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blake Simple, blog aware infrastructure to generate static sites

blarg A markdown-based blog toolkit

blog-maker Blog generator from .md post files, highly inspired from

blogger2jekyll Converts old-school blogger export file to html with yaml frontmatter for static bloggers such as ruhoh, jekyll, octopress, nanoc, etc

blogist blog with gist

blorg Flexible static blog generator

bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

bogart Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-cors Bogart (written by Nathan Stott) now has CORS - however, the npm entry for Bogart has not been updated to reflect this. Once Nathan publishes the latest version of Bogart to npm, this package will no longer be necessary.

bogart-edge Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

boil-js Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.

boots twitter bootstrap cli

boter A simple library for writing smooth IRC bots.

bower The browser package manager.

bower-archive The browser package manager.

bower-asserts-brunch Adds Bower support to Brunch for asserts from Bower packages

bower-auth The browser package manager (with authrc support for private projects)

bower-canary The browser package manager.

bower-installer Tool for installing bower dependencies that won't include entire repos

bower-registry-client Provides easy interaction with the Bower registry.

bower-require The browser package manager.

bowerful ###About **Bowerful** is based off of the idea of Twitter's Bower Node CLI tool. Bower is great and all but it makes you download EVERYTHING from the requested library's repository. Sometimes this is what you may want but most of the time all you need is

bowery Build products not infrastructure.

bowinst Automatically install Bower component references into your HTML or Javascript files.

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

bramble-mvc An MVC based static site generator

bread file based cms/blog engine without backend

bridgejs A realtime data synchronization framework for nodejs and clients

brigade Bucket brigade for bundling browser modules

brix-bpm Brix Package Manager

broccoli-auto-generated Generate files from templates

broccoli-browserify Browserify plugin for Broccoli

broccoli-concat Concatenate broccoli trees

broccoli-concat-filenames Concatenates (transformed) filenames into a file

broccoli-es6-concatenator ES6 transpiler and concatenator for Broccoli

broccoli-filter Helper base class for Broccoli plugins that map input files into output files one-to-one

broccoli-kitchen-sink-helpers Collection of helpers that need to be extracted into separate packages

broccoli-less-single Single-file-output LESS compiler for Broccoli

broccoli-requirejs RequireJS plugin for Broccoli

broccoli-rsvg SVG to PNG renderer for Broccoli

broccoli-ruby-sass Broccoli plugin that compiles Sass using the Ruby-based compiler

broccoli-sass Libsass-based Sass compiler for Broccoli

broccoli-static-compiler Broccoli compiler to copy static files

broccoli-stylus-single Single-file-output Stylus compiler for Broccoli

broccoli-template-builder Compile client-side templates into 1 JavaScript file.

browsem Browser launcher in the cloud.

browser-launcher detect and launch browser versions, headlessly or otherwise

browserify-as-a-service ERROR: No file found!

browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](

browserify-server Browserify bundling + static server in one!

browserjs 浏览器自动化测试工具

browseroverflow An all-in-one library for launching BrowserStack browsers.

brunch A lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity

brunch-extensions Official brunch extensions. Adds support of many languages to brunch.

bsl Bsl HTML5 Framework for Mobile

bucker super easy logging module

buddy-cli The command-line bootstrapper for buddy(1).

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

buildify Builder for creating distributable JavaScript files from source. Concatenate, wrap, uglify.

buildy A build framework with chaining syntax

bundle-up A simple asset manager middleware for connect

bundle-up2 A simple asset manager middleware for connect

buster-static QUnit style browser based test runner

c-pm C package manager

c9ext Extension generator for Cloud9 IDE

cabs content addressable blob store for node

cache-dir An ES6 map-like cache with file-based backing

cache-file Store and get files from cache

caddis Caddis --- > On-The-Fly Mock JSON Server

cahier Static file conversion, writing and reading

cakehelper Utility library for easing the setup of a projects cake tasks.

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

caminio-cli project scaffold cli for caminio

caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM

campfire-archive Campfire Archiver

canihaz canihaz allows you to lazy install npm modules because not every dependency is needed.

capital Asset compiler/minifier - supports Stylus, CoffeeScript, and vanilla JavaScript and CSS

capre Cross-Server Data Replication

caradoc node js framework

cargobox Web development framework for Node.JS (Express port)

cartero An asset pipeline built on browserify.

catchall Catch all javascript exceptions

catn8 catn8 is a file concatenation tool than can also minify JavaScript using uglify-js and CSS using clean-css

ceres An experimental port of graphite's ceres backend.

changed Fetches changes for a given module

chaotic teste

cheat Une implémentation de l'outil [cheat]( en NodeJS.

cherry General-purpose build system

chewer The browser package manager.

chinstrap Compiles Chinstrap Templates

chix-platform Chiχ Platform

choko High performance and high level web application framework.

chondric-tools Tools for setting up a ChondricJS client app

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

chromedriver ChromeDriver for Selenium

chromedriver-manager A manager for the chromedriver binary and related miscellany

ciao Ciao is a simple command line utility for testing http(s) requests and generating API documentation

cicada a teeny git-based continuous integration server

cin Lightweight, flexible continuous integration server for Git projects

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