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api-copilot > Write testing or data population scenarios for your APIs.

apiblueprint-sdk Provide a javascript interface for web APIs that are described in API blueprint.

apicache An ultra-simplified API/JSON response caching middleware for Express/Node using plain-english durations.

assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js /, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages.

backbone-hitch Lightweight framework built on top of backbone

backbone-http An HTTP interface for BackboneORM

backbone-mongo MongoDB storage for BackboneORM

backbone-orm A polystore ORM for Node.js and the browser

backbone-relational-mapper An ORM for Backbone-Relational.

backbone-sql PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM

barista URL router & generator, similar to Rails / merb

bookshelf A lightweight ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3, influenced by Backbone.js

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

caminio-auth authentication plugin (gear) for caminio

caminio-cli project scaffold cli for caminio

cf-webservice-base cf-webservice-base ==================

chai-bookshelf Chai assertions for bookshelf-based models

co-generators Generators for compoundjs

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

common_dwarf_mongoose Mongoose with some synthetic sugar.

compound CompoundJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

compound_fix CompoundJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

consumr A lightweight model layer for building object-oriented API wrappers

core-framework-cli CLI para o core-framework

couch-init A simple couchDb init library to create basic views for your document models, as well as an api to manage your custom views in basic js files.

db-kit Easy life ORM for node

desk.js A wrapper for the API.

destination Easiest API Framework Layer w/ Database agnostic ORM

divvy Divvies up an object's values into individual tuples

enjin A small angularjs module generator

express-droonga A framework for building scalable realtime web API services for Express

express-form2 Form validation and data filtering for Express( compatible with COKE )

express-restify-mongoose Easily restify mongoose database

ez-ctrl EZController =======

fire An opinionated, convention-based Node web framework focused on developer productivity.

genem MVC generator for node using express and mongoose

generator-angular-cmelion Custom yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-xl Custom yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-erma An Express-REST-Marionette web application generator for Yeoman.

gerrit-event-emitter A thin wrapper of gerrit-stream.

greppy Easy and lightweight application framework

grunt-infusionsoft Create classes and interfaces for Infusionsoft's XML-RPC API from their online documentation.

hater hater.js ========

heroku-client A wrapper for the Heroku v3 API

hyena A Mongoose Like ORM for MySQL

ignitor.js ArangoDB's object data model

infusionsoft-api Javscript wrapper for the Infusionsoft API

intaglio An awesome, define-once, use anywhere ORM.

ipso Testing bits

jetfire A rails-like framework for node

jsoncan an agile json based database engine

jsoncan-dashboard an admin module for express apps backed by jsoncan

jugglingdb ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, couchdb, postgres, sqlite

jugglingdb-gierschv ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, couchdb, postgres, sqlite

kabam-plugin-rest ReST interface for mongoose models of kabam

ken Simple web application framework

knax Dynamic Plugin Module Loader

logs a simple logger facade for node.

loopback LoopBack: Open Mobile Platform for Node.js

loopback-datasource-juggler LoopBack DataSoure Juggler

mailgun-js Simple Node.js helper module for Mailgun API

mean-stack mean stack boilerplate

mongo-rest A simple to use mongoose REST API.

mongoexpressgen Small generators for APIs and CRUDS with Express and MongoDB

mongoose-express-api Flexible automatic API generation for Moongose and Express

mudskipper a resourceful routing plugin for hapi

nbrite Simple Node.js helper module for Eventbrite API V3

nez Process Scaffold

nezcore nez core components

nezkit tools and utilities for nez

nit Text file based issue tracker.

node-moko node-moko is used for build restful API in secs, for testing puropse

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

path-proxy A path proxy object constructor

plex n-tier proxy tree (alpha)

promised-jugglingdb Dual API, promise based version of JugglingDB, the ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, couchdb, postgres, sqlite

raml-parser A RAML parser based on PyYAML written in CoffeScript and available for use as NodeJs module or in-browser.

redis-commander Redis web-based management tool written in node.js

redis-record Simple ORM for Redis written in coffee-script

resourcemap Resourceful routing for Express 4.x

rething rething =======

rhom Redis Hash-Object Mapper mixin

rix Just a simple MongoDB object modeling for Node.JS

rox-client-grunt Grunt client with Jasmine listener for ROX Center.

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and

scaffoldroid Simple Content Provider scaffolding tool for Android

scaffolt Dead-simple JSON-based scaffolder.

slipcover A library for building web services ontop of CouchDB

strong-cli StrongLoop command line interface

stubber Stubber.js a generic Resourcefully RESTful Stub API provider.

swag-mvc connecting your models and routes in node.js

tower-dev Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser

trainjs Web framework

tranquil Generate powerful RESTful JSON APIs

treeize Converts tabular row data (as from SQL joins, flat JSON, etc) to deep object graphs based on simple column naming conventions - without the use of an ORM or models.

v-t-test Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser

vodka-coke A functional testing framework for web apps for coke

worm Whatever ORM

wpstank Generate files for WordPress themes

yari Simple MongoDB object modeling library

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