Packages depending on map-stream

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ansi-html-stream Stream ANSI terminal output to an HTML format.

browserify-bundle-factory Makes programmattically building browserify bundles super-easy

browserify-ftw Upgrade your app from requireJS AMD to commonJS module format via an automated refactor step in order to browserify it.

bucket-rename-dir Rename directories for Amazon S3 objects.

caddis Caddis --- > On-The-Fly Mock JSON Server

cascadify Recursively find and concatenates styles specified in package.json.

code-to-test-ratio Get the code-to-test ratio of any project!

create-dependency-stream Create a stream of fully resolved dependencies from a package (and it's dependencies)

deviant Override node's builtin require to use browserify transform streams directly in node

event-stream construct pipes of streams of events

execify A module for shimmimg between execution modes: streams, promises, and callbacks

foursquare-streams various foursquare APIs, streaming

get-package-jsons attach package.json contents to a dependency stream

git-trail Provides a readable stream alternative to `git-log`, so you can access your git history through Node.

glob-stream File system globs as a stream

glslify-import A transform stream for glslify that adds an `import` directive to your shaders.

gulp-absolute Filter files by absolute path

gulp-accord a unified interface to compiled javascript languages

gulp-amdclean A gulp wrapper for amdclean.

gulp-beml HTML preprocessor for BEM

gulp-blade Blade plugin for Gulp (

gulp-bladephp blade (laravel) template engine

gulp-bump Bump npm versions with Gulp (

gulp-bytediff Compare file sizes before and after your gulp build process.

gulp-cache A cache proxy task for Gulp

gulp-coco Compile coco to JavaScript with gulp

gulp-codeception PHP Codeception plugin for Gulp

gulp-component Component build plugin for Gulp

gulp-consolidate Template engine consolidation for gulp

gulp-conventional-changelog Conventional CHANGELOG support for Gulp

gulp-cson Parse cson with gulp

gulp-cson-safe Parse cson with gulp

gulp-css-whitespace Converts white-space significant CSS to normal CSS

gulp-cssmin minify css using gulp

gulp-csv2json csv to json using gulp

gulp-dart2js gulp plugin for dart2js

gulp-defeatureify Remove specially flagged feature blocks and debug statements from Javascript using defeatureify [Experimental]

gulp-entity-convert Converts Unicode characters to HTML and CSS entities

gulp-esmangle gulp plugin for esmangle minifying task

gulp-exec exec plugin for gulp

gulp-filesize Logs filesizes in human readable Strings

gulp-geojson convert multipule file format to geojson.

gulp-git Git plugin for Gulp (

gulp-haml Gulp plugin for haml

gulp-hogan gulp plugin to compile mustache templates

gulp-html2js Gulp plugin for converting AngularJS templates to JavaScript

gulp-html2md Removes unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from HTML

gulp-html2txt gulp plugin to convert html to text

gulp-htmlparser parse html into js objects with gulp

gulp-image Optimize PNG, JPG, GIF images with gulp task.

gulp-jaded Compile Jaded files with gulp (

gulp-jekyll Compile Jekyll sites with Gulp.

gulp-js2coffee gulp plugin to convert js to coffee

gulp-jscoverage JSCoverage instrumentation plugin for Gulp

gulp-jshint JSHint plugin for gulp

gulp-jsmin minify js using gulp

gulp-json-lint JSON linter Gulp plugin

gulp-livescript Compile LiveScript to JavaScript for Gulp

gulp-markdown-code Extract code parts and concat them together from markdown

gulp-ng-html2js A Gulp plugin which generates AngularJS modules, which pre-load your HTML code into the $templateCache. This way AngularJS doesn't need to request the actual HTML files anymore.

gulp-open Open files and URLs with gulp

gulp-output Gulp plugin which output filenames.

gulp-phpspec PHP PHPSpec plugin for Gulp

gulp-phpunit PHPUnit plugin for Gulp

gulp-preprocess Gulp plugin to preprocess HTML, JavaScript, and other files base on custom context or environment configuration

gulp-print Prints names of files to the console so that you can see what's in the pipe.

gulp-prune-html Prune HTML based on CSS selectors

gulp-raml A gulp plugin for running raml-parse

gulp-removelogs gulp plugin to remove console.logs

gulp-rimraf rimraf plugin for gulp

gulp-sass Gulp plugin for sass

gulp-simplecrypt Simplecrypt for Gulp.

gulp-soften A gulp task that converts hard tabs to spaces.

gulp-source-url Source URLs for files run though with gulp

gulp-special-html Converts special characters to UTF-8.

gulp-stylus Stylus plugin for Gulp

gulp-svg2png A gulp plugin for converting SVGs to PNGs.

gulp-svgo Minify SVG images

gulp-symlink Create symlinks during your gulp build.

gulp-table2csv Convert html tables to valid csv.

gulp-tag-version Tag git repository with current package version

gulp-tpl2mod gulp plugin to transform plain text to javascript string

gulp-tslint TypeScript linter Gulp plugin

gulp-tsv2json tsv to json using gulp

gulp-using Lists all files used

gulp-wait A gulp task that inserts a delay before calling the next function in a chain.

gulp-web-modules Module oriented build system for single page applications

gulp-wrap-exports Wrap CommonJS module in IIFE and create global variable

gulp-xls2json xls to json using gulp

gulp-xlsx2json xlsx to json using gulp

gulp-xml2js Convert xml files to js with gulp (

gulp-xml2json xml to json using gulp

gwm-util Utility package used by gulp-web-modules and other plugins

jsonrender Command-line and stream wrapper for Handlebars mustache implementation

level-map <img src=>

level-reduce <img src=>

level-rest A REST adapter for leveldb

lingon-ng-html2js A Lingon plugin which generates AngularJS modules, which pre-load your HTML code into the $templateCache. This way AngularJS doesn't need to request the actual HTML files anymore.

load-common-gulp-tasks Load common gulp tasks and configs so you don't need to redefine them for every module

log-stream A pure streaming take on logging

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