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accord-cli compile any language from the command line

adhoq Experimental website framework

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

aglio An API Blueprint renderer with theme support

akashacms A content management system that generates static websites.

amd-doc Documentation generator for AMD-based projects

ang-tangle tangles source files into an angular application

angular-doc JavaScript documentation generator with support for AngularJS specific element (ie. services, directives, controllers, etc...), based on YUIDoc, YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine.

ansimd Markdown to ANSI for your terminal

anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js

anvil.markdown Markdown compiler plugin for anvil.js

apidoc RESTful web API Documentation Generator

apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

apostrophe-markdown A widget for markdown as an alternative to rich text editing in the Apostrophe CMS.

artificer Markdown to html site generator.

assemble-contrib-markdown Convert markdown files to HTML, this is an alternative to the markdown Handlebars helpers. Both are useful in different scenarios.

assemble-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-plugin-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

asterisk CSS docuemnt generator.

asthmatic ERROR: No file found!

astrolin astro-let's do open links / source

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

automarked Use marked and heighlight to build the html file from markdown file and auto rebuild it when file changed

awesomebox-core Rendering core for awesomebox

backendjs Backend.js framework

balrog static site generator

beautiful-docs A documentation viewer based on markdown files

beautiful-pad A markdown editor with live preview

bedecked Turn markdown files into html presentations you can share from dropbox

bem-sets bem make extensions to build examples, tests and docs for sets of levels

betterlife Life Better Goal ====

bevis-doc-builder bevis-doc-builder =================

biggie presentations without thinking

bip-pod-templater Templating Pod for Bipio

biscotto A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

bitter Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

blacksmith A static site generator built with Node.js, JSDOM, and Weld.

blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller

Blaggie-System Blog in pieces

blog-base An extremely lightweight blogging backend for node.

blog-maker Blog generator from .md post files, highly inspired from BLOGS + MARKDOWN

blogdown Generate HTML with Mustache and Markdown

bloggy-marked A markdown parser for blog posts in bloggy, a small and lightweight markdown blog engine.

blogin A simple static blog framework, powered by Node.js.

blogit Minimalist Node.js blog engine using Markdown and Git for storage.

bloguito A very small blog engine.

blogz Read a directory of files, get a blog data structure.

bookmarkdown books in markdown +

bootstrap-coffeedoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript with Bootstrap

bound A static publishing system for 'single page' apps.

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.

broccoli-pages Build HTML pages from Markdown and HTML fragments

bromockapis Mock APIs.

brucedown A near-perfect GitHub style Markdown to HTML converter

bumble A very simple blog

buttle Serve static files from cwd

buzzwordjs A mongodb + dropbox driven blog engine

cadeau A slide management system for Javascript presentation frameworks

candy a micro bbs system based on apis

captain-core Core module for captain.js

cassini single-page documentation generation (based on underscore.js documentation formatting) for multi-versioned apps

catlogjs Static site generator, translate human readable text format(such as markdown) into html, with a lot of other functions

chains-markdown Compile markdown to html. GFM and code highlighting support!

chalkboard Documentation generator for coffeescript

char1ee a tool to build static autoreload(livereload) server

citare-scriptum Documentation generation, in the spirit of literate programming.

cleaver 30-second slideshows for hackers

cloudcmd Cloud Commander web based orthodox file manager with console and editor Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

coddoc Documentation generator

code-music-studio design musical algorithms

codex Static site and code documentation generator.

codingscene Web app for coding events, problems, contacts

codo A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

coffee-box blog engine for fashionable developers

coffeedoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript

colony In-browser network graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.

column Column for writting

columnpress ColumnPress for writting blog

compendium Instant wiki from a directory of markdown files.

compile-mw-marked Markdown middleware built on compile-middleware and marked

component-markdown A plugin to compile Markdown to Javascript for the component builder.

conch format markdown for console output

connect-blog Blog middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app, uses a directory of static files.

connect-content Content middleware you can add to your Connect/Express app.

connect-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for connect.

consensus vote for topics for your next meeting

consoul Markdown in your console

contour Front-end scaffolding utility

croco Coding Convention Generator

crojsdoc A documentation generator for JavaScript and CoffeeScript

darbak Compiles literate-iced-coffee-script and append it with its source and parsed documentation.

datahub The code behind <>.

datapackage-read Read Data Packages

datapipes A node library, command line tool and webapp to provide "pipe-able" Unix-Style data transformations on row-based data like CSVs.

dawg Documentation and whatnot generator

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