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alpha_simprini Core libraries for Alpha Simprini based applications.

backbone.epoxy Elegant data binding for Backbone.js

bk-readability bokan's readability.what is the tools only i used.

chess-league Download and display Chess World League results.

couchapi Promise based wrapper for jquery.couch.js

github-issues-export Export GithHub issues to a CSV file

githubpage Generate github page by Node.js

html-rfc Format IETF RFCs and Internet-Drafts as HTML

jquery-color A jQuery plugin that adds color animation support.

jquery-frame jQuery-based framework

jquery-tm jQuery utility plugin.

jquery-xdomainajax This small mod for jQuery enables you to make GET requests, accross domains! You can use jQuery's Ajax methods as you usually would.

jquery.flash flash embedding for jQuery

jquery.poplockit [![build status](](

knockout-bootstrap Knockout Bindings for Bootstrap Widgets

l Web application framework for linking everything together

Muffin A static blog created from Jade and Markdown - powered by node.js

node-jquery jQuery support for node.js, it's awesome

responsive-tabs jQuery plugin that provides responsive tab functionality. The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint.

touch-scroll touchScroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin that enables inline scrollable content in mobile Safari on iOS, and other WebKit, touch-based browsers on Android.

trinitywatch A beta tool for auto refreshing Quickbase code files in Sublime Text 2

utoria Project UtoRIA

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