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a.config Node.js Config System

absurd JavaScript library with superpowers -

acetic an asset (pre-)compilation engine for node.js and express

activepush Web push service built around ActiveMQ (or any STOMP broker)

agni-framework Simple and intuitive MVC web framework for node.js

alscan-js An access log scanner.

analyze analyze -------

api-copilot > Write testing or data population scenarios for your APIs.

apibox Deploy declarative APIs in a few minutes

apis-expressionist Expresionist.wrapper(express).for(['Write', 'Document', 'Generate client']).of('REST APIs')

app-router Routing for expressjs

applause Replace text patterns with a given replacement.

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

assemble-manifest Generates JSON and/or YAML manifest files from given source files or directories or source files.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

assemble-yaml Utility library for working with YAML front matter. Works with or without Assemble.

asset-bundler pack and create asset bundles for your static js and css files

assets-expander A well-tested tool for expanding any files structure defined in YAML file into a flat list of files

attester Command line tool to run Javascript tests in several web browsers.

awesomebox-core Rendering core for awesomebox

aws-cred Share your aws credentials across apps through yaml files in /etc

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

awsboxen Deploying and Scaling NodeJS apps on AWS

backbone-typescript-accessor-generator Generates backbone models with typed subclasses for useing Backbone.js with TypeScript and its type system

beautiful-docs A documentation viewer based on markdown files

bigtable-erd-generator Entity Relationship Diagram generator for BigTable-style databases like HBase and Accumulo.

binford-config Read only config module that pulls together optimist with json and yaml file parsing

birdy Static asset anti-package management.

blogz Read a directory of files, get a blog data structure.

bloomapi Datastore and API for for NPIs (US Healthcare National Provider Identifier)

boil-js Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.

bonkers A distributed load test framework using Amazon EC2 instances

bound A static publishing system for 'single page' apps.

broccoli-pages Build HTML pages from Markdown and HTML fragments

browserify-data browserify transform to compile data files.

bumble A very simple blog

busybee Library for distributing applications in a 'hive'

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

cadeau A slide management system for Javascript presentation frameworks

cafe4 Client-side applications build tool

cafe4-utils Utils for cafe4 build system

chains-indexing Indexing yaml-front-matter information in files

chains-pages Compile templates with content to html

chains-pagination chains-pagination

charlatan Fake identities generator for node.js (names, addresses, phones, IPs and others). Supports multiple languages.

cheater Create web-friendly cheat sheets from YAML with less redundant effort.

cleaver 30-second slideshows for hackers

cli-presentation Give presentations from your terminal

cloud-convert Easy-to-use Node.js implementation of the CloudConvert API.

cloudflare-cli A command line interface for interacting with cloudflare

cm-engine Content management redefined.

code-mirror CodeMirror fork to be more "browserifyable"

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

commander-config Recursively walks up directories from the current directory to look for settings files to provide defaults for commander.js

confi a simple configuration library

configloader Load YAML configs based on current environment.

configstore Easily load and save config without having to think about where and how

configu Hierarchically merged configuration with files mounted by environment variables and properties.

conifer A multi-format, file-based configuration library for Node.

conman Configuration manager plugin for hapi.

connect-blog Blog middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app, uses a directory of static files.

connect-content Content middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app.

consoloid-console Module of Consoloid, for creating a modern console like interface in a browser.

consoloid-server Webserver module for Consoloid

contrived a simple way to load contrived data for your node app

couchdump dumps couchdb databases to disk (aka make backups)

coveralls takes json-cov output into stdin and POSTs to

creaku Heroku app creator

creep Crawls metadata in files and directories

crojsdoc A documentation generator for JavaScript and CoffeeScript

csc.js Nodejs module to run c# compiler.

csi siq client-side infrastructure

css-pipeline roots extension for handling css production builds

dalek-internal-config DalekJS inetrnal config helper

dalek-internal-config-canary DalekJS inetrnal config helper

dalekjs A node based cross browser testing tool

dalekjs-canary A node based cross browser testing tool

dbrans-testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

decisions Easy configuration for Node.js applications.

delposto A blog posting tool. Creates static HTML and ATOM feeds from Markdown posts.

deploy-it 远程部署工具

derby-yamlpages Flexible flatpages for derby.js based on yaml syntax

deuce Deuce is a developer tool for building serverless web applications with YUI.

develop-faster-presentation Presentation on removing the tedium from creating, developing, and publishing repos.

diretto Filesystem-based routing for Express.js

distribution Asset manager

do-it Unify task commands across all languages and frameworks

doa **Node.js periodic tasks monitoring tool.**

dockerflow Smooth and simple Docker image development with Ansible.

docmod Document Models

docnav Create a DocPad directory structure based off of a yaml navigation

doubleshot Run separated BDD outlines and content on top of mocha

dribble Multi-purpose logger

drive web application framework

dynamic-content dynamic content functionality for roots

easy-cli Easy Command Line Interface. In development.

easydoc A simple technical documentation site with markdown files

eb-env Add config files to your elastic beanstalk project to seed environment information. Use module to get environment info in your app.

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

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