Packages depending on log4js

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acequia Message router for node supporting multiple protocols

acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-dev Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-qe Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

adapter a set of libraries for soap protocols translation

amid Another Mongo Internet Driver

angoose Angoose is a Remote Method Invocation module that comes with built-in mongoose/angular support. Now you can call server side module in browser just like you're in the server side!

api-copilot > Write testing or data population scenarios for your APIs.

appbuilder command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder

architect-log4js Architect plugin to provide logging facilities.

armrest A high-level HTTP / REST client for Node

arrow Create sequence diagrams

baboon Baboon Web Toolkit, modular fullstack web application framework for single-page realtime apps.

badconnection A TCP proxy which simulates a bad network connection

binford-slf4j-adapter Wraps many excellent loggers so they are suitable for binford-slf4j

bridjs V8 bindings for dyncall, and BridJ-like API for nodejs.

browserjs 浏览器自动化测试工具

buildorch A Simple CLI based utility to Build, Beat and Bundle (b3), a NodeJs Application.

canto Value added Redis

catberry Catberry is a framework for fast and modular web-applications. Write module once and use it at server and browser without any additional logic

cews Crud Express Web Server that has a bunch of dependencies set up already

classloader classloader helper for nodejs

cmdbuild seajs build tool

codingscene Web app for coding events, problems, contacts

conga-framework Core Bundle for the Conga.js framework

couchtato CouchDB documents iterator tool.

crosstest Test command line

crossweb Web framework

crowdutil atlassian crowd utility

db-stuff db-stuff

deploy-it 远程部署工具

dicom DICOM for node-js

directory-cache A directory caching util

directory-watcher A directory watcher

dnsmm A Dns Relay Sever writen in Nodejs

dnspod-ddns A DNSPOD DDNS Client

doa **Node.js periodic tasks monitoring tool.**

ep_adminpads Gives the ability to list and administrate all pads on admin page

ep_codepad Finetune Etherpad Lite for code editing

ep_sotauth Hooks into etherpad lite auth to trust that whatever user is set in the X-Forwarded-User HTTP header is an authorised and authenticated user. This is useful when running behind a reverse proxy that handles authentication (such as when using Apache with Shibboleth authentication).

fd-server a simple, efficient, convenient RIA development environment

fennel Fennel is a lightweight CardDAV / CalDAV server

foursquare-js Fault-tolerant Foursquare API v2 wrapper for Node JS.

gazejs An implementation of the JavaScript bindings for Tobii Gaze SDK

generator-beard-seed Yeoman generator

generator-responsive A generator for Yeoman

genpkg Generates NPM packages from single JavaScript files.

html-rfc Format IETF RFCs and Internet-Drafts as HTML

icecream rapid web framework for nodejs

jake-utils Functions for making jake a little nicer

janux-security A library that makes it possible to build very flexible permissions-based authorizations schemes

jive-sdk Node.js framework for building purposeful places

jsa json synchronization service

justform Form Utility

kanban-vision Integrated kanban boards.

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-ember-imt Fork of the karma test runner with an ember.js preprocessor

koa-log4js log4js middleware for koa

kwc-barclay an enhanced facade for node-postgres

life_star Another web server for Lively

limitless-gem Simple NodeJS HTML5 LimitlessLED Lightbulb controller

lkt-processor A message process framework based on AMQP service component (e.g RabbitMQ)

log4js-ain2 An Ain2 based Syslog transport for log4js-node

log4js-amqp A log4js log appender to push logs into AMQP

log4js-config A simple common configuration library for log4js

log4js-console-appender custom console appenders for log4js

log4js-mongodb A log4js log appender to push logs into MongoDB

log4js-node-amqp An AMQP appender for log4js-node

log4js-node-mongodb A log4js-node log appender to write logs into MongoDB.

log4js-node-syslog log4js plugin for syslog

log4js-node-xmpp A log4js-node log appender to send logging events using XMPP protocol.

lowkick Simplifies running and verifying cross-browser tests on command-line.

mongo-connect REST API Server for MongoDB

mongodb-fs Mongo DB Fake Server

mqtt-exec Execute shell commands on MQTT messages

mqtt-google-calendar Gooogle Calendar to MQTT bridge

mqtt-ws a Node.js MQTT/WebSocket bridge

msgd A messagging daemon - sms, etc.

nami An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and associated events), and also receive async events from server

nami-raw Minor fork of NAMI. It adds a raw event emitter and ability to subscribe to events on connect. Original Description: An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and

ngn-mechanic Mechanic is a server agent for managing & configuring NGN gears, processes, and applications.

nithub Nithub mashes up npm packages to github repositories

njdb Node JSON database.

nlog4js node.js module - wrap log4js-node.

nocr-mongo NoCR implementation against a mongodb storage backend.

node-4sq Fault-tolerant Foursquare API v2 wrapper for Node JS. A write-enabled variant of node-foursquare-2.

node-arrow FrontEnd Testing Framework

node-foursquare-2 Fault-tolerant Foursquare API v2 wrapper for Node JS.

node-monitor Node.js server monitor module

node-redis-failover redis failover solution based on ZooKeeper

node-simleak A web service simulator in node.js

node-throttler A connect component to throttle traffic based on either RPS or response time

node-torrent Bittorrent client for node.js.

node-web-request Simplified HTTP And HTTPS request client.

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