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bejesus-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

calais Semantically analyze text using the Calais web service.

chowder - recursivley include other configuration files - scan directory for configuration files

cloudnode-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

compass-options A small Node module for parsing Compass's config.rb file into options for use in Node projects (especially Grunt/Gulp/etc…)

config-ini async config.ini loader (with optional override

deja CLI utility for managing git versioning of dotfiles, cheetsheets, etc.

design Describe things with design.json

dynroute Dynamic DNS for your domain using Amazon Route53

generator-go-static Go-Static! is a static site generator that employs the tools developers already know and love. Yeoman to scaffold out your project and Grunt to generate the output.

gestalt Event driven configuration management.

git-config A simple way to extract out all the contents of a .gitconfig file and return as JSON

git-today Tells you about your LOC for a given day

hk-manifest A Heroku hk CLI plugin for creating app.json manifests

jus-config Configuration handler, accepts multiple file formats, and overriding over multiple directories and filenames. Main usage: require('jus-config')(configNames, dirNames, callback).

ngm angular.js module tool

node-boilerplate Boilerplate node.js project generator A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform, based on stack

nodester-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

pgbouncer Wrapper of pgbouncer service

projectwatch Automatic test and preprocessor runner.

proxie Proxie is a pluggable and configurable HTTP proxy/server.

pull-report Report on open GitHub pull requests for organizations and users

slush-static generate static web page project with cofeescript+lint+uglify, stylus+nib ,imagemin, jade and server+livereload

sqsmonitor Monitor size/drain rate of SQS queues

tommygun HTTP Benchmarking Tool

urlfile Parse and create .url (bookmark) files

vhostd virtualhost/proxy daemon

zeerty-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform.

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