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codo A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

coffer Integrated Components

connect-assets A Rails-like asset pipeline for Connect

connect-mincer Connect middleware for Mincer (a JavaScript port of Sprockets).

connect-mincer-with-engines Connect middleware for Mincer (a JavaScript port of Sprockets).

dashing-js Port of Dashing to node.js

dpd-mincer Mincer for DPD

easy-mincer easy start mincer

fabricate Combines mincer and uglify-js to build dependent files and a source map

grill Grill

grunt-contrib-testem Testem programmatic runner enhanced with Mincer preprocessing

grunt-mincer Use mincer to concatenate your sources.

infosquare Dashboard for your info

kabam Kabam. Higher level application framework

lair Frontend Application Environment

live Everything in this folder should be generic.

live-assets Rails Asset Pipeline for Node.js

madride Zero-configuration command-line HTTP server.

mince Traditional CLI for mincer

mincer-emblem-engine A mincer engine that compiles Emblemjs templates for Emberjs applications

mincer-ruby-sass Ruby Sass engine for Mincer

serenity Easy static site generator

steckling Flexible Front End Dev Server

streammachine Flexible live streaming for broadcast audio.

voila best asset manager one can get in nodejs

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