Packages depending on mongodb

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abaaso abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.

abstract-store a module to abstract key/value storage away from the underlying technology

Accessor_MongoDB A MongoDB wrapper for Accessor database layer

acl An Access Control List module, based on Redis with Express middleware support

actionserver full-stack framework for web apps

adnoce Webtracking Tool für Express based sites backed by MongoDB

advtxt-db-mongo A MongoDB adapter for AdvTxt.

agile-workflow a super agile workflow engine

agileworkflow a super agile workflow engine

alajs nodeJs mvc framework

alonso-harvester Distributed log file aggregation, with persistence

alpine-analytics Mimosa module handling the export of analytics to mixpanel

alpine-logging Mimosa module handling the writing of server errors

amid Another Mongo Internet Driver

anomaly-detector Data anomaly detector for NodeJS

api_botnik_com New read me

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-pages Adds trees of pages to the Apostrophe content management system

app-bp Boilerplate code for modern application based on mongodb,node,angular,h5bp and twitter bootstrap

appcfg Application Configuration Library for Node.js

applaneapps It is a platform to create multiple apps.

apple-mail-archiver Apple Mail Archive Utility

applyjs ApplyJS - Modular. Declaritive. Fun.

appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.

arboria A fixture loader for mongo (that doesn't

arkhaios the opinionated Node.js gallery

arrest REST framework for Node.js, Express and MongoDB

arrest-jwt-bucket REST framework for Node.js, Express and MongoDB

arrjs HTTP and WebSocket application request routing

artusi-mongo-auth MongoDB Auth for Artusi SSOUP

artusi-mongo-drawer MongoDB Drawer for Artusi SSOUP

artusibi-mongo-auth MongoDB Auth for Artusi SSOUP

artusibi-mongo-drawer MongoDB Drawer for Artusi SSOUP

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

asqs-mdb asqs-mdb is an application for handling Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) messages and saving into a MongoDB database.

assassin An Access Control Framework written in Node.js

authstarter Add mongodb based authentication to an express web app with three lines of code

auto-crud A simple tool for automatically generating REST APIs with json schemas and mongodb.

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

backbone-db-mongodb MongoDB driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-mongo MongoDB storage for BackboneORM

backsync A minimalistic library for integrating Backbone models with different data stores. Mongodb and Memory already included.

baio-mongo Little helper library for native nodejs mongodb driver

BandGravity BandGravity

bass-mongodb MongoDB Adapter for Bass.js

bible.js The Bible as a NPM module. Handle real time bids.

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs-mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ORM (temporary BitcoinJS fork)

blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller

blammo-mongodb-appender MongoDB appender for Blammo

blockchain-mongo Load blockchain info to a MongoDB

blog.js Blogging platform written in Node.js

blogbyvista ERROR: No file found!

bluemix Node.js helper module for IBM BlueMix

bongo Unfancy models for MongoDB

borgdb A DB agnostic NoSQL DB abstraction layer - NOT PRODUCTION READY

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

brainy-sync mongodb sync adapter for Backbone resources

bread file based cms/blog engine without backend

breeze-mongodb Classes and helper methods to allow Breeze <-> Mongo interop.

bullettrain Simple Ecommerce

bumblebee Git post push client server application. - Alpha initial publish

busybee Library for distributing applications in a 'hive'

buttress Buttress is a supportive rapid prototyping library for NodeJS that provides both server and client helpers.

buzzwordjs A mongodb + dropbox driven blog engine

caboose-model Model system around MongoDB

cabrel-stockpile A set of utility functions for every day use

cachebox Mongo-driven query cache that supports geospatial lookups

cacheman-mongo MongoDB standalone caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheup A general purpose cache library

calypso-mongodb A MongoDB driver for Calypso.

catbox-mongodb MongoDB adapter for catbox

cdspl_first_app this is our fire node project

cf-runtime Cloud Foundry API module

chinaski open source tracking pixel

choko High performance and high level web application framework.

climax Pooler for multiple resources

cliste Cliste, a NodeJS CMS

co-mongo A mongodb wrapper that plays nicely with [co](

co-mongodb mongodb wrapper to use with co and koa.

codex-cli The CLI for codex.js

Comments utilities for building a comment server for your website

committed This library can be used to create mongodb transactions that are Atomic, Isolated and Durable. If you're using mongo you already know its not ACID compliant. This library doesn't magically change that. However, used carefully it can help you hit some comm

concrete A minimalistic Continuous Integration server

concrete-mods A minimalistic Continuous Integration server

concussionjs-core The web app platform for the impatient hacker

congo Congo is a thin wrapper for node-mongodb-native that makes connections and collections a little easier.

connect-gridfs GridFS file server for Connect

connect-mongo MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-mongo-rs MongoDB session store for Connect, with replica set support

connect-mongo-store Connect session mongodb middlware store.

connect-mongodb mongodb session store for connect

connect-mongoose-model A MongoDb session store which integrates with Mongoose models.

connect-mongoose-session mongodb session store for connect and mongoose

connect-mongoose-sessionstore session store for connect and mongoose

connect-mongostore MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-session-mongo MongoDB Session Store for Connect Middleware

connect-to-mongo Mongo session store for Connect

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