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arraypromise An promise, on which you can apply array methods. For when you are sure the promise will return an array!

asyncBuilder handle async dependency loading

aws-locate Locate the region and/or availability zone for a node process running on EC2

bowery Build products not infrastructure.

chromedriver ChromeDriver for Selenium

closure-pro-build Build projects using some or all of Closure's JS Compiler, Templates (Soy), Stylesheets (GSS), and JS Library.

connect-browserify Connect/express middleware for serving apps to a browser with browserify

connect-sass Connect middleware for rendering SASS/SCSS

connect-stylus yet another middleware for Stylus

cores CouchDB resources with validation

cores-hapi Hapi plugin that creates an api for cores resources

cores-server cores server

cumberbatch crazy watcher stuff

dalek-browser-chrome Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-chrome-canary Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-ie-canary Internet Explorer bindings for DalekJS

dcompose Asset composer

dgraph Extract and transform dependency graphs

dgraph-css-inline-woff Inline WOFF fonts as base64 encoded data uris in CSS

dgraph-stylus Stylus transform for dgraph

dynamite promise-based DynamoDB client

e-mail Email by Bowery is a really easy to use layer around popular mail services.

gitteh-extras extras for gitteh

gitteh-promisified gitteh with promisified API

gitteh-tree-entry resolve tree entry by path in a repo

grok do you grok it?

grunt-webdriver-qunit grunt-webdriver-qunit is a grunt plugin to run qunit with webdriver in grunt

gulp-newer Only pass through newer source files

gulp-static-site Build a static site with gulp

kagapi kagapi is a small package that provides interface to King Arthur's Gold game api.

music Search and Control Music via the CLI provides useful features through Node.js modules chosen for the performance and productivity gains.

orchestrate Node Driver for [](

pbnj JavaScript protocol buffer schema parser and template based code generator

phantomjs Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-cn Headless WebKit with JS API

phantomjs-sun Headless WebKit with JS API + Sun64 download

promised from Node-style callback API to promise API

ractivore RactiveJS-consuming view handler/templater for Node.JS

react-app-middleware Connect/Express middleware for react-app

react-app-server-runtime Minimal Node-based runtime to eval React components on server

reduced pull style lazy combinators for monadic containers

selenium-chromedriver Simple utility for downloading the Selenium Webdriver for Google Chrome

shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js

sitegen Static site generator using React

spotify-search Search and Control Spotify via the CLI

stormrider storm client

stream-aggregate-promise Aggregate streams of string, buffers and objects into promise

tell Promise-based web library

webdrvr NPM wrapper for Selenium Webdriver including Chromedriver / IEDriver / IOSDriver / Ghostdriver

weyland Durandal's build optimizer.

xcss-inline-woff Rework CSS transform to inline WOFF as base64 data URIs

zcache AWS zone-aware multi-layer cache

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