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beamer Sync directories to S3

blogz Read a directory of files, get a blog data structure.

chnpm Switch between npm registries with fuzzy matching

chowder - recursivley include other configuration files - scan directory for configuration files

cigar-client The client for Cigar. Collects data, listens on an API server for questions.

cli-rc Run control for command line interfaces


config-dir config-dir

conga-framework Core Bundle for the Conga.js framework

connect-blog Blog middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app, uses a directory of static files.

connect-content Content middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app.

croak Grunt made easy for large and distributed projects

cupboard Reverse Repo System

cupboard-bootstrap Project Management for cupboard (xcode, textmate)

cupboard.scaffold Project Management for cupboard (xcode, textmate)

custom-vimeo-site a simple web site that uses the Vimeo API to create a custom Vimeo home page

diff-ini Load two INI files and return their differences

enginemill Making it easier to build awesome stuff on the web.

fedtools-commands Execute shell commands within nodejs

fedtools-logs Terminal logs for nodejs

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

fis-repo-client fis-repo-client

froth ERROR: No file found!

geekple GeekPLE for developers

gist-cli A gist cli client written in Node

git-gh git extensions for github

gitconfiglocal parse the .git/config file into a useful data structure

gitmodules-bower Translates .gitmodules into bower.json

gitpushall Utility to push to multiple remotes of a git repo in one command

grunt-env Specify an ENV configuration for future tasks in the chain

gv Google Voice command line tool.

hoodie-cli Hoodie command-line interface.

inirc CRUD for ini-based .*rc files

ios7crypt Encrypt and decrypt Cisco IOS7 passwords

kirby Cloud control command line app for AWS

lightjs light package manager

lights lights package manager

lr Livereload interface for hackers

mecano Common functions for system deployment.

mediacenterjs A NodeJS based mediacenter for your browser

mole Like 1Password for ssh tunnels and VPN connections, plus sharing within a team.

multicouch Launch multiple CouchDBs from the same installation.

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

nconf Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.

nodejitsu-npm a simple utility to setup your nodejitsu private npm!

nodeworks Node.js IDE

nogql An api interface for adding new hosts to nagios.

npm A package manager for node

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-compat Gives you latest version of a module compatible with your current Node version

npm2 A package manager for node

npmconf The config thing npm uses

nrm NPM registry manager can help you easy and fast switch between different npm registries, now include: snpm, cnpm, eu, au, sl(strongloop), nj(nodejitsu)

options-stream load options with stream mode, option file can be json/ini/yaml/ion file

pearls Run parallel processes

phyla Hadoop deployment made easy: HA and Kerberos secured cluster in 1 command

pinoccio pinoccio api client.

pomo Command-line timer, useful for Pomodoros.

prefer Configuration management for NodeJS

program Script for managing your directory full of programming projects

projects You're a prolific developer (or you want to be). Manage, keep track of, and show off your projects.

pushcart Pushcart is a small HTTP-service for distributing messages from one or more producer applications to various client consumers.

raxrc quickly create ~/.raxrc with tenant id populated from the Rackspace Keystone API

rc hardwired configuration loader

remote-origin-url Get the git remote origin URL from your local git repository. Remember! A remote origin must exist first!

repo-npm A package manager for node

repoman Multi-repository source code management command-line tool

runtime-configuration Runtime configuration loader

s3-service-registry use s3 to publish the hosts and ports of running services

s3edit Opens a file on Amazon S3 in default text editor.

sepro Sepro is a http proxy which discovers where to proxy a request.

sneaky Deployment Genius

splunkdev-cli Splunk development command line interface.

splunkdev-grunt Grunt tasks for building Splunk applications.

spree-cli Command line tools for Spree

strong-cli StrongLoop command line interface

strong-registry CLI tool for switching your npmrc config between different registry servers

superenv a subset of rc that does environment and configuration parsing

sysalert system watcher

sysalert-photomotr system watcher

timetip timetip =======

tintan Titanium development with style. A suite of Jake build tasks which integrate with Sublime Text and Titanium Studio. Usable on all platforms.

tj-npm A package manager for node

twei a weibo cli tool

uso Programatic HTTP wrapper.

vision-web This module contains the source code for Advanced Express Web Application Development.

works Node.js IDE

xsettings Easy access to INI, JSON or YAML settings files

zsnapper A ZFS snapshot service

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