Node.js library for use

imgresizer image command-line resizer

ios-icon 根据一张1024X1024的图片,自动生成iOS的需要的icon,并自动创建Contents.json,支持命令行调用.

jquery-file-upload-middleware jQuery-File-Upload Express.js Middleware

jslardo a social CMS. (the project is work in progress, keep in touch)

linksnip A utility that will take a url and provide a basic synoposis of the web page including title, text, and image. Inspired by Facebook link scraper.

mapchop A node.js script to handle breaking image maps into tile-based images for use in mapping applications.

mongoose-attachments Mongoose.js Attachments plugin. Supports ImageMagick styles

mongoose-crate-imagemagick Perform imagemagick transformations on image files

mongoose-filer Upload, resize and crop images, upload to S3 and and attach them to Mongoose models with this easy to use plugin for Mongoose.

mongoose-thumbnail Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

nerve Nerve blogging platform

node-activities-boilerplate A Real-time boilerplate Activity Stream Engine with support for photo manipulations

node-gallery NodeJS Photo Gallery using directory structure & exif info to output a gallery

node-mirror node.js + CodeMirror = Great IDE and Admin Tool

node-sprite [![Build Status](](

node-sprites [![Build Status](](

node-thumbnail thumbnail all the things

nTunes An extendable REST API for interacting with iTunes over HTTP

omml2img Render Office MathML to image

organic-imgsizer ERROR: No file found!

panbhag-alleup Flexible way to resize and upload images to Amazon S3 or file system storages

papercut Papercut is a node package to handle image upload, resize and sync with Amazon s3

pdftohpubjs A pdf to hpub converter

plan-thumbnail plan plugin to generate a thumbnail for an image

pm-spritesheet ERROR: No file found!

png2ico Converts pngs to icos


pusher.platform Pusher Platform is a framework for dynamic, small-to-medium sized Node.js-based websites

quickthumb On the fly, thumbnail creation middleware for express.

resize-crop Make images a specific size without distorting the aspect ratio. Resizes as close as possible and crops the rest.

retina-downsizer A small build utility based on node-imagemagick inclusive of command-line tool to fetch and resize retina suffixed (@2x) assets to different pixel densities in configurable and automated fashion.

sanguine An image build system for creating optimized png's, jpg's for normal and retina screens.

scricon Generates Icons or Screen Images for Phonegap Build, from an existing image.

springbokjs-stylus-sprites Springbok - Sprites for Stylus

stalbum [![build status](]( # stalbum

sylph Image processing service

tape-measure Bulk resize files to taste

thumb-express Express/Connect middleware for creation of image thumbnails

thumbnaild the missing thumbnail service for amazone AWS S3

thumbnailgen Generate thumbnails for PDF

thumper thumbnail generator

toichi concat sprite images.

tuer,a diary web site

tumblr-auto-auth Automatic oauth-authenticated tumblr client creation tool

webshotter Capture multiple screenshots per website

whatsapi WhatsApp messenger interface

xmen Command line interface for Polyvi.

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