Packages depending on log4js

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node-wechax An easy node.js package for Tencent WeChat APIs.

node-wp-push Windows Phone Push Service A generic REST controller layer useful for CRUD operations adapted to projects developed with node.js & express.js.

node.populator-mongodb A simple library used to populate a MongoDB database with native driver. Usefull for unit tests.

nodecl An implementation of the JavaScript bindings for OpenCL

noder Node.js Simple Web Utility

noderpc A framework for building distributed services with NodeJS

noderpt Node.js Report Utility

nodeutil Node.js Utility

npm-metadata-mirror Monitor NPM changes and keep an up-to-date mirror of modules metadata (not the whole data, i.e. including attachments info, but not attachments body)

npm-proxy-cache HTTP/HTTPS caching proxy for work with `npm` utility / registry

ntss A tiny static server for node.js.

ocframework ![opencomb logo](public/images/logo.png)

oils Oils js framework built on top of Express.

opencomb ![opencomb logo](public/images/logo.png)

osg-logger Logger utility

osg-npcspawn Tool used for converting rules from js to json file

oversee A simple job scheduler written in Node.JS

papery create your simple, fast & elegant blog with plain text

patchboard Patchboard API server and tools

persistent-refresh Automatically reloads page in browser when something modified under folder watched.

pingdom Pingdom JSON API library

pomelo-logger pomelo-logger ========

pomelo-schedule pomelo-schedule is a schedule tool for nodejs, it's purpose is to provide a product level schedule module which is high efficient and can support large number job schedule.You can

pomelo-scheduler pomelo-schedule is a schedule tool for nodejs, it's purpose is to provide a product level schedule module which is high efficient and can support large number job schedule.You can

probe_couchdb2 Spider a CouchDB server, emit events with discovered information

promise-http-client [![Build Status](](

pulsar-kue A cluster based job server based on learnboost's Kue

pulsar-rest-api REST API for executing Pulsar tasks.

pulsar-scheduler A scheduler for pulsar-kue job server

pushmq Push notification message queue and scheduler

qbuild must

qns Qiyi Node Server

rcl Remote Client Logging

redis-notifier Redis Keyspace Event Notifier

redshift-cli command line for querying and managing a redshift cluster

rest-api-connector Node.js REST API Connect Util

restify-log4js Middleware of restify to work with log4js.

riddle nodejs picture riddle

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

rsimulatorjs-log rsimulatorjs-log

run-job Tool for running pulsar jobs from command line

s3logger description...

scarf Lightweight but presumptuous OOP wrapper for creating apps with express.

scarlet-log4js Scarlet plugin for using Log4js with method and property event interception

sdt SDT - The Simple Daemon Tools

seep User interface widget framework for web application development

sensorjs sensor framework and beyond for internt of things

shiny-server Application server for the Shiny web framework for R

simple-ew Simple Express Wrapper that has a bunch of dependencies set up already

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

socket-push A highly scaleable COMET solution

socket-redis Redis to SockJS relay

spdy-client spdy-client ===========

sprobe Server monitoring tool.

steelmesh CouchDB distribution and management of Node.js applications

storage-logger storage-logger

stuff HTTPS static file server using LDAP auth

sweet-jumps An Express-based full stack web framework

szhouse szhouse reques

takana Takana live editor server

traffic-recorder A server the logs all incoming data to a file

truncheon Basic functions library for a esb service.

tsd-metrics-client Node JS class for publishing metrics as time series data (TSD). (2c)

tunny mvc framework

twbot Twitter bot microframework using node.js

twitter-autofollow-bot Twitter auto-follow bot written in Node.js

txn Process and update CouchDB data in atomic, all-or-nothing transactions

uc-common Utilities used in development

ucoin Crypto-currency software using Node.js

ucwa-log UC WA log

uitest 浏览器自动化测试工具

ute Unframework for node.js web application

virtualbox A library to interact with VirtualBox.

vjudge-description-spider This project is the spider API for a number of Online Judge Systems.

wants wants nodejs framework core module

webbone Web application base structure

webgl-demo-app webgl-demo

webmetrics Webmetrics JSON API library

wikitpage Utility for Wikitpage

winter Dependency injection that doesn't require you to change your code

x265js An implementation of the JavaScript bindings for open source x265 encoder

yae * YAE

yahoo-arrow FrontEnd Testing Framework

yammer-push-api-client A node.js client for the Yammer real-time push API

zigbee ZigBee for Node.JS (using the TI CC2530/CC2531)

zmq-soa zmq-soa =======

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