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anvil.jasmine A jasmine test runner for anvil.js

atropa-string-pad Pads strings on the right or left with user defined characters or strings.

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

beantest Beantest: autotest jasmine-node tests

bloomfilters A set of bloom filter implementations for coffee/javascipt.

bluefrisby API tests generated from your api blueprint.

btakita-jasmine-ajax A library for faking Ajax responses in your Jasmine suite

canto34 A library for helping you build recursive descent parsers and regex-based lexers

cappuccino hot mocking library on jasmine and node.js

capt Command line tool for creating backbone.js applications with coffeescript

caveman Fast JS template engine

chocolate A full stack Node.js web framework built using Coffeescript

chuckt_redis ChuckT is an event transport system built on the SockJS websocket API. This module is the server-side implementation of ChuckT and is designed to complement the client-side ChuckT JavaScript library.This fork future implements publish/subscribe derived by redis.

coffeemaker Build tools for coffeesript node.js apps

coin-allocator Tool to automatically rebalance various cryptoins via the cryptsy API

congo Congo is a thin wrapper for node-mongodb-native that makes connections and collections a little easier.

coverage-report Uses node-jscoverage to annotate a node project's source code to make the specs gather test coverage information. Prints summary on the coverage info before the process exits.

edgegrid-node A Node.js client, reference implementation and authentication library for EdgeGrid.

edmododev A package to help while developing on the core Edmodo codebase

email-queue Allows you to queue emails to be sent in x amount of time

engine.js A scriptable task engine

expectThat.jasmine-node Assertion library for CoffeeScript and Jasmine-Node

faas Express middleware for

fake-http-server fake-http-api-server ============

file-signature Get file information based on file signature

fogbugz-tagger ERROR: No file found!

funflow powerful async control-flow based on a data-flow-graph of functions

gettype A simple tool to get the real format of a binary file

givenwhenthen BDD semantics for Selenium and Sauce Labs in Node.js

grunt-aggregator Plugins for js build

grunt-jasmine The best sample grunt tasks ever.

grunt-jasmine-node Grunt task for running jasmine-node

grunt-jasmine-node-coffee Grunt task for running jasmine-node with coffeescript support. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-cover Grunt task for running jasmine-node with coverage

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage Grunt task for running jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage reports. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage-validation Grunt task for jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage. Validates coverage configuration and fails the task for under coverage. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node-coverage by Jarrod Ribble.

grunt-list-files grunt file list task: allows creation of templated files list

grunt-tdd Run browser and Node JS tests on Buster, Mocha or Jasmine and get the reports in the browser

headers_parser Extract request headers information

heroku Heroku API bindings for node.

jakobmattsson-cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

jasmine-flow Flow Based Testing for Jasmine

jasmine-focused Focus jasmine specs

jasmine-jquery jQuery fixture functions for jasmine

jasmine-mocks Tiny mock library for Jasmine

jasmine-node-exec jasmine-node-support ====================

jasmine-stealth-node Node.js module providing helpers that add a little sugar to Jasmine's spies.

jslogger JSLogger library

json2htmlform Converts json documents to html5 forms

jute Javascript Unit Test Environment

kommando Configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver)

lintroller Lint your JavaScript and HTML code and output errors to a log file. Convenient for pre-commit hooks and build systems to maintain code quality.

literate-jasmine write jasmine tests in markdown

logax logax

mary Dr. Mary - JavaScript (CoffeeScript) BDD in Object-Oriented way.

masm-cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

mimosa-jasmine-node Mimosa module for kicking of your node test suite - whenever you make changes to your code!

modulify Generate nodejs modules from plain old javascript

monarch-db A relational modeling framework for client-centric web applications Idiomatic wrapper around Backbone.js structured in CoffeeScript classes.

neat Neat is a project structure for nodejs combined with a customizable command line tool

node-app-scaffold Scaffolding for a Node application using Express, Caveman, LESS, jQuery, Jasmine and CasperJS.

node-box Access from node.js apps

node-crunchbase Wrapper on top of Crunchbase REST API in Node.js

nodependency nodependency ============

ppem A source-code pre-processor for 'em all

pretorian find a good way to manage the config meybe send a config instance at initialization alternativly use a .setConfig method -_-

redis-futon Redis Web Interface

rest-verify rest-verify =========== rest-verify is a tool to verify correctness of web api.

rpc-objects ERROR: No file found!

scookie A secure cookie generator

sfjs Command line tool for creating sound font js files compatible with MIDI.js.

slack-notify A simple Node.js wrapper around the Slack webhook API.

sloper Combine pattern files into a single file

soundfontjs dsaad

substeps.js substeps.js ===========

sudoclass Base, Observable and Delegate classes from the sudo.js library

surls A connect middleware to ensure requests are switched between HTTP and HTTPS properly

tbd tbd is a test data building library, allowing you to quickly spin up large amounts of fake data to be pumped into tests

testharness Visual test harness for cleanly crafting rich client-side JavaScript applications.

twicmd Send commands to your server with twitter

twogrid Deploy a 2D grid matrix fast, in Javascript. Useful for olympiads / quick hacks.

unico Unico Framework is an HTML5 CoffeScript based clientside framework for developing applications on multiple devices

wbc Static Package Manager

wordfrequenter word frequency

yahoo-arrow FrontEnd Testing Framework

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