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3scale Client for 3Scale Networks API

3scale_senico Client for 3Scale Networks API

3scale-senico Client for 3Scale Networks API

apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apiaxle-proxy The actual proxy part of ApiAxle.

apiaxle-repl ApiAxle's commandline interface.

aws-api A client interface to various AWS services.

aws2js-patched AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

bart-api Api client for

buildlocale buildlocale ===========

callfire SDK for the CallFire REST API

cas_validate Interact with a CAS server to validate client interaction

chineseaqi 中国70多个城市的aqi(空气污染指数)数据以及天气数据。

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

crack Really simple XML parsing

create-xml-ls Another JS object to XML converter

easyrss Easy RSS feed parsing using libxmljs

excel Simple NodeJS XLSX parser.

excel-errors Web and node.js spreadsheet library. Supports xlsx, csv, tsv (or any simple delimited file) for now.

excel-multi Web and node.js spreadsheet library. Supports xlsx, csv, tsv (or any simple delimited file) for now.

express-xml-domparser Express middleware to read in the body of an XML http request into a DOM

fennel Fennel is a lightweight CardDAV / CalDAV server

freshbooks Node.js wrapper for FreshBooks ( API

genesis A utility for generating database structures for projects built in node.js

genieacs A blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB

gismeteo-weather nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Gismeteo weather API

grunt-xml-validator Grunt plugin to validate XML files

gulp-xml-editor A gulp plugin to edit XML document (libxmljs wrapper)

gutenberg Apis for the gutenberg catalog

html-patch Patch html files with DOM-oriented rules

ipwhere Node.js Geo IP API framework.

jath Declarative XML-to-JSON transformation

javiary Aviary Effects API Library

js2xml Convert arbitary javascript to simple XML. Developed for ApiAxle.

jtd-xml-to-json Takes XML output from JS Test Driver and convert it into JSON

leptonix leptonix

libxml-to-js XML to JavaScript object parser based on libxmljs

libxmlext Extensions to libxmljs to add CSS XPath selectors

libxmljs-easy Work with libmxmljs DOM as with plain Javascript objects.

linksharejs LinkShare Product API for Node.js

marcjs MARC record node.js library

mechanize Automate interaction with websites (web scraping)

msgme Module for accessing the MsgMe SMS service.

mval Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kinds (jQuery, Android, npm, composer, wordpress, launch.js)

ndlna Resolve names through the National Diet Library's Name Authority.

ngraph.gexf Gephi file parser

node-fb2 Tools for FunctionBook

node-rss Node.js package for efficently creating RSS feeds

node-shift8 An asynchronous client library for Asterisk Manager API

node-sizzle Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

NodObjC The NodeJS ⇆ Objective-C bridge

nquery Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

opmltotext Parses OPML and returns text.

ovirt A Node.js driver for oVirt REST API

phanos Simple human like stress test tool. This tools doesn't provide any stat info, or special logging functionality. This tool just walking on yours site as true user.

plist-native Node.js native plist parser & builder

promiseus promise oriented wrappers for api resources and aws services

saram-core Restful Server Framework

saxtract A simple SAX + XPATH type parser for converting XML to JS objects

se-interpreter Command-line interpreter for Selenium Builder test scripts.

selax through stream XML strings into XML nodes matched with CSS3 selectors

simple-xml A naive XML parser and builder based on libxmljs

sparklexmlupdate Small utility for updating sparkle RSS feed files

sparkxml Parse XML according to the "Spark" convention (

spas-xml Default XML wrapper for spas

stack-scraper Stack Scraper. Easily download complex web sites.

strip-mine A scraping toolkit with normalized syntax for scrape engines, range iteration, distributed processing, caching and memory isolation.

svg-sprite Takes a folder of SVG images and creates an SVG sprite along with suitable stylesheet resources (e.g. CSS, Sass or LESS) out of them

tintan Titanium development with style. A suite of Jake build tasks which integrate with Sublime Text and Titanium Studio. Usable on all platforms.

viralheat Module for accessing the Viralheat's API library

wolf Run wolfram alpha queries from the command line.

wolfram Wolfram Alpha API

wolfram-alpha Wolfram Alpha API

wsdl-service The service can generate WSDL file and organize on the basis of his service SOAP

xappconfig generator for config of xface application

xml2orm Read database schema XML file and build ORM model available for Node.js

xmlconv XML conversion by convention

xmlshim Provides DOMParser, XMLSerializer and DOMImplementation wrappers in the browser and emulates them on the server-side

xmlslicer Advanced XML Splitting and JSON conversion tools

yanx Yet Another Node.JS XML-RPC Client

zppy_repository ZPPY Repository Application

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