Packages depending on mongodb

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continuable-mongo A thin mongo wrapper which exposes mongodb as continuables

cowlamp-gateway Decode/ack/persist messages from vehicle telematics devices

cozy-jsdav-fork temporary fork including caldav. Published to npm to handle versions with cozy-webdav, please use the original package.

crazytrain network rail arrival & departure server using

crest REST Server for MongoDB

cruds Easy CRUD + SUBSCRIBE with mongodb and node.js.

csv2mongo csv 2 mongo converter

csv2mongo-js Simple node based CLI tool to read a CSV file into mongoDB

cube A system for analyzing time series data using MongoDB and Node.

currencyjs A free currency converter for NodeJS - uses the European Central Bank's daily feed for accuracy

databank-mongodb Databank driver for MongoDB

database-cleaner Database Cleaner for node.js

datakit DataKit Server

dbconnect A simple database interface for NodeJS

dbhouse Generic Database API Framework

dblayer-probe Probes hosts for dblayer services

deep-mongo mongodb driver (store) for deepjs

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

dex-repo Dex repo is designed to make obtaining and using third party extensions or modules easier for several different engines.

dialect Translations manager for nodejs

dialect-http Backend to manage your dialect translations

dico-mongodb A wrapper to use mongodb with dico.

digger-mongo Mongo supplier for digger

diggerdb MongoDB tree database for

discore-interface Discore Interface

djs A media sharing framework

dmnode dmnode-mvc a framework

doitsimple The backend project of angular-doitsimple

dokyu A little orm for mongodb

dpd-importer import mongo collections into your deployd app

dquery-mongodb-driver dquery-mongodb-driver.

dreamface Cloud Application Development Platform designed to build mobile and web applications

droopy-mongo Wrapper form mongodb to promisify things

dropletlib Manage DigitalOcean droplets and send SMS when operations finish

dumpstr mongodumps directly to s3, does not pass go, does not create dump locally and then upload. streams and pipes all the way.

dwca-reader A library that reads Darwin Core Archives with loading functions for mongo and elastic search.

dwingo ERROR: No file found!

east-mongo mongodb adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

easymongo Simple interface for the MongoDB API

easyrep A nodejs based reporting framework

ekitjs EkitJS - A web framework is built on the top of expressjs + mongodb native driver +, aims to reduce web development lifecycle, effective in collaboration, reusable code, dealing with business logic and support real time sync data from Database to Web Client.

ekitjs-core ekitjs core module which integrated with expressjs

elipsis a web based vault for your passwords.

elog filter errors from text based log files such as php, nginx, apache etc.

end a Realtime BaaS like Firebase by and MongoDB

entree Data Access Framework for NodeJS

errorboard.js Track and fix JavaScript errors fired by your vititor's browsers

eventstore.mongoDb ERROR: No file found!

express-auth An express middleware for auth using header

express-autoload Express autoload

express-boost Gamify/Boost Express development

express-io-pubsub Express to pubsub

express-mongo-db Mongodb connection middleware for express

express-session-mongo MongoDB Session Store for ExpressJS

express-session-mongo-russp MongoDB Session Store for ExpressJS

express-simplemongodbview Simple MongoDB Collection Viewer and CSV Export

expressimo Even more pleasure with the Express framework

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

ezmongo Easy and light weight interface wrapping the native node.js mongo driver

F Simple middleware

faraday A lightweight MVC framework

fendjs-model-mongo MongoDB model plugin for Fend.js

fenix Api Framework

ferret Adorable mongodb library for node.js with modelling support

fh-cms cmd api component for fh-webapp

fh-db FeedHenry Database Library

fh-db-test FeedHenry Database Library

fh-forms Cloud Forms API for form submission

fh-gridfs Wrapper for file storage using gridfs for mongo databases.

fieldsio JSON CMS

file-manager File manager for storing/retrieving files from various sources

filerake Traverse a directory to build a MongoDB collection with the found files. Then it's enable to keep directory and collection synchronised.

fire-and-forget A daemon for collecting user actions.

fire-engine 2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine

firefly-mongodb MongoDB service for Firefly

fis-cloud-kernel fis-cloud-kernel

flare-mongodb A MongoDB transport for Flare.

frameworkjs Javascript application framework based on control (

funnel Funnel metrics from various sources into StatsD

funraiseme-intheface! Interface

gamify Gamify/Boost Express development

garret [![Stories in Ready](]( # Garret

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

geck Resourceful services made brain-dead easy.

genieacs A blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB

gfs-image Store image via GridFS

gnome A Simple Embeddable Blog Framework Built on Node.js and Express.js

gomon MongoDB shell written in Node.js

google-geocoder Wrapper for Google's Geocoder API with mongodb request cache.

google-image-chart google-image-chart

gozy go crazy

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

graojs graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

greppy Easy and lightweight application framework

grider REST uploader for MongoDB's GridFS

GridFS GridFS made easy.

gridfs-http-frontend A http forntend for serving files form MongoDB's GridFS

gridfs-uploader Verifies file, checks hashes, stores it in gridfs and provides a special upload server

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