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em-webfiles web files middleware for ee-webservice

embersmith Static HTML and JSON generator for Ember.js projects.

emerald-core an opinionated web framework

enb Faster BEM tools

enchilada middleware for automatic javascript bundles

envoy Better Deployment with Node.js

epm E-learning package manager es una aplicaciĆ³n para administrar paquetes de contenido utilizados en plataformas educativas

epub2web Web server module to allow reading of Epub content directly in the browser, without plugins or specialized applications.

eqmon a earthquake monitoring web app

esp another really simple web development framework

ex-static Fast, static file server middleware with built-in revving

excess High-Performances Reactive Web Application Framework

expose.js Simple bi-directional (Browser)Client-Server JavaScript RPC framework

exposed Middleware to serve strings and buffers

express-cachebuster Express asset rendering with version-control/cache-busting.

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

express-combo Combo handler for express applications

express-couchdb-fs An express module that adds a couchDb file service api to any express app.

express-extension-to-accept Convert URL file extensions to an accept header

express-jsdom Server-side DOM for express

express-mocks-http Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions

express-negotiate Express content negotiation functions

express-negotiator Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

express-resizer Resizes images on the fly

express-static-cache Static cache for express

express-static-zip Serve static content out of a ZIP without unpacking.

express-unstable Unstable, tracking fork of the real express. Only use if you really, *really* need node 0.7+.

expressimo Even more pleasure with the Express framework

expressling Expressling

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

f5 a light static sever which will reload page when there are changes in server side!

fack F4 web stack

fapi Front-end webserver providing a file structured API

fedora Digital Repository Ireland - fedora backend operations

ferguson An asset manager

fh A Command Line Interface for NGUI FeedHenry

fh-connect FeedHenry published version of connect 1.8.6 with the 'formidable' bugfix

fh-fhc A Command Line Interface for FeedHenry

fh-fhc-test A Command Line Interface for FeedHenry

fh-forms Cloud Forms API for form submission

fh-gridfs Wrapper for file storage using gridfs for mongo databases.

File HTML5 FileAPI `File` for Node.JS.

file-stream A HTTP server helper for streaming resources.

file-uploader Programmatic multipart file uploads. Designed for testing file uploads.

filecache Filecache =========

filed Simplified file library.

fileserver Lightwight fileserver with a command line script

fileupload Route middleware for handling file uploads in Express

fileuploadbase64 This module will take a Base64 encoded image and write the image to the filesystem. It will return the same file structure as fileupload.

fingi Official Fingi CLI tool.

fire An opinionated, convention-based Node web framework focused on developer productivity.

fixtures-loader A Fixtures loader lib

flash A command line tool for speedy application management

flex-combo The Flex-combo is combo tool designed for web front-end developer. It support various kinds of combo format by modify configuration(eg. yahoo combo).

flower-mud a simple cli tool to serve HTML projects

force force.js is a REST API wrapper for,, and

form-data A module to create readable "multipart/form-data" streams. Can be used to submit forms and file uploads to other web applications.

formstream A multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload.

forward Forward request to a special path

framer A simple dynamic photo resizing http server intended to be behind an http cache that stores files in S3

freight-truck Upload to S3 when files are changed

frontserv Simple frontend static server

fspkg Export your file system as a CommonJS module or JSON object

fstream-s3 Advanced FS streaming to amazon s3 for Node

funraiseme The Fun in Fundraising

fuqit js port of the fuqit framework

fuqzed js port of the fuqit framework

fusker Application firewall. Detect, prevent, and fight back against hackers in the lulziest ways possible

gear-lib Collection of common Gear.js tasks

geddy Web framework for Node.js

genji-static A static file serving middleware for genji framework.

gfs-image Store image via GridFS

gimmeuri Converts a file to a datauri and copies it to the clipboard.

git A node.js library for git

git-gierschv A node.js library for git

git-static Serve static files backed by Git.

git-static-diffuse Turn a directory of git directories into a static file server with browsable branches and commits.

gitpress press your blog with github

gitProvider An http/connect/stack layer to serve the contents of a 'git' repository over HTTP.

gitproximus github proxy with semantic versioning and content types

glance disposable fileserver

glsl-playground (work in progress)

gonzo The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

gozy go crazy

Gps2zip Convert GPS latitude/longitude pairs to US zip codes.

gput super simple streaming uploads into google drive from the command line

gridfs-uploader Verifies file, checks hashes, stores it in gridfs and provides a special upload server

groupme A Node Module for interacting with the GroupMe API. Supports both querying the Stateless API and receiving Websocket-based push messages, and provides a CLI.

grunt-aws A Grunt interface into the Amazon Node.JS SDK

grunt-aws-s3 Interact with AWS S3 using the AWS SDK

grunt-awspublish Publish and sync your files to amazon s3

grunt-awssum-deploy-branch Deploy your static files to S3

grunt-azure-cdn-deploy Deploy a directory to Azure CDN blob storage

grunt-azure-storage Copy files to azure blob storage

grunt-azureblob grunt task to copy html assets to azure blob/cdn storage

grunt-barkeep grunt tasks for deploying to s3, sending data to ducksboard, and snockets.

grunt-boil Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.

grunt-couch Compile CouchDB design documents from Couchapp like directory tree.

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