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airlogger A simple remote console log viewer for iOS

airplay Apple AirPlay client library

airplay2 Apple AirPlay client library for AppleTV

aneth Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

ayla Ayla at your service.

bouncer A service router that uses MDNS and bouncy to do magic!

buzzin buzz coworkers

chunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

disco-maps easy network service discovery and advertising

dsp-interface generic, socketed HTML5 interface for digital signal processing with sliders and exponents

greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

jenkins-asskicker-server Title says it all

jolira-deployer Auto-deploy application on S3

kommand Android Google Now Xposed API communication with Nodejs.

littlehook A lan-wide EventEmitter2 implementation supporting complete decentralization, auto-discovery and request-response emulation.

marauders-map service port announcer and finder

node-greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

nucleus Distributed event emission over TCP with autodiscovery via mDNS or Redis

poke easily loop through a network's mdns broadcasts

seaport-mdns Seaport mdns

taas-client Things-as-a-service, client-side.

tcpnet Creates TCP connections between nodes without configuration

thing-client A node.js module to interface with TheThingSystem steward, as a thing.

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