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cha Make task chaining.

cha-watch Watch extension for cha.

chai-bookshelf Chai assertions for bookshelf-based models

chalk-logger Wraps chalk in console logger for node.

chameleon-stylus-plugin Component Stylus plugin with Chameleon customized setup

changed-http Polls HTTP resources and fires events when they change

characterize characterize a set of data

cheat Une implémentation de l'outil [cheat]( en NodeJS.

checkit Simple validations for node and the browser.

cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

chef-api A simple chef server api wrapper

cheshire-client-node persistant cheshire nodejs client

children Concurrent tasks computation among nodejs child processes

childrens Concurrent tasks computation among nodejs child processes

chnpm Switch between npm registries with fuzzy matching

chrome2calltree convert chrome CPU profiles to callgrind formatted files

chuey a client library for the Philips Hue API

cl-strings > String template system for multi-colour console output with interpolation.

clabot A bot to take the pain out of Contributor License Agreements

class-extend Backbone like Class.extend utility for Node

class-wolperting Post-modern oriented objects in Javascript

clayjs clayjs mvc framework

clclean Delete pictures from cloudinary

cleandocs Merge code and markdown files to create project documentation

clever-buffer Buffer utilities

clever-countries A list of countries for SQL and MongoDB within the CleverStack ecosystem.

clever-csv CleverStack CSV processing

clever-email E-mail system for CleverStack

clever-roles Adds permissions and roles to users with CleverStack

cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack

cli-js cli-js ------

cli-spy Helper utility for testing isolated cli modules.

cli-updater Dead-simple updater for node.js cli applications

clickatell-api Wrapper for Clickatell SMS gateway

client-templates roots extension that precompiles templates for use on the client side

clinch YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, well-suited for widgets by small overhead and big app by smart settings

clipsy-geojson conversion module for clipsy and geojson

cloak-browserify This is a very minor alteration to the Cloak client to make it work with browserify

clogged clogged-cli ===========

closure-util Utilities for Closure Library based projects.

clouddb Cloud database.

cloudflare-cli A command line interface for interacting with cloudflare

clu Manage your node cluster. With zero downtime

clu-dnode Dnode server for clu

clui A Node.js toolkit for drawing nice command line tables, gauges, and sparklines.

clumper Runtime module bundling, request batching, anticipated dependency loading, and localStorage caching to eliminate extraneous HTTP requests for javascript assets.

cluster-metrics A very simple way to centralize metrics collected in a node cluster

clustered Cluster your server

cmdt Command-line tool for testing command-line tools

cnfg Hierarchical environment configuration for node.js applications

co-juice-mailer CompoundJS extension for sending emails

code2stl Transform a source code file into a 3D STL

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

codename Codename generator

coffee-bin a command line utility for compiling command line scripts written in coffee-script

coffee-files Wrapper functions to compile Coffeescript files

coffee-scrunch Concatenate CoffeeScript files with style

coin-allocator Tool to automatically rebalance various cryptoins via the cryptsy API

coinapi CoinAPI is a node.js module for communicating with bitcoin and altcoin service providers. It provides a common API for interacting with various providers. Both request and response objects are normalized into a standard format for easy consumption.

coinbase wrapper for the coinbase bitcoin wallet & exchange API

coinbase-service Wrapper for the coinbase bitcoin wallet & exchange API

collaborator-map A redis based data structure that maps users and collaborators onto project names

colle A Nodejs dependency injection library

collectioneventemitter A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter

collectioneventemitter2 A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter2

comeals The code behind

comment-parser Generic JSDoc-like comment parser.

communibase-connector-js communibase-connector-js --- a Node.js connector for the Communibase service

compact A JavaScript compacting middleware for express

compartment A type of dependency graph, component manager, and package builder.

component-packrat A simple `component` packer

componentjson component.json and package.json loader, parser, understander

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

compresser compress your entire project

compylr Compile angular apps to run on your server

concatenate-files Concatenate files

concoction A preprocessing framework designed for use with Iridium

conditional-model Some module...

confed Dead Simple Configuration for NodeJS applications based on nconf

config-file Find and load a YAML or JSON config file from a local project, installed npm module, or the user's home directory.

configdir-loader Loads environment-specific configuration files into a config object.

conflux Node.js streaming build system, designed for simplicity and speed.

confus environment based configuration helper

conga-framework Core Bundle for the Conga.js framework

conga-rest Conga.js bundle which adds REST functionality to a project

congruence Validate the structure of Javascript objects using semantic templates. Written as an underscore mixin.

conman Configuration manager plugin for hapi.

connect-bower Bower middleware

connect-cas Connect middleware for a node CAS client

connect-fineup-local Connect middleware and express routes for saving fineuploader uploads to the local filesystem.

connect-fineup-s3 Connect middleware and express routes for saving fineuploader uploads to s3.

connect-flash-redis Flash message middleware for Connect w/ Redis

connect-intercept ConnectJS middleware over http-intercept.

connect-masquerade ERROR: No file found!

connect-mongodb-simple Simplified mongodb session store for connect. 1. Leaves the db connection logic to the native mongo driver including write level concerns. 2. Requires a very low number of dependencies meaning it is easily kept up to date (node-mongodb-native 2.x & Connect 2.x). 3. Easy modification of session enabling annotation for use by orthogonal concerns

connect-mongoose-model A MongoDb session store which integrates with Mongoose models.

connect-mongostore MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-request-logger-pg log http requests to postgres

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