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cypher-feed content-addressable distributed publishing

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

firedup A node.js implementation of firebase based on levelup

lem telemetry database for time-series data using LevelDB and node.js

len Calendar database for of resource bookings in leveldb

level-agile multilevel client and server with various data transforms for inserting into leveldb

level-capped Capped collections for LevelDB

level-condition Get notified when a condition is triggered inside a LevelDB

level-inverted-index Inverted Index for levelup.

level-list Map lists of data in a LevelDB to DOM elements.

level-live-cache An in-memory cache that keeps up to date with its source.

level-live-stream_issues_7 a test case for live stream stack overflow due to sublevel objects getting sent to stream serilizer.

level-map <img src=>

level-match-map Index your database objects in the way they will be rendered. Follows the JSON Context matcher pattern. Datasources generated from matchers, then watch for realtime changes.

level-reactive Reactive templating of data stored in a LevelDB.

level-reduce <img src=>

level-scuttlebutt Plugin to add persistence and querying [scuttlebutt]( documents stored in leveldb.

level-store A streaming storage engine based on LevelDB.

level-trie The TRIE data structure and search algorithm, on top of leveldb.

level-view-stream used by [map-reduce](, [level-reduce](, and [level-map]( to query views from levelup.

nimoy ▲▽ ::

pks Public Key Server; an invite-only-approach with built in master-master replication.

soldair-jsla-leveltalk about the levels!

tacodb leveldb inside a service

workflow n/a

zenstore A simple storage for you zen-timer to connect multiple devices.

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