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2ch A JavaScript library for comfortable 2ch watching.

abdero-fetcher fetch mails from imap, and stream them

access-token Small OAuth2 access token helper.

active-user Easily track daily, weekly, and monthly active users with Redis.

admin A generic, modular admin interface for node

adorn Backbone.Model formatting extension

adyen NodeJS module for the Adyen payment provider

aged Small utility returning grunt file filter by last modified age

agile-time-box Node CLI utility to help you keep track of time when using agile time boxes.

aglio An API Blueprint renderer with theme support

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

alarmjs An alarm clock for Node.js and command line.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

alchemymvc MVC framework for Node.js

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

am-bucker super easy logging module

amazon-associate amazon-associate is a simple interface to amazon associate reports for nodejs

amdblah-hbs-helpers A small collection of Handlebars helpers run in both the server(nodejs) and client(browser).

amino-deploy command-line tool to deploy an application across a cluster of drones

angular-moment angular-moment ==============

animas-diasend-data Fetch and parse spreadsheets containing Animas pump data from Diasend.

annotext A attribution engine for NodeJS

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes.

ape-utils utils for APE API

api_auth A simple Node.js client that authenticates to a ruby api that uses api_auth:

apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs. A json wrapper around publicly open data in Iceland

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-blog Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-events Calendar of events for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-moderator This component creates a public-facing interface that allows users to submit instances of existing apostrophe classes to the site's database.

apostrophe-people Staff directories, user accounts and personal profiles for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-schemas Schemas for easy editing of properties in Apostrophe objects

apostrophe-snippets Reusable content snippets for the Apostrophe content management system. The blog and events modules are built on this foundation, which is also useful in and of itself.

app-bp Boilerplate code for modern application based on mongodb,node,angular,h5bp and twitter bootstrap

appbuilder command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder

applaneapps It is a platform to create multiple apps.

apple-mail-archiver Apple Mail Archive Utility

apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer

ares-data Load information about employers from Czech ares service.

argent-drivers Drivers to lottoplus database stores.

argo-clf Argo logging using CLF

arkhaios the opinionated Node.js gallery

arso Weather from ARSO

artsy-xapp-middleware Node middleware that fetches an xapp token from Artsy, stores it in res.locals, and expires it.

ascentis a client library for the Ascentis Web API

asq Synchronous slideshow mixed with a classroom clicker.

assemble-contrib-rss RSS generator plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Yeoman, Grunt.js and Node.js.

asthmatic ERROR: No file found!

async-validate Asynchronous validation for object properties.

atlasboard AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

atlassian-connect-express Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

atmos EMC Atmos client for node

atmos-emc atmos-emc client

autoingesttool Apple Auto-Ingest tool written in JavaScript for NodeJS

auton Automated node development environment & resource compiler

avoscloud-code AVOS Cloud Code SDK.

avoscloud-code-mock-sdk AVOSCloud Cloud Code Mock SDK.!

awesom0 An IRC bot that responds to custom user scripts.

awesomebox-cli CLI for awesomebox

aws-cloudfront-sign Utility module for signing AWS CloudFront URLs

aws-publisher publish your static assets to amazon s3

axiom Environment setup/runtime standardization for Node.js applications.

ayecm-client Client application for service

ayla Ayla at your service.

b-datepicker A Bosonic datepicker element which uses Pikaday.

babascript BabaScript for node

backbone-http An HTTP interface for BackboneORM

backbone-mongo MongoDB storage for BackboneORM

backbone-orm A polystore ORM for Node.js and the browser

backbone-sql PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM

balrog static site generator

bandcamp-csv-parser Parse bandcamp csvs

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

barb Bitcoin arbitrage bot

barbeque Redis-based task queue library for Node.js, inspired by Celery and Kue.

basiclogger node.js Basic Logger

bat-ria RIA extension for Brand Ads Team

bauhaus-imap imap functions for bauhaus library

beatport-csv-parser Beatport csv parser

beerjson simply represent a brew recipe with json.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

behere Node framework with plugin support for easy development... more like an aggregator.

bf-cli betfair command line interface with simple trade processing Handle real time bids.

billable Track billable hours.

binford-logger A bare-bones log4j-like logger

bip-pod Bipio's Pod bridge and testing spindle

bip-pod-soundcloud SoundCloud Pod for Bipio

bip-pod-syndication Syndication Pod for Bipio

bip-pod-time Time Pod for Bipio

bit2c A node.js module for accessing bit2c's (the Israeli bitcoin exchange) API.

bitmessage-node Node wrapper for bitmessage client api

bittorrent-client Simple, robust, streaming bittorrent client.

blocklog A simple and adaptable stream-based logging lib for node.js

blog-base An extremely lightweight blogging backend for node.

blogdown Generate HTML with Mustache and Markdown

blogin A simple static blog framework, powered by Node.js.

blogz Read a directory of files, get a blog data structure.

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