Packages depending on jquery

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graphdracula JavaScript Graph Layouting and Drawing

graze A scraping library for node.js

grunt-bear A static site generator for Grunt

grunt-css-usage CSS rules usage in markups (HTML, JADE)

grunt-fetch-pages Grunt plugin for fetching URLs and saving the result as local files

grunt-html-annotation Annotate elements in HTML pages

gulp-table2csv Convert html tables to valid csv.

handlebind Handlebars.js templating with Knockout.js style bindings

hawkejs Extension of the EJS templating system

hc-common-page honeycomb common page组件

highcharts-browserify Highcharts wrapper for browserify

hmvc A hierarchical mvc framework for node.js

holonomy-tasks a holonic task management system

hsstatic Node bindings for the Hubspot Static Daemon

html2raml ```shell npm install html2raml -g html2raml ./home.html -o ./ ```

html5-form-validations html5 style form validations also where not supported by the browser

iframely oEmbed/2 gateway endpoint. Get embed data for various http links through one self-hosted API

initr A helpful command to initialize your projects!

interlock interlock =========

iorest REST API documentation generator

jackbone Give a Backbone to your JQuery Mobile app.

jaribu a simple, full-featured, JavaScript testing framework

jassa JAvascript Suite for Sparql Access

jdistiller A page scraping DSL for extracting structured information from unstructured XHTML, built on Node.js and jQuery.

jefri-filestore JEFRi store using the File System in node.

jefri-server JEFRi Node Server

jps A scraper for the jpopsuki torrent tracker

jq-list jQuery plugin that allows you to create lists using Swig templates. It has great event hooking, and is extremely configurable

jqPromise4node jQuery.promise for node.js.

jqserve Utility that allows you to run arbitrary server-side jquery code against an html file before serving it.

jquery-all-attributes jQuery plugin to override proper $.fn.attr method to return all attributes if no arguments provided.

jquery-drive A jQuery plugin to construct the DOM using basic jQuery selectors.

jquery-element-diff jQuery plugin that generates JavaScript code to arrange element to be same.

jquery-freeze Freezes the state of the DOM and serializes as a string.

jquery-gift-of-the-pagi A clean prev/next paginator to be used with Bootstrap 3

jquery-leapmotion jQuery plugin for leap motion

jquery-loading Shows loading progress animation, flexible and pretty =)

jquery-maskmoney jQuery plugin to mask data entry in the input text in the form of money (currency)

jquery-megamask jQuery plugin for masking inputs

jquery-mobile Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

jquery-nor-rest jQuery REST client plugin for Sendanor REST APIs

jquery-searcher Connects any list-like data with an input for searching.

jquery-selectorator jQuery plugin that returns simplest selector of elements.

jquery-substitute Recursively replace a string of text throughout a document's DOM

jquery-tiny-lightbox Lightweight lightbox clone for jQuery with different animations and slideshow mode.

jquery-xpath jQuery plugin for querying XML and HTML documents with XPath 2.0 Circular progress indicators.

jquery.modal Simple jQuery modal dialog.

jquery.payment jQuery Payment

jquery.smartheader.js Make fixed headers smarter on scroll.

jquery.transit Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery

jrender Render express templates with jQuery

js2ch JavaScript 2ch-client library

jscex-jquery Async/Await support for jQuery 1.5+

jsgrep JQuery CSS selectors to grep HTML documents

jsml-jquery Javascript object to DOM translator, inspired by

jstree jQuery tree plugin

jwebquery An jQuery style web crawler(actually extend jquery).

karma-jquery-expect Framework for [jquery-expect]( A DOM assertion library built on top of jQuery and based on LearnBoost's expect.js

kartograph-js JavaScript library for SVG mapping

kbase The KBase API

knockout-parsley Parsley validation for Knockout JS.

knockstrap Knockout bindings to Twitter Bootstrap 3

lazyload Delay loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport wont be loaded before user scrolls to them.

lead.js lead.js =======

leaper.js Very flexible paging library

live-templates Bind your templates directly to models, and get lives updates for free with no boilerplate.

livedocs REST API documentation generator Realtime log monitoring in your browser Realtime log monitoring in your browser

longlang Generates fake language (longer or shorter) from a localisation file, preserving inline HTML.

lorem Filler text generator compatible with Node.js, Require.js and plain-old <script/>.

lourawls Event router for light-weight JS projects based on AOP.

lumia lumia editor for fun

megasena Mega-Sena utility built with Node.js

metal Non official metal archives API

mfw mfw ===

millweb Its like HTML5 Boilerplate but without all the weird boilerplate

minimongo Client-side mongo database with server sync over http

mjolnir HTML 5 static JS lib

modest Create HTML modules (building blocks) that look like new HTML tags. Use modules to form other modules. Easily pass parameters from multiple sources to modules and inner modules. Use as a drop-in templating language to any web framework.

modularity-framework Lightweight component-oriented Web UI framework

mongoose-admin automatic admin tool and admin pages for mongoose

mountain Deliver backbone applications on the backend!

munch Munch.js is a utility that rewrites classes and ids in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files in order to save precious bytes and obfuscate your code.

muskout.js Handlebars syntax sugar for knockout.js

mwater-form-designer mWater Form Designer

mwater-forms Form controls for mWater

nappy node.js api docs from the command line

narc Text notifications from web scraping

neatshowjs A jQuery plugin to fade in images beautifully on your website

nickdog1204-npm A minimal Node project for the npm Book

node-jivev3-api v3 API javascript wrappers for jive

node-jot DEPRECATED - Jot has evolved into Apostrophe. Use the apostrophe module instead for your rich content editing and management needs.

node-jquery-xhr set up jQuery and DOM tree on node

node-oss A CLI tool to recurisively find all the npm modules in your project and document them along with their license

node-repl-dev node repl with dependencies on package.js

node-sage An HTTP service architecture for scientific data A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

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