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absurd JavaScript library with superpowers -

apollo-nico 对 nico 及 apollo-theme 的封装,方便跨平台使用

artifact Artifact Graph Node Client.

astrodate Javascript Date object with Astronomy in mind.

atom-nico 对 nico 及 atom-theme 的封装,方便跨平台使用

att an easy frontend developer tool

backlog Node.js module for logging your file changes and even better saving & recovering your code.

beautify.hks Beautify your javascript with each commit

bottomgirl bottomgirl is not middleman

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

class-id-minifier minify class and id attribute in html

compylr Compile angular apps to run on your server

console.html Adds console.html method that can beautifully output HTML string / HTMLNode

crox Crox is a high performance cross-language template engine, written by the JavaScript.

crox-grunt Crox task plugin for Grunt.

csstss A CSS to TSS (Titanium Style Sheet) compiler.

daonode functional logic solver with builtin parser

docpad-plugin-beautify Beautify HTML, CSS and JavaScript in DocPad

dogescript wow so syntax very doge much future

edp-beautify edp-beautify =======

enb-prettify Code formatter for ENB

eof The best project ever.

express-hbs Express 3 handlebars template engine complete with multiple layouts, partials and blocks.

express-react-views This is an Express view engine which renders React components on server. It renders static markup and *does not* support mounting those views on the client.

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

feinit A toolkit for Front-end developer

ffi-generate Generate FFI Bindings from header file

flashcard Hacker-friendly flashcard compiler.

generator-bbb Backbone Boilerplate Yeoman generator.

get-editors Get report editors from json from BARS SVODY extJs configs

goldmine Node command line application that uses coverage to find unused lines in libraries you import into your code. It then removes these unnecessary lines to provide you with a simplified library and hopefully a noticeable difference in the loading time of your webpage.

grunt-contrib-crox Crox task plugin for Grunt.

grunt-css-docs CSS Docs & Style Guide generator based on DSS. (Similar to JSDoc format) Template support Handlebars, Hogan, Jade, Mustache

grunt-dust Grunt.js plugin to compile dustjs templates.

grunt-dust-require Grunt.js plugin to compile dustjs templates.

grunt-generate-configs CLI to generate separate grunt configuration files automatically

grunt-html-build Grunt HTML Builder - Appends scripts and styles, Removes debug parts, append html partials, Template options

grunt-jp-swig Compiles swig templates

grunt-jsbeautifier for grunt

grunt-json-angular-translate Converts json files to angular translate config javascript files.

grunt-lyria-assets Preparation of Lyria assets

grunt-mdeb Grunt task to publish markdown docs as EPUB 3.0 book.

grunt-prettify HTML prettifier with options to format HTML according to your own preferences.

grunt-svgstore Merge SVGs from a folder.

gulp-js-prettify Prettify, format, beautify JavaScript.

gulp-json-editor A gulp plugin to edit JSON object

gulp-prettify Prettify, format, beautify HTML.

handlebars-helper-prettify {{prettify}} handlebars helper for formatting (beautifying) HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

harvey Simplifies the testing of RESTful web services, or any other HTTP endpoint for that matter.

hoppa a simple way to deliver your less, css and javascripts

hoxy-module Web proxy (forked from

html-diff Diffs folders of .html files to make sure they are the same

html-proxy html proxy for flexcombo

inlay JavaScript source code templating system

joopl-analyzer Analyzes jOOPL-based OOP JavaScript and creates a dependency map which is used to asynchronously-load dependencies behind the scenes!

jsdifftool A Javascript to to see the DOM difference between a page with javascript and a page without javascript

jsin JSIN - template engine. Server and client side. Includes, layouts. Async compiling. Pre-compiling for browser.

kissy KISSY

kissy-xtemplate XTemplate compiler for KISSY

konscript konni kon konni konni

lgen 0config static site generator

libgrabber Automatically updates hosted projects on jsDelivr CDN.

literate-programming-standard Standard plugin for literate programming.

livestart A full Web front end develop envirment by thewei.

maximize Unobfuscate and beautify obfuscated/minified JavaScript code with source maps

minifyjs A node-based javascript minifier/beautifier.

mux-scaffold ux 脚手架

neat-starter-template A boilerplate containing HTML5 boilerplate, bourbon, neat and parts of pure.css

node-ghostsheet Fetch and parse remote spreadsheet as an object

np-system NudgePad system.

nudgepad Make websites, apps and more in your browser.

perriscript guau vaya sintaxis tela perri muy futuro

phoxy Web-hacking proxy

phpjs php.js offers community built php functions in javascript

pm-tutdown Projmate Tutdown Filter

pretty Some tweaks for beautifying HTML with js-beautify according to my preferences.

projmate-filters Official Projmate Filters

rething rething =======

scope-lang Scope is a programming language designed to revolutionize web application development for both the back-end and front-end developer.

scriptme Scriptme is a smart-template engine inspired by script-host platform like php+html but using nodejs code, you cant make text/plain, source code or anything you want from templates

serval A scaffolding tool for your webapp

shrinkapp ShrinkApp is a build utility for HTML5 applications (preferably single page applications). The goal is to produce a production ready HTML5 application with minified css and js files along with the relevant HTML markup changes.

sourin Object22SourceCode converter for objects that contains functions

sparkjs Javascript sketch-coding environment. Processing with a REPL!

swig-extensions A growing collection of tags and filters for Swig Templates.

wadl2json Convert WADL strings, objects and files to JSON.

wcpack Packs HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into a web component package. Javascript Remote Web Console

xplain Generates API documentation / markdown inserts from unit tests

xssscan xss scan

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