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neo4j-swagger-ui Neo4j Swagger UI is a neo4j enhanced, dependency-free collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API.

neuro [ALPHA] A web application framework for the modern age

ngm angular.js module tool

no-build-conf Stop configuring your assets pipeline. Everything is in the HTML. The build script just read your index.html.

node-assets Transparent file compilation and dependency management for Node

node-codekit CodeKit alternative on Node.JS

node-lessify LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for Browserify v2

node-lessify-sauce LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for Browserify v2

node-mdoc Simple docs for apps with markdown

node-mirror node.js + CodeMirror = Great IDE and Admin Tool

node-os ## Описание

node-ursa A front end development workbench with server/https/template engine/optimization tools support

node-utils tz's node utils - A collection of small, simple, and useful node packages.

nodejsfirst first kraken nodejs framework project

nodext-bootstrap Twitter Bootstrap extension for nodext

nojekyll Static site generator for node.js. Inspired by Jekyll.

nombo Cloud application framework

npm-less Fix LESS to import a la node require algorithm

nv-pack Build tool for packing static distribution packages. Part of the node-front project.

Olive Olive is a simple app that aims to let users interact on a single site showing colors of olive

onepage Static one-page site generator

opfcli OPF Framework CLI

opfcompiler OPF Compiler CLI

opfplatform The celebrated OPF Platform for buidling enterprise Private App Stores

opfserver Opf Server Controllers and Libs

opftemplate OPF Framework Template

organic-bundlestyle * `cwd` - Object

organic-webcell organic-webcell ===============

pacbot Pacbot is a fast static site generator, built for large sites with many files.

packflow You write, I pack.

packman text file packager tool

page-app Builder for rich single-page js apps (frontend)

peaches Peaches是一个CSS编译工具,用于自动合并背景图片并更新background-position。

phant-manager-http express web based manager for phant

phinqx MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.

phnq_widgets Embedded JavaScript templating tool

pie The smarter JS build tool

pill-less Pill server less middleware

pillow-js Pillow.js transforms your data into HTML charts.

pintupinqu TUQU Frontend Develop TOOLS

platformjs-core convention-based platform for custom Express + Handlebars + Mongoose + Passport + Bootstrap sites

plim Simple front-end development sandbox supporting static file serving as well as LESS & AMD js compilation

plum Demo server environment by node

plumber-less LESS operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-mincss CSS minimisation operation for Plumber pipelines

polymer Pre-processor for the Harp APF

pottercms A markdown content management system.

power-assets Assets pipeline

pro Accelerated prototype development with web technologies

projmate-filters Official Projmate Filters

projs 基于nodejs的前端开发工具包,包括前端开发环境的构建,前端JavaScript/CSS的打包。

propaganda Generate a beautiful website for your open-source project from amarkdown file.

proto-less A macro library for less, used by protolus

protocompile Compile yo files

protoduction lightweight server for template-based static websites

protolus-resource a CommonJS based server-side resource delivery mechanism with client side shim

prunt Like grunt, but simpler

psrv-less psrv plugin that auto-compiles less and serves css.

punch A fun and easy way to build modern websites

pusher.platform Pusher Platform is a framework for dynamic, small-to-medium sized Node.js-based websites

r2-compiler AppBot compiler for CommonJS Apps and Components

rain A component-based and distributed web application framework

raptor RaptorJS provides an AMD module loader that works in Node, Rhino and the web browser. It also includes various sub-modules to support building optimized web applications.

raptor-optimizer-less RaptorJS Optimizer plugin to support compilation of less dependencies

rebootstrap Rebootstrap ===========

recaster Clone this project to scaffold a new (npm/node) project.

recess A simple, attractive code quality tool for CSS built on top of LESS

requirejs-manifest-builder A utility for mapping a set of UMD NPMs into a requirejs config file

rigging JS/CSS asset compilation middleware

ripple-core Ripple is an interactive audience response system that allows presenters to survey audience members in real time communication through their mobile devices.

robol Build tool for web projects. Compile, concatenate, lint and minify JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS and LESS files. Copy and remove files and directories recursively.

romulus Building static empires with node.js.

roosevelt Roosevelt MVC web framework

roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web

roq Web application development platform and CMS.

roto A no-nonsense node.js build tool.

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

runt the better build system

sailfish sailfish - это фремфорк для создания web-приложений на JavaScript. Фреймворк является самодостаточным, т.е содержит в себе как серверную так и клиентскую части.

sassets node.js module to bundle assets for websites

sauce-lessify LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for Browserify v2

scroungejs compress, concatenate and/or timestamp your files as part of a build process for your web site.

sealdeal front end build tools ftw!

serenity Easy static site generator

servefile File server helper

servitude JavaScript and CSS Sugar

sew Test, and build your CoffeeScript, LESS, Eco projects.

shoes **Shoes** helps you get a node.js app up and running quickly.

shrinkapp ShrinkApp is a build utility for HTML5 applications (preferably single page applications). The goal is to produce a production ready HTML5 application with minified css and js files along with the relevant HTML markup changes.

sim Sim - Node.js-фреймворк, предназначенный для быстрой разработки веб-сайтов.

simp * Проект. * Приложение. * URL. * Страницы. * URL. * Инициализатор. * Шаблон. * Прослойки.

simple-httpserver simple httpserver

singool Node module for Singool.js framework

siq-lookandfeel siq look and feel

sir Simple command-line development server built with connect

siteforge Static website generation framework by Sierra Softworks

sless Smaller LCSS

slint Linting gone overboard

smaller-asset-rack A (Smaller) Static Web Framework for Nodejs

snippets-ws Front End Integrated Development System

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