Packages depending on mongodb

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gridjs GridFS that is easy to use and mongojs compliant

ground A framework work with sails and backbone.

grunt-barista Barista, the development server and test engine used in conjuction with generator-barista as part of a yeoman (yo) workflow.

grunt-mongo-drop The best Grunt plugin ever.

gtfs Download GTFS transit data into mongodb and expose routes, stops, times and more

gtfs-2 Forked from gtfs-node. Download GTFS transit data into mongodb and expose routes, stops, times and more

guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.

haibu-ishiki Node deployment server - wrapper for haibu, http-proxy and carapace with permissions and automatic node versions

haiku-http Runtime for simple HTTP web APIs

hampelmann node-Hampelmann ---------------

hapi-mongodb A simple Hapi MongoDB connection plugin.

haunted A node module for validating site analytics

health Resource status monitoring library.

heinzelmann A loose collection of useful and useless Utilities

hemidrosis The blood sweat of mongoskin

hideyodatabase Database anonymising tool

house A home for your website, apps & data.

http-timeout Distributed timeout for HTTP

hubby A high feature, distributed, low latency and secure message exchange bus based on redis and mongodb

hubiquitus-logger-mongo This module overrides the log method of hubiquitus to persist logs into database.

hubiquitus-logger-mongo-explorer This module provides a binary that launches a webapp to query logs produced with `hubiquitus-logger-mongo`.

hubiquitus-node hServer implementation of the Hubiquitus Framework

hubiquitus-qos Hubiquitus quality of service addon.

hypercat-pathfinder HyperCat Catalogue Server

i18next.mongoDb ERROR: No file found!

Index bakes index files, feeds and tag pages for websites

infocollector Information Collector

informant Informer, you know say daddy snow... ahem A status middleware for your express server

injection MVC framework to make the use of Express even easier

invisible DRY models for client and server

iquidus-otc An IRC bot that assists with the trade of crypto currencies before they are listed on exchanges.

iridium A custom lightweight ORM for MongoDB designed for power-users

jaggi aggregator

jaspi Node.js library for creating web-applications

jive-persistence MongoDB persistence strategy for jive-sdk

jive-persistence-mongo MongoDB persistence strategy for jive-sdk

jm ERROR: No README data found!

joeventstore Javascript porting of C# joliver EventStore, an event storage for event sourcing The open-source data visualization framework's beacon node's Framework Engine's logger node

joshfirefactory Joshfire Factory Node.js runtime

joyentmongosession mongodb session store for connect

jqpm_server jquery plugin maneger server

js-hack A multiplayer JavaScript hacking game.

jsa json synchronization service

jsDAV jsDAV allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a NodeJS application. jsDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API.

jserver Loosely coupled server components with multiprocess support and good test coverage

jsreport javascript based business reporting

jugglingdb-mongodb MongoDB adapter for jugglingdb

kaizen-mongodb MongoDB Kazien Adapter

karait A ridiculously simple queuing system, with clients in various languages, built on top of MongoDB.

keigai Lightweight data store library, with a utility belt

kit ERROR: No file found!

koa-session-mongo MongoDB storage layer for Koa session middleware

koderra koderra

kongo Coroutine based mongo driver for Node.js

ku4node-account kodmunki account

ku4node-authentication kodmunki authentication

ku4node-persistence kodmunki persistence

ku4node-session kodmunki session

kuy Mongo backed job scheduler

kwaai Utilities to assist in creating restful api's using express and mongodb

l3mon l3mon core library

laika end to end testing framework for meteor

lazyBum A simple RESTful web framework for Node.js.

leaf Object Mapper for MongoDB on Node

leeloo Tip or Skip job queue server.

less-mixin 通过给less提供一个友好的操作界面,使非技术人员也能生成良好的css代码

lg logger class able to use mongodb, the console, a file.

libretto libretto ========

light-swift Openstack Swift API implementation in Node.js

lightblog A light blog program support markdown

linkwit A real-time, clickstream analytics tracking tool.

lockit-mongodb-adapter MongoDB adapter for lockit

log4js-appender-mongodb An appender into MongoDB for log4js

logit Log everything, everywhere

logmonger MongoDB logging server

loopback-connector-mongodb LoopBack MongoDB Connector

lucidtail A real-time zero-configuration web-based tail

luminous-mongo-metadata =======================

lx-mongodb Litixsoft backend driver for mongoDb.

magnolia Beautiful MongoDB wrapper using Q

mal MAL MongoDB Access Layer. A MongoDB wrapper using the native-node-driver

mango simple mongodb wrapper library for nodejs

mangos Mangos.js is a simple module to make MongoDB syntax CRUD. It uses and exposes controls straight from MongoDB's Native driver

mano Web application framework

maogou help noder connect and query mongodb in mognod style, however, promise and uncrurring pattern also supported, joy node!

mapple A Connect middleware that matches request's url with a MongoDB document.

mblog bulit your blog with node.js

mdm A dead-simple MongoDB Document Mapper.

mdoq-mongodb simplified mongodb-native api with middleware

mean-mock Web App Mock Utility

meanio Simple command line interface for installing and managing MEAN apps

meerkat an extremely thin mongo native driver wrapper that eliminates a surprising amount of boilerplate

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