Packages depending on jade

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dorm DORM (Document Object Render Model). Render HTML documents using JavaScript objects.

dotdash see wiki:

dox-foundation HTML output for Dox documentation generator

doxit The stupid JavaScript documentation generator.

doxumentor A documentation page builder for Dox.

doxx Generic, template based, HTML output for Dox documentation generator

doxybox A Node.js development framework

draughtsman A development-oriented web server and proxy. Transparent compilation of templates, stylesheets and scripts for stackless HTML interface prototyping.

drawbridge User authentication, waiting lists, and invitations for express

dreadnot Dreadnot is a 'one click' deploy tool written in [Node.js](

dreamface Cloud Application Development Platform designed to build mobile and web applications

dserv Node.js mini http server for frontend dev

duo-jade seamless require jade template files

dxp DXP Web端

easymock Easy to use mock server that supports templates and routes.

edamame A CMS written in JavaScript

egress A minimal Express app template for a user account system.

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

email-templates Node.js module for rendering beautiful emails with ejs, jade, swig, hbs, or handlebars templates and email-friendly inline CSS using juice.

email-templates-windows Node.js module for rendering beautiful emails with ejs, jade, swig, hbs, or handlebars templates and email-friendly inline CSS using juice.

embersmith Static HTML and JSON generator for Ember.js projects.

entongue Entonge ======= (spanish: apilar, formar tongadas; translation to english: stacker)

eps The EPS framework

equiprose A static website and blog generator

errorboard.js Track and fix JavaScript errors fired by your vititor's browsers

errorface Shows a styled error page while developing your app.

esb enterprise service bus implementation

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-city web application template for nodejs based on express

express-dash One Dash System base on express

express-debug debug toolbar middleware for developing applications in expressjs

express-droonga A framework for building scalable realtime web API services for Express

express-endpoint Parse, validate, document and molest endpoint parameters.

express-error-with-sources Display source code in express' error stack for JavaScript

express-livejade Compiles jade templates to javascript functions so jade.js isn't needed client-side

express-rest-help express-rest-help =================

express-scaffold a simple but sexy MVC wrapper of Express

express-sendmail nodemailer wrapper

express-way Express auto routing and jade precompiling

express-webapp-view Express middleware to concentrate webbapp views

express-with-ease Extensive wrapper for express.HTTPServer written in CoffeeScript

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

expressling Expressling

expresssucks Simple express-like methods for connect

expressworks Express.js workshop based on workshopper and inspired by stream-adventure by @substack and @maxogden.

expressy Little web framework over expressApp/connect using jade.

f7u12rl Replace faces in any image on the web with rage faces

facebookpages Connect FB pages with NodeJS/PassportJS/ExpressJS

fancy-doc Document component based projects with markdown.

fancypants fancypants ==========

fdserver fdserver

feature-flags Access control for express-based node apps

feebs Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

fieldsio JSON CMS

file-list Do what other web servers do by default!

fire An opinionated, convention-based Node web framework focused on developer productivity.

fire-engine 2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine

fire-ide Web-based Integrated Development Environment for fire.js

fire-web RESTful API and Web Development Expressions for fire.js on top of express.js

fis-cloud-app-fisrepo fis-cloud-app-fisrepo

fis-cloud-app-repos fis-cloud-app-repos

fis-parser-jade A parser for fis to compile jade file.

fis-parser-jade-inline A parser for fis to compile inline jade file.

fixturedb ERROR: No file found!

fizzbuzz fizz,buzz,fizzbuzz... baz?

flag development environment for frontend

flatsurface FlatSurface is NodeJS API builder BFF.

flim Lightweight, static page generator

flipflop ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

flirty-host For when you need to be safe... but not _too_ safe!


formage-admin Admin gui app for mongoose and non mongoose projects

fquery file selection and processing for node

frankjs Creates web page reports such as DOM ready time, pageload and page resources

freeblog A lightweight blog framework

frex.js A framework for creating modern web applications

front-build build front project

fsm2dot Convert javascript state machine to DOT

ftweibo ERROR: No file found!

full-meta-jacket The 42nd best static site generator for node.js

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

gcs Groonga CloudSearch

gcs-console Groonga CloudSearch Console

gdp development environment for frontend

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

geck Resourceful services made brain-dead easy.

generator-lincsapp A Yeoman generator for LINCS webapps

generator-radian A Yeoman generator for

gettheshitdone A simple website creating tool, package, framework whatever.

gfms Github Flavored Markdown Server

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