Packages depending on lru-cache

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async-cache Cache your async lookups and don't fetch the same thing more than necessary.

async-lru-cache Another async version of LRU-cache where the load occurs in the original function.

aws4 Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 4

axon-callback Axon with callback stack

backbone-db-cache Caching support for backbone-db

backbone-orm A polystore ORM for Node.js and the browser

beeline A laughably simplistic router for node.js

bitcoin-explorer A block explorer clone built using BitcoinJS

bitcoin-p2p Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

blake Simple, blog aware infrastructure to generate static sites

bluecache In-memory, Promises/A+ lru-cache via bluebird

bower The browser package manager.

bower-auth The browser package manager (with authrc support for private projects)

bower-canary The browser package manager.

bower-registry-client Provides easy interaction with the Bower registry.

br-rollbar A standalone (Node.js) client for Rollbar (BR specific)

cache-advice function decorators for caching

cache-client An easy to use cache client that allows use for memcached, redis, or lru-cache

cache-manager Cache module for Node.js

cachedfs Caching wrapper for node.js' built-in fs module (or compatible)

cachelicious Delicious Node.js file stream cacher and HTTP cache server

cacheman-file File caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheman-memory In-memory caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

chaps cache fronted http api caller

chewer The browser package manager.

clinch YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, well-suited for widgets by small overhead and big app by smart settings

cmbn Generate and serve combo URLs across CDNs

coap A CoAP library for node modelled after 'http'

concussionjs-proxy Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy with rate limiting behavior -- built on dotcloud's hipache distributed proxy

connect-redis-realtime Internally-cached Redis session store for Connect, powered by PubSub

couchup A CouchDB implementation on top of levelup.

cql-client cassandra CQL driver uses Native Protocol v2

crawlme Makes your ajax web application indexable by search engines by generating html snapshots on the fly. Caches results for blazing fast responses and better page ranking.

databank-lrucache Databank driver for lru-cache

discover Node discovery based on Kademlia DHT protocol

dnet-index-proxy dnet-index thrift proxy

dxp DXP Web端

easycache 多功能的cache模块

editorconfig EditorConfig File Locator and Interpreter for Node.js

element Create's DOMElement from a string

expiring-lru-cache Expiring LRU cache

expiry-model A scuttlebutt model that expires keys

flame flame server framework

four-word-phrase Pseudo-random deterministic generation of phrases from a dictionary.

frnt Front-end server for any solution.

generic-session A generic web server session manager for use with any storage back-end

handlebar-hoarder Handlebar cache

hapi HTTP Server framework

hextiles-prototype A standalone demo. Hexagonal tile server. Player character. No collisions. WASD controls.

hilmi Lightweight cache provider for Node.JS

hipache Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy solution

hn-item-cache A cache for retrieving Hacker News items, only making one outbound request at a time.

hn-score-cache A cache for retrieving hn scores, only makes one outbound req at a time

honeycomb Plugins容器

jaws Build HTTP applications as a cache.

kinesis A stream implementation of Amazon's Kinesis

kvs Simple key-value store facade for node.

ldapauth Authenticate against an LDAP server

ldapauth-fork Authenticate against an LDAP server

ldapjs-riak A Riak backend for ldapjs (server).

lessthan3 LessThan3 Developer Tools

level-cache An in memory cache on top of leveldb

locking-cache A locking LRU cache

lru-cache-cluster Cluster aware LRU cache. Master process maintains cache and uses worker messaging to deliver items machine-local.

lru-halfexpired lru cache but get supports a fill callback

manta-nfs NFS Gateway for the Joyent Manta Storage Service

mantafs `fs` compatible API that caches/stages from Joyent Manta

mariasql A node.js binding to MariaDB's non-blocking (MySQL-compatible) client library

memcache-server-stream duplex stream implementation of memcache server protocol. pipe any net connection to add mc support to your node server

memoizeasync Helper for memoizing async functions and methods

memoizesync Helper for memoizing synchronous functions and methods

memonic An memonic api wrapper for node.js

metriks A lightweight graphing framework for servers

micron-throttle Token bucket based HTTP request throttle for Node.js

minimatch a glob matcher in javascript

mkimage-server Image resizing server, using imagemagick cli tools

mongofb Mongo Firebase

mongoose-cache Caches Database querys the easy way.

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

mustache-express Use mustache, including partials, in Express 3

node-redis-scripty Redis script manager for node.js

node-rush LRU cache for busy apps in a hurry

node-simleak A web service simulator in node.js

nodemail A simple web-mail base on nodejs.

nodepaper A very simple Node.js-based content management system.

npm A package manager for node

npm-beta A package manager for node

npm-www website for npm

npm2 A package manager for node

object-store In Memory Object Store which supports redis, memcached, and lru-cache

paperbackswap Node.js bindings for PaperbackSwap API

peer-store Maintain a synchronized data store between connected Node.js applications

pitlab GitLab integration with PivotalTracker

placesite Placesite is a small app that generates placeholder images not unlike

polymer Pre-processor for the Harp APF

proxy-agent Maps proxy protocols to `http.Agent` implementations

quickdraw High performance http client and server output caching for node.js express

ratchetio A standalone (Node.js) client for

read-package-json The thing npm uses to read package.json files with semantics and defaults and validation

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