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adnoce Webtracking Tool für Express based sites backed by MongoDB

aws-dns Virtual DNS server for Amazon EC2

bagarino bagarino ======== "bagarino" _sells_ you tickets and can tell a real ticket from a fake one. Simple, fast and RESTful. Ask it for a new ticket and it'll give you. Then ask it whether a ticket is still valid or expired. Or whether it is a fake. It'll know

bokeh A blazing-fast task queue built on Node.js and ZeroMQ.

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

chat-server Everyone has a chat server and this one is mine

cliffold Scaffolding for Node CLIs. Uses posix-argv-parser for kick-ass Posix compliant argv parsing, and adds convenience utilities for logging, pid files, overriding command line arguments from environment variables and more.

cluster extensible multi-core server manager

codetube decentralized git hosting

coloured-log Combines "coloured" and "log.js" for super simple pretty logging.

crudl-app coffeescript friendly generic app structure

damonbot A simple helpful Robot for your Company

depesche Nodepoint for all your logs and where they should go

deployment Continuous deployment for the masses. Download the latest version of your GitHub package, run tests and deploy to the specified directory. Run a deployment server to launch deployments from the internet, and integrate with GitHub easily. Includes an API to fire deployment from an external source.

exit-strategy handle uncaught exceptions with node's domains

express-simplemongodbview Simple MongoDB Collection Viewer and CSV Export

hubot A simple helpful robot for your Company

hubot-cashbrain Modifies the base brain to add a second set of keys to the datastore that expire and refresh themselves

hubot-irc IRC adapter for Hubot 2.3

hubot-nurph Nurph adapter for hubot

hubot-qq QQ adapter for Hubot, and also A dependence robot lives on webQQ

iles-forked-irc-js An IRC library for node.js

impact-crater Please be aware this project is highly experimental and the API will change rapidly.

jamboree Job Queueing done easy

josi The Jolly Science bot, based on Hubot. Her name is JoSi.

komodo-debug This package contains the bits required for debugging node.js application with Komodo IDE remotely.

learnboost-cluster extensible multi-core server manager

loadtest Run load tests for your web application. Mostly ab-compatible interface, with an option to force requests per second. Includes an API for automated load testing.

log-errors environment aware error logger that can easily be plugged into express.js

loli Log tool designed for cluster

metalogger Node.js logging for grown-ups: a versatile logging wrapper that leaves you the choice, but removes the pain. Inspired by Apache Commons Logging

mhl-dispatcher A node dispatcher server for running and managing batch processes

microprofiler Low-level profiling for node.js: squeeze those microseconds.

multilogger A Node.js wrapper of log.js and its derivatives. Its main goal is to route log messages to different logs depending on their verbosity level.

mvchelper 简单mvc 核心,基于Express.

naravel 类似PHP laravel的mvc框架,基于Express.

ngmshell provide common shell for ucgc

nodecached Memcached server written in node.js. Also contains a client compatible with node-memcached, and can be used as an in-memory cache too.

npm-lazy-mirror Lazy Mirroring for

performance A short and quick way to assess performance on a server.

postgresql-http-server PostgreSQL HTTP API Server

pow Zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X

qqbot A robot lives on webQQ

serve-redis a caching, static, redis-backed HTTP file server

shortline job queueing over http

simple_pubsub Simple publish-subscribe server and client

simplecached Simplified memcached server.

sprint-walk Kinda like a runner

substeps.js substeps.js ===========

testing Simple asynchronous testing framework. Never again count your asserts! This tiny testing library is fully callback-based and has a rich API for asserts.

usr User and groups management rest webservice

versionone-cli versionone cli

webqq-client Webqq client

work-already Tools to create web tests for Express and Socket.IO applications with session integration.

yadt-hubot Connects to a yadt broadcaster and sends notification to an IRC channel in case something interesting happens.

yaml-config Manage your node.js app configuration based on NODE_ENV, all configuration defined in yaml

yamlconfig Nodejs 读取yaml配置小工具

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