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abdero-fetcher fetch mails from imap, and stream them

attachmentsaver Receives local email saving pdf attachments to Desktop. by Harald Rudell

autoprint New (working) version of autoprint in JavaScript.

ayla Ayla at your service.

bauhaus-imap imap functions for bauhaus library

caf_imap Cloud Assistants lib for accessing an imap mail server

catch-all A simple smtp catch all

dimap Provides an HTTP REST interface to attachments in your Gmail account.

dmail Developer Email let's you receieve SMTP email and display it in a webpage without sending out real emails

email-listener Listen for email messages on a server and then trigger an event

email-ricochet email relay

grabbed grabs emails and pulls attachments and dumps into a folder.

hubot-gmail-fetcher Hubot plugin to fetch Gmail

jsmail A simple all-in-one email server, client, and web frontend

koderra koderra

leptonix leptonix

mail-listener Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

mail-listener2 Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

mail-notifier Nodejs library to get notified on new incoming email.

mail-notifier2 Nodejs library to get notified on new incoming email.

mail-null Fake SMTP server that doesn't deliver the received mails. Useful for debugging and testing apps that send email.

maildev SMTP Server and Web Interface for reading and testing emails during development

maildir nodejs library for interacting with Maildir(++)

maileron Server that receives SMTP and serves mail up as JSON via HTTP

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

mailinbox used for check email in mailbox

mailsearch A Simple node-imap and mailparser example

mailstream nodejs imap mail stream wrapper

mailuploader Parse raw e-mail contents and upload as a POST request

message-parser listen for fetched mail messages on corriera, parse them and emit parsed messages to corriera

mountebank Over the wire test doubles

nodemail A simple web-mail base on nodejs.

qmail-aliasfilter qmail-aliasfilter filters incoming mail based on valid sender domains encoded into the receiving email address.

runtimeerror.js standalone runtimeerror

smtp-supertest Simple smtp mail testing package

smtpd a very simple SMTP server

sockethub A polyglot messaging service

test-mailbox Mailbox for testing sent mail in your node apps.

twailer Get an email whenever a tweet with a certain hashtag or mention is published.

yagisan Yagisan forwards emails like mailgun.

ydkme Nodejs实现的一个临时邮件服务,当你需要在某些网站注册用户,但又不想透露自己的邮箱时,可以使用 ydkme 生成的临时的邮箱。ydkme 会在收到邮件时,自动生成邮箱。你可以通过邮箱的名称来命令 ydkme 如何处理收到的邮件。 :D

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