Packages depending on jqueryify

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adorn Backbone.Model formatting extension

bootstrapjs Bootstrap JS for Node

gfx 3D CSS3 animation library for jQuery

grunt-r2test Run tests for R2 components and apps

grunt-threevot-tester Run tests for 3VOT components and apps

jquery-jsonrpc jQuery JSON RPC client

jquery.tmpl jQuery.tmpl lib for browsers

jqueryifyui jQuery UI lib for browsers with jqueryify

melody-example An example project showing the melody framework in action

mobius Experimental Functional MBS Framework

opfcli OPF Framework CLI

opfcompiler OPF Compiler CLI

opfplatform The celebrated OPF Platform for buidling enterprise Private App Stores

opftemplate OPF Framework Template

quips a leak-plugging layer on top of backbone.js with some UI enhancements

stitch-asset-server CommonJS stitcher and asset pipeline.

wia WebisAble App Generator

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